"hey... woah....waitwaitwait- whaaaaaaaaaaaa? Ssshhhh"

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Nicknames: Druggie~ everyone calls her this even the guards and some of the doctors, no one really knows her real name
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Druggie's mutations include heightened strength allowing her to lift up to 3 tons of weight and heightened agility and acrobatics making her not only strong but agile as well.

Appearance Druggie has brown hair and porcelain skin, but perhaps the most interesting thing about her is her heterochromia with one eye being brown and one eye being blue it's just another mutation of hers and made her easy to find.

Eye Color(s):
Blue and Brown
Hair Color:
5' 4''
Other features:
loose fitting sweaters and stripped leggings she also never wears anything on her feet.


Druggie's personality has been so watered down by so many drugs however she tends to be a big of a goof ball setting up pranks for people and no one suspecting it her because of her state of mind. If she was allowed to be normal she would probably be more like this only pretending to be shy and laughing internally.

Favorite Color: Green
Likes: colorful light bulbs || animals || paintings || pocket watches
dislikes: white walls || florescent lights || peas || cold glass
Weakness: if you can restrain her before she changes you have a chance of survival.
Fears: in her normal day she is mostly afraid of everything in the facility but in her other personality she has no fear



Once mutants were being hunted down and taken in Druggie's parents attempted to hide their daughter from the world and they did so successfully for four years until one day Druggie was looking out the window when a neighbor saw her strangely colored eyes and notified the authorities and Druggie was taken away. Druggie lived in the military base practically all her life and has been on and extensive amount of mind numbing drugs to keep her from trying to escape. Over the years her brain has come accustom to the numb state and only needs to take a pill every half hour to keep her from "waking up".
In her time at the base she has made no attempts of escape and spends most of her time being tested and sedated, no one there takes her seriously because of her unusual behavior and she doesn't seem to be harmful at all. She spends time in her cell staring at walls but if she ever missed just one of her half hour pills she might get out of it enough to smash through a few walls.

So begins...

Druggie's Story

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Druggie woke up and found herself staring into her own reflection of the glass wall that made up her cell she didn't recognize her own face her hair was matted and messy her eyes had bags that had their own bags. Everything in her mind was foggy and she couldn't remember the past few weeks and could recall what day it was or even if it was morning or evening. Somehow none of it mattered, as now a slot in the glass was being opened and a single clear pill on a silver platter was shoved through. Druggie picked up the pill and swallowed it, the effects were immediate and she felt the numbness wash over her and it felt so good.

At first Druggie took her pills because she knew she would be punished and forced to take them but now she took them because it numbed the pain of whatever procedures came next. She felt herself being lead out of her cell and to somewhere the felt very far away, everything came in flashes she saw needles, a surgical mask something red. Was it blood? Things just kinda blurred together and none of it made any sense, all she kept hearing was laughter in her head over and over again.

Next thing she knew there was a pain that bit threw the pain killing drugs and her inhuman pain tolerance, not only that it was growing but it was growing. She looked down trying to find the source of the agonizing pain blood dripped from her nose as she what seemed like hundreds of needles puncturing the skin of her hands. The worst part was if she moved the pain would shoot up her arms searing her nerves and causing torturous amounts of pain. She wished it would stop and would give anything to make it, but it kept getting worse and worse almost passing out from the pain only to be jolted away by more drugs and put through it all over again.

When it was over, Druggie found herself on the floor of her cell so she just lay there unable to move or speak, her lips felt dry and she forgot what her name was it all seemed so far away. Her clothes were filthy with her own blood and sweat but she didn't care, the bandages around her hands didn't help the fierce heat that overtook them. And just when she had about enough of it all and was about to explode the slot in her door opened and a silver platter was pushed through with one clear pill resting on it, and she smiled.

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In the corner of the room sat Druggie in the middle of the room sat vomit at the door three guards were walking in two of them grabbing Druggie by the arms and pulling her forcefully to her feet the other staying behind to clean up the mess. Druggie knew what came next they would punish her like a bad dog for what she had done this meant she would get the hose. One of the guards handed her a pill and she took it trying to swallow it but to no avail, her throat was too dry and she couldn't feel the inside of her mouth she felt the back of her head being knocked and she spit out the pill almost immediately after a needle was put into her arm due to the effects of the drug it made her knees weak causing her to fall to the ground. She felt boots in her stomach but thanks to her unnatural pain tolerance the kicking didn't hurt and she was yanked upward and dragged along, but to Druggie's surprise she was taken to a small, grey shower with lukewarm water running. She was handed a bar of soap which she could barely hold, Druggie didn't understand what the soap was, how and why she had it the only thing she did understand was that she was getting wet. The next thing she knew there was air and lots of it it got hot and Druggie didn't like it trying to move away but hands kept pulling her back so she endured it.

Druggie looked up taking in a deep breathe she didn't know how much time had passed, the room was white making her squint she looked around but everything was blurry things were happening people were moving around and talking but it all seemed so far away. She wondered who all of these people were where did they come from? She peeked through the fog in her mind staring intently at the people or things in the room with her, Druggie saw red eyes and and something with blue skin these were the things in the boxes the things like her. Druggie looked down she was sitting on the edge of a long bench the blotches in her memories made it hard to pinpoint how she got there, she frowned. Druggie put her hands in front of her face and tried to count the appendages attached to them, staring intently mouth slightly open. Every time she lost count she started over this went on for several minutes determined to get all the fingers to no avail but it wasn't long before she dropped her hands forgetting what she was going.

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Ember followed the guards deep into the facility. The coppery odour of blood mingled with the fear in the air as they drew closer to their destination. She hated this place. It wasn't so much the screams, the torture or death's presence. By now Ember had long since grown indifferent to that. It was the overwhelming presence of her memories. Most of the time she managed to keep them far from her consciousness, locking them deep within. But here it was as though only a thin sheet of glass kept them in her subconscious.

Sure she was always aware of them, despite popular psychology repression was not a logical occurrence. But they weren't nearly as real as they were here. Nonetheless with great skill and practice Ember managed to keep them in control, though their forbidding presence remained a heavy burden.

Finally the trio stopped outside one of the doors. The guard outside was watching a monitor of the interior. There was a young woman lying face-down on the examination table. The usual results of unanswered questions were stamped in her back in the form of lacerations, burns and soft-tissue bruising. As Ember watched another glowing metal bar was applied just below the woman's neck resulting in a hoarse scream.

One of her guards opened the door and the three filed in. The older man started to unlock Ember's metal mask when the young guard let out a gasp.

"It's alright" The first chuckled. "That man outside will watch us. If she decides to take one of us out, they'll simply force her to kill another mutant to bring us back."

And then the barbaric thing was off, and for a moment Ember sighed in pleasure at the relief of being able to move her jaw.

"…We're running out of patience with you." Ember was brought back to reality by the scientists snarled words. "Tell us where you sent your daughter, or we'll let the wraith loose."

She couldn't help but roll her eyes at that. If they really let her loose none of them would ever wake up again. The woman on the table let out a sob but otherwise remained silent. Ember kept her face carefully neutral and leaned against the wall, arms folded against her chest.

The scientist unchained the woman from the table before dragging her across to a small pool of water. Her moans of pain were cut short as her head was plunged in. After a few weak struggles she finally was still and her dragged out. A small child was brought in, no more than five. He started to sob when he saw all the blood.

Ember was shoved forward by the guard causing her eyes to flame to red. The kid let out a squeal of terror. Ignoring it, she knelt in front of him, her hands on his shoulders, keeping him in place. His quick short breaths begged her to take them, and take them she did. She let his little body fall to the floor, before crossing over to the woman. Without a hint of emotion she blew gently on the woman's face and watched while she coughed the water out of her lungs.

"And now you will answer the question. Either that or we drown you again and kill another kid to bring you back until you do." The scientist gestured to the dead boy. "How many kids will you kill attempting to prevent us finding your daughter?"

The fight was over, Ember knew it. It was one thing to remain silent and endure your own pain, quite another to destroy someone else's life. And no one liked seeing dead kids. Between sobs the woman told them what she knew. They always did in the end. Before she knew it, Embers metal mask was replaced and she was being led back outside.

The younger one looked at her with a new sense of awe.

"She just killed that kid, no question?"

"Well in my opinion mutants don't have true feelings, and she certainly doesn't have any emotion."

Ember's irises boiled to a deep crimson, glaring at him with pure hatred.

"That is aside from anger." He laughed. "Oh and fear. Though you don't like to show it much, your eyes are not very good at hiding it, eh?"

If it had done her any good she would have torn his throat out at that point, but she simply turned away until the guards lost interest and started moving off.

She was surprised to find that she was taken into a large white room. Normally she was just taken straight back into her cell. There was already a young girl in here, though she didn't seem entirely 'there'. Probably one of the drugged up ones Ember decided, quickly averting her eyes, once again trying to avoid any communication with anyone else.

The two guards remained close, probably more for her own protection than anything else. She'd had many attempts on her life by angry mutants. This coming to mind, she glanced around uneasily wondering what exactly the facility owners had in stall for her.

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Darkness encased her as they went through the stronghold that held the worst kinds of mutants you could think of. Reyna was among them, with her blood manipulation she was classified as dangerous despite her young age and weak stature. They stopped the gurney in front of a smaller room with metal slots in the wall. Reyna was unstrapped, the gloves on her hands removed. "No, I don't want to kill anyone else!" Panic flooded her veins as she sat up and clutched her hands to her chest, refusing to move from the portable bed. "Calm down, you're taking a shower. You wanted that right?"

Shower. It was a word she had not heard in a very long time, most days they simply sprayed her down with a hose if she got too dirty. "Yes!" Reyna hopped down from the gurney and went inside quickly, a bar of soap and a small bottle of shampoo was handed to her upon entry and she stripped herself down, stepping under the tepid water and relishing the feeling of dirt and blood running down the drain. Reyna scrubbed herself raw, wanting to get it all off before she was told that her time was up and the water turned off, hot air suddenly attacking and blinding her from all directions.

The room was spinning when Reyna opened her eyes, she slowly forced air into her lungs and leaned against one of the metal stalls to get her bearings before attempting to take a step. A new pair of white clothes was shoved into her arms and Reyna dressed quickly, the too big sleeves lopping over her shoulders. Hands clamped down on her arms and she was promptly dragged to a new room where two other mutants were sitting.

Shyly, Reyna sat down on a bench opposite of the others and placed her hands in her lap. She didn't have to hurt these people right? This wasn't another test? "Um... Hello." Reyna attempted to make conversation despite the fact that one seemed to have found the rabbit hole and the other had some sort of metal brace wiring her mouth shut. Maybe she should simply remain silent....