Naoya Mikazuki

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a character in “Hybrid Foster”, as played by BekaL101



Name: Naoya Mikazuki

Age: 17

Gender: male

Race: Neko

Appearance:Image also has a lot of scars over his body, mainly hidden by his clothes, apart from a large bite-scar at his collarbone.is also very thin, due to the years of abuse.

Clothing: mainly like pic, but always stuff he can move around in easily

Student?: Yes (reluctantly)

Class: 2-B

Likes: his music(he taught himself guitar in order to make some cash, but doesn't play often now, and he learned piano at school), art (he is pretty decent at sketching), and staying out of the way

Dislikes: Physical contact without his permission(not that he would give it), loud people/noises, and small spaces (he is highly claustrophobic)

Personality: very quiet, tends to shy away from social situations. Does not trust people easily, and even when he does, tends not to say much. Is scared of physical contact, due to the abuse he suffered, and tends to cringe away when anyone comes near him. Any sudden contact triggers a fight reaction, and he would normally lash out at the person. He also suffers from horrific nightmares, which are difficult for him to wake up from.

Background: Was on the streets for a long time, then was taken in unofficially by a human, where he was brutally abused (hence the scars and his tendancy to stay away from people). Said Human recently died of a heart attack, and so is now homeless...

Guardian: Will add later

Relationship or crush?: none as of yet, he's never really had experience of relationships...

So begins...

Naoya Mikazuki's Story