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Aria Strike

"Don't look at what I am. Look at what I can be."

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a character in “I am Different”, as played by Haas33


Aria Strike


Nicknames: Scales, Ary, Striker, Creepy-fish-girl, Blue (pronounced Ree)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Mutation(s): She has scales for skin, but not all are visually seen. Her scales react instinctively against fast moving objects to center the armor around the location of attack. She can withstand bullets, arrows, blunt force, and is fairly good against knives. With enough force, sometimes her scales might be peeled off with the sharp edge of a knife. But that is considerably hard to do. However, her scales cant dry out easily and fall off very hot temperatures. Her scales are also extremely flammable. Even a small flame can do some serious damage. When some part of her is injured, the scales can grow back and quickly heal the injured spot, with the help from moisture.

Along with providing excellent armor, her scales can also help her transform into any animal or human. Her skin is more vulnerable in a different form however, but steal reasonably strong. To be able to take on the shape of something else, she must first 'acquire' it. To do this she must look directly into the eyes of the given animal or person. Both her eyes and the animal's eyes will give a gold flash to signal that the animal has been acquired. Once it is acquired she can use the form to give her some or all the features of the animal. Changing her form takes concentration so she can not keep this form while asleep. Thus, knocking her unconscious can reveal her true form.

Lastly, in her true form she has long, dark blue, leathery bat like wings. These wings are fairly fragile without any protective scales. These wings are slender and nimble and provide for quick agile flying and evasive action in the air. These wings however are not built to travel for long distance, even though they are good for flying fast- up to nearly 250mph. She can not fly for more than three hours before becoming so exhausted she must rest or pass out.



Eye Color(s): Her eyes are a brilliant bright blue with a ring of darker blue along the outside. A ring of gold lines her pupil.
Hair Color: She has very long curly blue hair.
Height: Just barely five foot. She is extremely short for her age.
Other features: although she is completely scaled, some of her scales are more prominent and can be seen. They are various hues of blue and cover her in such a way that she could feasibly walk around without clothes. The scales travel up her right forearm until they spread out along the back of her neck and snake up to her lower left jawline and ear. Her ears are slightly pointed. Scales completely cover her left hand up to her elbow. scales completely cover her breasts and the right side of her to spread out along her front and butt-covering all the important parts. It then snakes down her right thigh. Scales Completely cover her right foot to slightly above the calf. scales cover her left knee up to her mid thigh and mid calf and more scales cover her feet to her ankle.
Clothing: She wears a simple grey loose crop top and black shorts. She wears black military shoes, also.




Aria doesn't like to be treated as a kid and takes shit from no one. She's tough as nails and rarely shows emotion. She is a loyal friend and very protective, but tends to avoid people in general. She rarely speaks her mind and is full of sarcastic and witty remarks. She shows no fear unless very frightened. She loves to swim and sing too, but does not sing in front of other people. She enjoys drawing as well. If you can look past her tough exterior she is actually a very thoughtful and kind person that just needs to open up to someone.

Favorite Color: Turquoise
-strawberries. She LOVES them
-messing with guards
-lighter fluid
-meat (she's vegetarian)
-tranquilizer darts. If lucky they can get between her scales and knock her out
-weakened when not in true form
-tends to get headaches and awful dreams
-can not eat meat (will throw up and react badly to eat) she is vegetarian
-The desert
-Showing fear
-Being trapped in an oven
History: Her parents Turned her over to the military camp when she was barely even a month old. They feared what she would grow up to be. Growing up in a tough environment dramatically affected her personality.


(Fc: Elle Fanning)

So begins...

Aria Strike's Story

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#, as written by Haas33
Aria Strike

Aria sat cross legged on the hard slab they called a bed that jutted out from the wall, casually picking at her nails. She knew they'd be coming for her soon, and she refused to give them the satisfaction of seeing her scared. It was something about fire-proofing her scales. Which inevitably meant they'd set her on fire and she'd spend the next week trying to recover, which was regrettably painful and also unavoidable since these scientists aren't what they are cracked up to be. She sighed impatiently and stretched out her wings, needing to move around, do something, while she still could.

Her cell was in the center of it all, because all of her walls were made of thick glass that supposedly withstands anything. She hasn't broken it yet, so she guessed the people might actually know what they are doing. A useless attempt, but Aria suddenly wheeled around and focused all her energy into punching the glass. Not even a crack, and her hand stung with pain. She constantly felt like a zoo exhibit, even for the other mutants because everyone could see everything. There was no privacy for her at all. In fact just now she spotted someone staring blankly at her from inside their own cell. She gave a wry smile and a wink before turning away.

She could see two scientists walking down the hall, four guards in tow, clipboard and needle in hand. Sighing, she got up and walked to the glass door, prepared to meet her fate. However, the group stopped at a different cell, and a different mutant was carried out, knocked unconscious. She frowned in confusion but soon realized two guards stood in front of her door. A series of numbers was typed before she heard the metallic click and the door slid open. She watched in wonder as the two men stepped into the doorway of the cell, almost afraid to go any farther.

"Hey scales. You've been assigned to special training." he said unenthusiastically. Aria's mouth dropped open in shock but she quickly recovered.


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Sitting alone in what she knew now to be a cell, a young woman let her eyes stare out across from her, seeing nothing but an empty darkness, the same darkness she saw every day for as long as she could remember. Even before she had memories, she had the blackness. For her, the world was a combination of sounds, smells, textures, feelings, and tastes. The place she was in had a very clean scent, almost unnaturally so. Her minimal furnishings were firm and uncomfortable, onlty the bed holding any sort of softness. Her pillow was the softest thing in her room, and the blanket the warmest possession afforded her besides the clothes on her back.

She failed to see the smile and wink from her neighbor in the cell across her own, and thus continued to stare ahead without any sign of stopping. She remained silent, but in her mind she hoped someone would walk close enough to read, close enough to catch a glimpse of her world she would otherwise never see. She was met with nothing, and she leaned back on her cot and sighed, awaiting another day of tests, mediocre food, and taunts.

Juniper sat up a bit not three minutes later, hearing the distant sound of footsteps echoing in the hallway. She felt hopeful, wondering if they forgot to wear the special lead helmets by any stroke of luck? Counting the rhythm in her mind, she picked out six sets of feet. Focusing and listening to the sounds, searching her 'bubble of awareness' as she called it, Juniper caught a faint glimpse of a unconscious mutant being carried out by what sounded like the guards she heard. Quickly as it came, the vision was gone, the minds out of her reach once again.

Leaning back as the brief interruption passed, Juniper soon resumed her upright, curious posture as a new pair of footsteps reached her ears. IT didn't seem like her scheduled testing time, causing her to go tense and try fruitlessly to glance around for answers.

"Hey Scales..."

Juniper heard the voice clearly, quickly searching fo it's source and finally pinpointing the location. The mind was another guard, and they were looking at a young woman in the cell across from hers. Scales? What were scales? Juniper hoped to get a better look, but suddenly her own visage met her mind's eye, the voice snapping at her.

"The hell you looking at mole?"

"You forgot to wear the helmet."

Juniper got a sudden glance at a second guard, only to see him hand her current subject a special helmet of lead before blackness swallowed her again.

"C'mon mole, got something special today." barked a third voice, the beeping of the keypad followed up by the smooth sliding of her door. Juniper flinched when she felt a strong pair of arms grab her, tugging her along.

She had half a mind to fight, but the telepath decided to save her strength for now. She already was at a disadvantage. As she was led out, the silent prisoner attempted another 'scan' to try and gain some insight into the unexpected situation, she slipped inside the mind of who she assumed was 'scales' based on how the vision her host was seeing were the guards she saw seconds ago. Instead of the host leaving her effective range, Juniper fond her 'gaze' was never too far, seemingly following the companion across from her cell.