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Shouka "Rem" Tamari

"Don't bother me when I'm napping!"

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a character in “Hybrid Foster: A New Beginning”, as played by LovelyAnimosity




● NAME ●
Shouka Tamari




Aside from her piercing red eyes, small fangs and the fact that she's cold-blooded, what mostly gives away Rem's species are the silvery-black scales that pepper the top of her forearms as well as her hands. Each scale has a smooth surface and vary from the size of a thumb nail to a pinky nail, getting larger as they move up to her elbows while the smaller scales end just before they reach her knuckles. This is the only part of her body, however, that has scales. Her fangs, although small, are located where her top canines would be and can secrete a paralyzing venom if she chooses.

Rem is a mostly average-looking girl, if not a little small. Her choppy black hair is usually tied firmly into high pigtails, but when left down it reaches the the middle of her back. Her bangs are cut choppy also, feathering over her eyes now and then. Rem rarely ponders over her appearance, but she normally prefers anything that's a little, if not very, baggy. One thing that remains constant though are her long sleeves.



Devon Steele


Music - - Winter
Warm Days - - Cats
Raw Meat - - Swimming
The Sun - - Crowds
Good Food - - Anything Cold
Sleeping - - Heights
Quiet Places - - Frilly Clothes

Because of Rem's species she's never really been the type to make friends or crowd around people. Nor is it common for her to take a liking to others, or even bother to try to for that matter, so she isn't the type to form even the smallest bonds easily.



Quiet, intimidating, tough: a few of the words that one might use when explaining what type of person Rem is. On the outside view she's not very approachable due to both her red eyes and seemingly irritated expression, but in all honesty she's not all that scarey. At least, not all the time. In truth Rem's mostly just socially awkward and isn't the best at holding conversations without making a fool of herself. She's the type who tries so hard to act normal that she ends up tripping over herself in the process. She over thinks more often than she should and ends up getting too worked up on what she should say to someone that she normally just gives up. She only hates crowds because she prefers not to risk having someone try to talk to her.

Now to steer away from her awkward side, just because she's afraid of people talking to her doesn't mean she's a coward. In fact Rem is really quite brave to the point where it could be called recklessness. She's capable of ignoring the small things that annoy her. If she were to hear her name in a fowl sentence she wouldn't bother intervening. On the other hand, despite her not being particularly fond of violence, she'd stand up for anyone if she doesn't like what she sees. Of course it would result in to her falling back into her awkward little self soon afterwords. She does tend to get angry fairly easily as well, though she doesn't usually express it unless she's truly frustrated, and when Rem gets angry it's best to keep your distance for a good while.

Forming bonds has never been a specialty of hers. She distances herself from anything and anyone who might try to get close to her. Not because she's secretly sad on the inside or anything of the like, though she slight fear of having to talk to people may play a small part in it. Her detachment has been a part of her personality for as long as she can remember. She questions it herself sometimes as to why she can't get close to people. She can start spending time with someone more often than usual and still wouldn't feel any sort of bond with them and could easily adjust to them leaving. Rem isn't a stranger to emotions, but things like longing, sorrow, or anything that has to do with friendship just isn't something she feels often if not never.


Rem has been an orphan from the beginning. Never knowing who her parents were or what could of happened to them. This never left her feeling lonely or upset though since she was never truly alone. Despite not having parents, Rem did have her older sister, Sheila, to look after her. Sheila never talked about their parents, but on the other hand Rem never bothered to ask. She was fine living at the orphanage with her sister and rarely ever showed any curiosity towards the parental subject. Even then she didn't really care.

Rem was one of the more picked on children at the orphanage. While tails and ears were a common thing there, having scales where only skin was meant to be wasn't. It was an integrated orphanage with both humans and hybrids, so bullying happened more often than not and Rem was an easy target at that age because of her clumsiness, not to mention her snake skin made her stand out more than the other hybrids did. However her older sister, whose only snake feature were her red eyes, always defended Rem when she needed it.

As soon as Sheila, five years older than Rem, reached the proper age she left the orphanage, taking her little sister with her. The two of them struggled for a while but luckily Sheila landed herself a job after searching for only a few months. They lived together for two and a half years before Sheila's job required her to move over seas. Rem would be unable to come with and at 15 was not old enough to live on her own and had no friends or other family.

That's when her older sister came up with the idea of Rem joining the Foster system for Hybrids. Rem, deciding that it would be temporary until her sister came back, reluctantly agreed and moved to Kinoe. It's been a little more than half a year now since she's began living as a foster child, but continues to talk to her sister from time to time, recently receiving the news that her sister may be gone for much longer than Rem had originally anticipated.

So begins...

Shouka "Rem" Tamari's Story


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Kuma White

Movement could be seen under a plain white blanket, that was pretty thin to the point you could almost make out the outline of the beds occupant. Rolling over a hand burst out from underneath the covers, sharp nails concluded slender fingers. However having reached out to nothing in particular, the hand brushed against the curtains instictively grabbing a handful before falling back to bed. By doing so the curtains were pulled away allowing bright light to stream in through the window.

Suddenly a loud beeping sound erupted from the bedside table. And with that the beds occupant sat up quickly, eyes closed and a major bed head. Opening bleary eyes to reveal pale blue eyes. Kuma blinked a few times and rubbed her eyes when the sounds from the alarm came to her attention. Her tall white ears which were flattened to her head just a moment ago, they blended in with her near pure white hair, then twitched and became erect, twitching once more. Yawning to reveal enlarged canines, Kuma stretched one arm above her her head while the other reached over to her bedside to turn off the alarm.

Once it stopped ringing, Kuma slouched forwards a bleary eyed expression returning to her face. Kuma open and closed her mouth in hopes of relieving her dry mouth. Sadly it didn't work and so with a lot of grumbling, Kuma slid out of bed revealing quite a bit of her dark complexion. Kuma disliked being too warm so she wore as little as possible, meaning she only had on a loose tank top and shorts. Scratching the back of her head Kuma headed towards the bathroom with lazy steps, grabbing a towel on the way.

Unlike most other people she knew, Kuma showered in cold water. She took her time in the shower and when she finished, Kuma wrapped the towel around her body and stepped back out of the bathroom to get dressed. However she was still relatively wet leaving a trail of water droplets in her wake. Yawning again, Kuma slowly got dressed in her uniform, but like always she didn't bother tying her handkerchief correctly. Quickly making herself some buttered toast she glanced at the clock beside her bed and with wide eyes headed for the door.

Unlike most of the other hybrids who lived in the apartment complex, Kuma lived alone as she was over the required age in which a hybrid was to live with their foster parent. Looking back over her apartment Kuma couldn't help but notice how empty the place was. In response to this realization she nibbled some more at the toast she held in her moth. And as always, Kuma kept the same sleepily expression as she had throughout her morning getting ready. Closing the door behind her, Kuma headed for the stairs in a slightly more rushed manner. This was due to what her clock said, she was behind schedule and would have to actually go to school in a slight hurry.

Taking the steps two or three at a time she didn't care that her skirt flared upwards with each landing, and at one point nearly dropped her toast. Once she got to the bottom of the stairs, Kuma headed towards the bike rack and picked out a pale blue one, which of course was her own bike. One that her old foster parent got her for when she turned sixteen. Getting on her bike, Kuma began pedaling towards the school. However as always due to her personality, Kuma stopped pedaling after a while and just let the force behind her previous pedaling to take her to school.

On the way to the school Kuma leaned back in her bikes seat and closed her eyes. Reopening them to focus on the road in front of her, it was too late. A figure appeared in front of her before she collided. Kuma was sent flying but managed to tuck and roll so she didn't sustain too many injuries. Quickly sitting back up, Kuma brushed herself down. However a look of confusion passed across her face as if she forgot something, suddenly she brought her fist down on her open palm. Standing back up, Kuma went to her bike and picked it back up. "Oh! Sorry for crashing into you, want a ride?" she asked looking down at the smaller girl.


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It was a terrible day, one of the worst. To even think that someone would call a day like this 'nice' or 'pleasant' was completely ridiculous. With that kind of chill that pushed the warmth of the sun away, Rem had no clue how someone could even stand going outside without three layers of clothes on. Then again, Rem was also cold-blooded and this was the time of year her kind was supposed to be in hibernation. All she wanted to do was stay huddled under the warmth of her blanket where the cold had no way of reaching her. Unfortunately, the alarm on her phone had other plans for her Monday.

The obnoxious ringing beat on Rem's eardrums, making her wish she were a full snake so she wouldn't have to listen to the annoying sound. She pressed her head into the bed, but jumped slightly when she heard her phone clash with the wooden floor after the vibration made it sliver of the foot of her mattress. It continued to ring, louder this time now with the vibrating phone sliding across the floorboards. She let out a deep sigh, clenched her teeth, then jolted up from her bed and tossed the blanket behind her. She then picked up her phone and shut off the alarm as quickly as she could.

With a small groan she pulled the blanket around her and made her way to her bathroom. It was nice that she had her own little shower area since she was living in an apartment with two other boys. She reluctantly got dressed into her uniform, pulling a pair of grey sweatpants on as well as her plain black jacket, her handkerchief tied in a knot and tucked into it. There was no way she was going outside in just a skirt. First off, she didn't understand how girls could go around wearing them without feeling embarrassed about it and second, it was way too cold out for her legs to be out in the open. Even her pajamas consisted of loose pants and a sweatshirt.

After she brushed the tangles out of her choppy hair, she tied it up into it's usual pigtails before leaving her bathroom. On instinct she cracked open her bedroom door and peeked out, not wanting to run into her guardian. She'd been living in the Foster System for a little over a year now but she still had trouble making conversation with the man. Tatsuya, on the other hand, didn't seem to care much for making friends so he was easy to avoid.

Deciding that the coast was clear she grabbed her plain black shoulder bag from the wall beside her door and hurried across the living room. She had time to stop for breakfast but she didn't want to risk it. She left the apartment as quickly as she could and made her way downstairs, instantly longing for the warmth of her bed again. Honestly any sort of reptile hybrid should be allowed to skip school during the cold season...this was just harsh.

The walk to school was a long one. Of course that was merely because Rem always took the long way around, making her way through alleyways to avoid the chance of accidentally bumping into someone. She now had her earphones in and her ipod tucked into her jacket pocket. As she walked she started to calm down. Even though she'd been going to the high school for a year she still felt nervous every morning. It was really a nuisance.

As she took a step out of an alley she felt her foot catch on a sidewalk slab that had risen up a few inches, probably from an earthquake, and she stumbled forward just in time to catch a glimpse of something white speeding down the path straight for her. She held felt her breath catch in her throat as she tried to take a step back, but the handlebars of the bike caught her shoulder and she ended up face first on the ground. She laid there for a few seconds before pushing herself off the cement and into a sitting position with her knees bent on either side of her before rubbing her forehead with the palm of her left hand.


"Oh! Sorry for crashing into you, want a ride?"

Her eyes widened slightly and she looked up at the person talking to her with a dumfounded expression on her face. "Ah..." She cracked out dryly as she tried to grasp a hold of the situation. Crap..uh...what did she say? Something about a ride? Wait...should I apologize? No she already apologized and she was the one who hit me. I should introduce myself! No that would be the worst timing. How many seconds has it been since she talked?! I can't just sit here and look stupid!

Rem shook her head vigorously before jumping up and brushing herself off. "Ahh, i-it's fine! I would've run into me too!" She continued to brush her skirt, afraid to make eye contact with the other girl. Then, realizing what she just said she snapped her head up. "I mean I was in your way! Eheh heh.." She said quickly, following with an awkward half-smile. Please kill me...


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It was still early morning when Devon got up, being a morning person had it's benefits occasionally. He looked over to his alarm clock, until a month or so ago it's alarm function had been useful. Now he just automatically wakes up before the alarm, mostly just setting it out of habit, and for the rare case that he doesn't wake up in time. He turned the alarm clock off and got himself dressed, Just a plain green shirt and a black pair of jeans would do. After all it wasn't that cold outside and the sun promised some warmer weather for later in the day.

Moments after getting dressed Devon heard Rem's alarm go off in the background. As he walked through the living room into the kitchen he silently counted the seconds that passed before the alarm stopped. He opened the cupboard above the fridge, grabbing a few slices of bread out of the bag. Normally he would make french toast on mondays, because the bread from friday would have become a bit old and dry, but since last week he had bought some bread on saturday it was still relatively fresh. As he grabbed the butter out of the fridge he heard the phone fall onto the ground and the alarm becoming louder as it resonated against the floorboards. Soon afterwards the alarm stopped and Devon continued making his bread. Two slices of bread with butter and some cinnamon sugar on it, afterall it didn't feel like monday morning without the sweet taste of cinnamon sugar.

As he took his first bite Devon looked over at the clock on the microwave. "Tatsuya probably is still sound asleep, and I'll bet he didn't even set his alarm for today. I think it's about time to wake him up." He thought as he made his way to Tatsuya's room. "Tatsuya, time to wake up." He said through the door as he knocked on it. After which he returned to the kitchen to eat his bread. After finishing his bread he dove back into the fridge to get a drink, settling for a glass of milk after noticing that there was no orange juice. As he was busy in the fridge he heard rem's footsteps as she quickly made her way to the door. Before he could ask her to eat breakfast or even just say good morning she was already out of the door. Devon sighed and thought: "It's been a year now, you'd think she'd adapt and get used to her new family, or at least to her new guardian. It's not like I am that scary, right?"

He looked over at the clock on the microwave once more, it was about time for him to get going too. He still had to do groceries, and then at around eleven he would open up the cafe. "Tatsuya! Last chance to get up! I am going to the stores and if I find you here when I get back I'll cut your lunch money for next week in half!" He yelled across the house. Devon then grabbed his bags and left the house.

Devon then walked to the stairs intercepting the landlady on her way down. "Good morning miss Amasato. You look as beautiful as ever." He said with a smile as he made his way down the stairs.


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Kuma looked down at the girl with a sleepy gaze and wondered about the funny look on her face. Taking a better look at her, Kuma realized the smaller girl wore the same school uniform as she did. Mm so we go to the same school. Tilting her head to the side, Kuma bent down to take a better look at the other girl. However that proved a bit troublesome when the other girl with a vigorous shake of her head as she stood up, nearly ended with the two clashing heads. Something Kuma didn’t want to experience so early in the morning.

"Ahh, i-it's fine! I would've run into me too!"

Raising a brow in response, Kuma tilted her head once again but this time from confusion. I hit an odd one today! Smiling Kuma was about to question what the girl had said when once again her head shot up.

"I mean I was in your way! Eheh heh.."

“Well no, not really. I had my eyes closed for a little bit, so it’s my fault for not having paid any attention to where I was going.” Kuma gave the girl an odd look as if trying to figure out something about her. Glancing down at the watch she wore on her wrist she opened her mouth as if to say something but then closed it. Scratching her head, Kuma looked back at the girl. “I’m Kuma, Kuma White. Sorry for crashing into you but it seems we’ll be running late. I don’t know about you but walking to the school will most certainly mean your tardiness. My offer still stands- (Kuma glanced back down at her watch) “Crap, yeah we gotta go.”

Not even bothering to ask the girl permission, Kuma scooped her up in her arms and placed her on her lap. Although it most certainly would be awkwards seeing as Kuma would be moving her legs but at the speed she was going it wouldn’t last long. Even though Kuma was incredibly lazy she wasn’t one to be late rather she disliked being late. On the way to the school, she asked the girl only one question and that was an inquiry of her name. Soon after they arrived at the school a bit early but had Kuma let the girl walk she would have no doubt been late if only by a minute or two.

Allowing Rem to slide off her lap, Kuma placed her bike in the bike rack and searched her school bag for her homeroom slip, taking out the slip of paper, it read 3-B. Kuma shrugged, crumpled the paper up and headed inside in search of her classroom.


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“Well no, not really. I had my eyes closed for a little bit, so it’s my fault for not having paid any attention to where I was going.”

"O-oh, I see." Rem replied quickly, moving her eyes back onto the ground. She clutched the strap of her shoulder back nervously, if not for her snake genes she'd probably be sweating by now.

“I’m Kuma, Kuma White. Sorry for crashing into you but it seems we’ll be running late. I don’t know about you but walking to the school will most certainly mean your tardiness. My offer still stands. Crap, yeah we gotta go.”

Rem looked up again showing the other girl her palms as she shook her hands. "Oh! I don't mind being la-! EH!?"

She was suddenly being picked up. Her body instantly tensed up, much like a snake that would coil around itself when frightened. The ride to school was incredibly uncomfortable as Rem bounced around as Kuma peddled. The trip didn't seem to last too long for her, but she also spaced out some from the embarrassment of being scooped up onto someone's lap.

When they reached the school Rem continued to feel tense. As soon as she had the opportunity to, she thanked Kuma and made a hasty retreat into the school building. Once she was inside she relaxed a little, falling back into her everyday routine as she made her way to her classroom. It was no surprise to see the teacher asleep at his desk. Seriously how can someone so laid-back be a teacher and a foster parent?

She ignored the greeting of Miiko, not really meaning to but she didn't know how to respond. Instead she hurried to her desk by the window and sat down, crossed her arms over her chest, and leaned back in her chair, not even acknowledging the fact that the girl who took her to school ended up being in the same class as her.

Vince Arumoto

It was the mixed voices of students that woke Vince from his light sleep. He slowly opened his eyes and stared at the teens with dreary eyes who know sat at their desks. He let out a deep sigh. So much for my nap...couldn't they be quieter?, he thought to himself. The room really wasn't that loud. Only one student, whom he didn't recognized, seemed to be the only one talking. It was probably that new kid the principle told him about, though he didn't bother to remember his name or go over the paperwork. Same went for that other student, whatever her name was.

Let's see...Snake girl, Wings, random new student, other new student...we're missing a couple. He continued to think to himself as his eyes moved over the room as he made a head count. He rarely called any of his students by their actual names. It wasn't because he didn't know their names, though. With the exception of the two new students he easily learned the names of the other teens. He mostly just used nicknames for his own amusement, to be honest.

He removed his shoes from his desk and leaned forward to open one of the drawers. Out of the drawer he lifted a white binder and opened it up and ran his finger down the list of names. "Blondie's(Devon) boy isn't here yet, Everly hasn't arrived.." He closed the binder and looked over the desks again. Pipsqueak isn't here yet either.

Vincent always left a few hours before Kimio would have to get up, so he rarely saw the boy until he got to school. Who knows whether he was actually showing up today or not. If he didn't he'd just have to beat some sen-- Ah, there he is.

The smaller boy took his seat without saying a word and Vince let out another long sigh. "Alright, we've got a few minutes for class to start so let's go ahead and get this over with. Everybody shut up and pay attention for a minute." He pulled open another drawer and opened a dark blue folder, looked at it for a few seconds, then put it away and moved his eyes back onto the students. "Trayton Takahashi and Kuma White, welcome to 3B and yada, yada. Just sit wherever I don't really care. We don't have assigned seats. Also, somebody pick up those papers in front of my desk, will ya?", He finished his sentence and leaned back in his chair again, pointing at the few sheets of paper that lay on the floor in front of his desk


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Kuma White

By the look of things, Kuma had gotten lost forgetting where the classes were from last year. Hmm I wonder when they moved things around.” She wondered around for a moment and seeing an open spot by a window in the hallway, she stopped there just long enough to get her bearings. Kuma sighed and looked outside just in time to see the landlady, what was her name again/, fight with someone. Well it wasn’t really a fight as it was pretty one sided but she could tell from where she stood the lady ws clearly upset by the old couple. Seeing as it wasn’t much of her business, Kuma left the window and went in search of her classroom once more.

After a minute of walking she finally came across the room and walked inside. It seemed the girl she had given a ride was already there, the other student’s she didn’t recognize really but she had seen them around before. This was the first year she was in a different class than the one she was in normally. Not that it bothered her really. Kuma glanced over at their teacher and couldn’t help but let a small smile appear on her lips. I think I’ll like this class very much.

Taking a seat in the middle of the rows, Kuma made sure she sat next to the window so she could always look outside. Resting her chin in her hand, Kuma looked forwards after staring outside for a moment and gave the teacher a little bit of her attention. Holding back a yawn, Kuma barely managed to keep her eyes open as the teacher spoke. When she heard her name being called, her ears perked up and she opened her previously closed eyes. They were for a brief moment bright and alert before they closed and reopened in a split second to once more take on that uninterested gaze.

She transferred her hand from her chin to the side of her face as she shifted into a more relaxed position. All the while she kept her gaze on the teacher, whom she did not know his name yet. When he had asked for someone to take the papers from his desk, being the lazy person she was, Kuma sat where she was. Maybe with a more tired look than before as her eyes followed the girl (Miiko) as she passed out the papers. Guessing from the fact that she hadn’t received any, Kuma assumed it was some sort of assignment they did before she moved to this class. With a shrug of her shoulders, Kuma shifted in her chair so her back would partially lean against the window sill as she waited for the class to get started.

Tatsuya Steele

Tatsuya woke with a start, mainly because of the sound of his foster parents voice calling out to him. Glancing at the clock that was at his bedside, his eyes widened just a fraction. “Crap! I’m gonna be late!” The young hybrid quickly threw on some clothes and grabbed a bit of something for breakfast and walked quickly to the school. Of course he had an appearance to uphold so he made sure he didn’t make it too apparent that he was in a rush. Keeping his facial expression blank, Tatsuya quickly arrived at the school but not before seeing the clock in one of the hallways tick away the minutes of him being late.

A slight frown appeared on his face as he glared at the clock before heading down the halls towards his classroom. Standing in front of the closed door, Tatsuya made sure he was presentable and ran a hand through his hair, allowing anyone remaining in the hallway’s to catch a glimpse of dark eyes. He readjusted his scarf, something he always wore as it was really one of the few possession’s he had that was [his

Clearing his throat, Tatsuya slide the door open and quietly entered the room. He glanced at Mr. Arumoto but didn’t say a word as he sat himself down next to his fellow student, Rem. The glare he had a while ago changed into a cold scowl as he rested his chin on his hand and looked over at the teacher. He noticed a piece of paper on his desk and looked over it. The results from last week’s quiz, he didn’t do too bad but he most certainly didn’t ace it. Usually he got average grades in the class and excelled more so in the physical department.

Since Miiko was passing out the papers, he took the time to look around and noticed two new faces. One was a brown haired kid (Trayton) and a tall dark, white haired girl (Kuma). More like a woman, geez she looks like she’s in college. His scowl deepened just a bit but realizing he was staring a near blush speckled his cheeks. Rubbing his eyes, Tatsuya shifted his attention back to the front of the room and rested his eyes on Mr. Arumoto.


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#, as written by Driton

Trayton's eyes grew wide at Miiko's response. She really can fly! It must be amazing to fly through the sky! He thought to himself. He noticed Miiko look at something through the window, but he wasn't next to the window and couldn't see whatever it was that distracted her. Then the teacher spoke, snapping Trayton's attention to the front of the room. Trayton wanted to ask the girl more about flying, but he knew that he shouldn't talk now that the teacher had started. It's probably rude to jump in and ask a bunch of questions all at once anyway. He told himself while trying to calm his excitement.

The teacher asked that someone take care of the papers, but Trayton didn't know what was supposed to be done with them, so he remained seated. He saw that, after a moment's hesitation, Miiko stood up, gathered the papers and started handing them out to all but a few students, himself not getting one since this was his first day. Even though there wasn't much going on, Trayton carefully watched everything that happened in the room, learning all he could, this was his first time in a school after all. He took note of who arrived late and who arrived early. He also looked to see everyone's mood, which for the most part seemed more tired than anything else.

It still wasn't clear to Trayton how things would work in school, But the purpose of school had been explained to him. It had been suggested that he attend school to learn more about the culture and make some friends. The sailors on the cargo ship had taught him most of what students usually learned by his age, so he was enrolled in a grade with others his age. The sailors had told him to say he was homeschooled before now if anyone asked.

So he listened to the suggestion and now he was finally attending a school. It was an exciting thing for Trayton, he had never thought he would end up going to school.