Kale Chase - Kirson

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a character in “Hysteria Online”, as played by toilovegirls


Name: Kale Chase
Online Name: Kirson
Age: 17
Gender: female
Bio: Kale is a graduated student who just started to become part of life as she got a job and started to earn her money she soon got her own place at an apartment and started to live her life. She soon earned enough money to get herself the new online game that came out a couple years ago Hysteria and then put her helmet on and the mouth piece into her mouth laid down onto her bed and was then entered into the world of Hysteria, as she was logging in and making her character something happened that seemed to have been a glitch but was something more, but she didn't know what it was, so ignored it. she then started her adventure and was unaware of what will happen in her new adventure...
Online Element: Electric
Online Weapon: Dual Weapons and Wires
Online Race: Fairy
Pic: (must have, spoiler please)
real life form
Online form

So begins...

Kale Chase - Kirson's Story