Angel Lee

"Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it is called the present."

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a character in “Hybrid Foster”, as played by RainWish




Angelica "Angel" Lee




Angel has black hair that just brushes her shoulders. It is feathered/layered and extremely soft. She has large cat ears and a tail, both black to match her hair, but her tail is longer than most hybrids. Her eyes are a bright yellow or gold tone and are more similar to cat eyes than to a human's. The pupils are silted like a cat, but slightly rounder which still gives her a human appearance.

Angel works at the Maid Cafe, so she wears a traditional French maid outfit. A black dress reaching mid-thigh with a white apron and white stockings. She does not have much money, so whenever she is not at work she wears the same outfit without the apron. She always wears long sleeves and pants/stockings to hide the remaining bruises/scars from her father.


~Enjoying life
~Seeing people happy
~Doing things for others

~Loud noises
~People upset

Angel is very sweet and kind. She will do anything to see other people smile, no matter the cost to her. She wants people to enjoy life despite the hardships they face. Most of the time she is fun-loving, happy, and gleeful, but she does have a dark past. Upon certain triggers that remind Angel of her father, a fog of depression, fear, and rage will fall over her. Triggers include the smell of whisky he drinks, people saying "Come here Pretty Kitty," people crying/upset (depending on what caused them to cry), and loud noises and sound like gun shots/people being hit.

At the age of 12, Angelica was adopted by a wonderful woman. She was loved and cared for. The woman's husband, Jo Lee, however, wanted nothing to do with the little Neko girl. One days, the wife suddenly became ill and passed away. Jo blamed his wife's death on Angelic and turned to drinking. Slowly he came to abuse Angelica leaving her with scars and bruises all over her body. She ran away at the age of 16, but he came to get her as she was still under his foster care. Angelic would go to the local church to hide and found wonderful people to talk with. She was always doing things for others so they gave her the nickname Angel. At the age of 19, Angel was considered an adult and finally able to escape from her abusive father. She lives in an extremely small apartment and has little money. However, she is always smiling and is determined to live for the moment. She refuses to let her past hold her down forever, but she does not like to talk about it with other people.

None. She has aged out of the system.

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