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Hybrid Romance

New York City


a part of Hybrid Romance, by WolfSpirit.


WolfSpirit holds sovereignty over New York City, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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New York City is a part of Hybrid Romance.

4 Characters Here

Ashley Wood [1] "Don't say I'm weak, Isn't the hero always weak before he saves the city from the Green- Whatever that thing is in Spider-Man."
Ethan Seth Startton [1] Ethan Seth Startton
Lucy Green [0] I may seem innocent but I have a bite.
Blaze Milestone [0] He is the serious strong silent type. But when you do get him talking he is silly and outgoing. He usually tries to be the brains of the operation over bronze , but he will use his muscles when he needs to. He is caring when it comes to the people he love

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Character Portrait: Ashley Wood
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"Ashley!" I slowly opened my eyes, Who would be up at this hour? I slipped out of bed and stumbled down the stairs, "coming" I called out and opened the door. "Mika!" I smiled and ran over to my elder brother, he caught me in a swift movement and smiled "Ash, how is my little sis?"
I couldn't believe it, Mika was home, I gave up on counting the times I tried to call him but it ended with no answer, "Good, how was the flight?" Mika groaned "boring."

I snuggled down on my couch while Mika made breakfast "How's the pack?" Mika said carelessly,
I frowned, Why couldn't I be with Mika? "Same, only- I wish I was with you" Mika sat next to me "Don't worry, you shouldn't be an omega for long" The caring tone in his voice was comforting, but hard to believe.

"Ash, you go clean up, you smell like-" I rolled my eyes, but Mika was probably right, I smelled like a wet dog. I managed to walk up the stairs and clean up a bit, I put on a green singlet and black trackies with my beloved ugg boats.
Hazel and Biscuit were jumping all over Mika and I laughed while making a hot chocolate, "Hey pups, haven't seen you for a while" Biscuit caught a sight of me and ran over to me. I patted his fluffy head and sat down on my couch, "Mika, How is Rachael?" Mika's girlfriend, I hated the snob, but she was what made Mika happy so I put up with her.

Pain traced Mika's eyes he muttered something in German, I didn't understand it, probably because I didn't pay attention in class... "Rachael is fine" their was hurt in his voice, but he wasn't telling me without a fight. Hazel sat on my lap while Biscuit hung around Mika's feet, probably hoping for scraps, "How's your love life?"
"Fine," I hated this topic.

"Ash, I miss you, so much"
"I miss you two,"


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Character Portrait: Ethan Seth Startton
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The smell of coffe wafted through Ethan's door.he groaned at the sound of his animals put side, making noise like a zoo.
He had the responsibility of looking after the animals of his family. Specks, silkies son, was curled up in a ball on Ethan's shoulder. "Aw hey there." Ethan said, proping himself up on his elbows. Specks yawned, and got clumsily to his feet, jumped of the bed and went looking for food.
Ethan got out of bed, and pulled on a plain white polo and jeans. He ran down the stairs, and slid down the rail.
His mother was cooking in the kitchen. "Hey sweetie !" Ah said, resting her arm on his shoulders. "Hey mum." Ethan's mum and dad were alphas of his pack, and he was in training. So far he was going good;he could speak clearly and had good skills with his pack mates.
"Im going hunting." He said. Humans could never imagine eating raw meat, but when wolves their instinct for meat was just like eating KFC to humans.
He ran outside, leaping into his wolf form. He didn't have to worry about people seeing him, since he was in the country, and had a huge forest near his house. He bounded deep into it, and the wind tugged at his black pelt. He ignored it, pausing for a second to scent the air.

He soon found the scent of a wild deer. He would take joy killing one, because they were like pests to farm lands. ((Not really)) he found it bent over a small river stream. Ethan's stomach grumbled, and he swallowed. He bent into hunters crouch, and paw by paw he crept closer to the doe. It was elderly, and soon to die anyway,so he was doing it a favour. He pounced, and bit down on its throat before it could react. It died instantly, and he tore into it.

When he finished, heroic a quick lapp at the river, before running back home.