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Hyrule's End



a part of Hyrule's End, by Zed Yggdrasil.

The fields and lands of Hyrule

Zed Yggdrasil holds sovereignty over Hyrule, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The fields and lands of Hyrule


Hyrule is a part of Hyrule's End.


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"Feh, pathetic," said a rather odd Zora as he walked the streets of Hyrule market place. He was much more different than the other Zoras, one reason being that his color was a deep red, similar to that of blood, but that wasn't the most unsettling thing about him. It was both his size and the massive ax strapped to his back, an ax that crackled with electric power. The people on the streets gave him a wide berth as he walked down the path heading to the Woodland Preserve, though he didn't seem like he was walking with a destination in mind. Itching absentmindedly at a rather large scar that was displayed on his chest, where his heart would be, he continued his mutterings about worthless Hylians. Stopping at a nearby fountain a mile from the preserve and grabbing a bucket that was left near for Zoras to use to hydrate their body, it was a little warm today after all. Dumping the crystalline water on him, he then tossed the empty pail near the center of the fountain. Turning to walk away he was stopped by a nearby Hylian. "Hey! You can't just toss that and walk away!" Turning to look at him, he raised a none-existing eyebrow at him, "and if I just decide to leave it anyway?" was his reply, his voice cold and holding a hint of veiled madness. "Then I'll report you to the gu-," he was cut off by the mad laughter emanating from the Zora. "You think I care? You can threaten me all you want and hide behind guards in steel or you can fight those that displease you." The Hylian looked at him appalled by both his words and his mad laughter. "What the hell is wrong with you?" He asked him, in which he replied chuckling darkly all the while, "bored out of my mind and craving a fight, that is what's wrong with me." The scene was drawing a crowd and many were watching the spectacle unfold before them. The Hylian was an adventurer and an accomplished one in his own opinion and quite confident in his own abilities. Drawing his Hylian Sword, a sword quite common these days and well made, his chainmail rattling as he drew his blade and gazed his opponent down, who watched him with a bored expression on his face.

"Well draw your weapon then," challenged the Hylian, the Zora just stared at him with his bored expression. "I don't think I will, after all, my fins should be enough for you, though I doubt I'd need even those." The Zora's reply angered the Hylian for it was a blow to his pride, letting out a battlecry he charged at the Zora who just stood there, the bored expression still on his face. Just before the blade could touch his body, he reacted by grabbing his blade arm and tossing him into the fountain. The resounding splash shocking most. However it just angered the Hylian more, as he rose from the water soaked through and staring the Zora down, he then paled. The Zora had one of his fingers in the water an extremely dark smile on his face. Before the Hylian could cry out, the entire fountain exploded with red lightning coming from the Zora's finger as he laughed maniacally. The Hylian screaming in pain as his body was racked with the lightning's power. The crowd watched both in fear and morbid fascination as the Hylian soon entered his death throes. Stopping the lightning while still laughing and leaving the fountain and scared crowd behind. The people were too scared too move or chase after him. They parted for him haphazardly and dazed, for the people have heard the rumours of a red Zora, who killed freely. One who had a bounty of over ten million rupees; Jolt the Red Lightning.