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Ivan Morningstar

We are legion, for we are many.

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a character in “I am Different”, as played by TenThousandLies


Ivan Morningstar


Nicknames: The Morningstar Twins, his "twin" is named Isaac, They are also referred to as Legion.
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Mutation(s):Ivan possesses two mutations, photographic memory and the ability to split off multiple clones from his true body. While initially being born with an eidetic memory, Ivan's capabilities to retain and access knowledge is at a level considered superhuman by itself. This coupled with his voracious appetite for knowledge puts him well above anyone else his age.

In his teenage years he also developed his secondary mutation. Through considerable force of will, and enormous expenditure of caloric energy, he is able to split a clone of himself off. They are fully formed and retain all of his body modifications. In addition each clone shares something similar to a hive mind. While each clone is capable of producing original thought and acquiring new knowledge, they share it instantaneously via the collective conscience.
This allows for each clone to perfectly remember everything it learns independently, while also relaying it to the original. Thus Ivan is capable of rapidly gaining and keeping massive amounts of knowledge en masse. He is also known to at least always have one clone, leading to the misconception that he is actually twins. In addition there is no true body, so as long as one clone survives, he will continue to live.
Also while not anywhere near superhuman levels, Ivan is proficient in acrobatics and gymnastics. He uses them in his fighting style to make up for his lack of physical strength.



Eye Color(s):Ivan has neon purple eyes.
Hair Color: Ivan's hair is primarily purple with streaks of blue, green, and pink throughout. His hair is cut to look choppy and ends at the bottom of his shoulder blades.
Height: At six foot, two inches, Ivan is rather tall.
Other features: Beyong wearing eyeshadow, Ivan also has minute rings beneath his eyes, due to a general lack of sleep. He wears a black ring through the peircing in his right nostril, and a violet bar in his tongue piercing. In addition beneath the lower right corner of his right eye he has three star shaped body stickers. The largest being closest to the eye, and the other two being progressively smaller as they move out.
Clothing: Ivan wears a colorful tube top that begins a few inches beneath his clavicle and ends just a few inches beneath his pectoral muscles. It is primarily black with blue and pink piping on the trim.

He wears both arm warmers of varying neon colors, and several plastic bracelets of even further varying shades. He also wears One green and one pink furry leg warmers, which cover his black leather combat boots that he wears beneath.
He also wears a rainbow striped miniskirt with black compression shorts underneath. Also on the belt line he carries a red pouch which holds his cigarettes and lighter.


Ivan is a rather complicated fellow. While constantly reading, he is able to multitask extremely well and delights in conversation. Lonely and isolated for most of his life, he developed his joy in communication when he split into his first clone. He is also sentimental about this clone, and while never naming it, he refers to the clone as his "Twin", and has never assimilated him back into the whole.
He is kind and friendly, but does have a tendency to be incredibly critical. Whenever he is around people he can be seen smiling, taking pleasure in their company. However when a cute boy is around his demeanor shifts considerably. Amorous by nature Ivan will begin to blush constantly and often times lose his ability to speak properly.
Generally maintaining a cool and level head, he is able to use his massive knowledge at a whim. When flustered his knowledge becomes more difficult for him to access. In addition, he is known to be quite playful and snarky, even in the heat of battle.

Favorite Color:Violet.


Dislikes:Being detained against his will
Cooked Vegetables
Weakness of character

Weakness: Ivan has two major weaknesses, both of them psychological. The first is his vulnerability to a cute boy. Due to this he is able to be easily be mislead and even switch sides completely by a handsome man who shows interest in him.
Another weakness is that due to the nature of his powers he can be easily overwhelmed and confused by fighting a foe who continually redirects his focus. This can have varying effects, from simple disorientation to a total psychological collapse.
A third and physical weakness stems from the large caloric energy needed to split off into clones. If he doesn't eat enough and splits too many times he can rapidly starve to death.

Fears: Ivan is desperately afraid of being alone. This stems both from the fact that he almost always has a clone for company, and a belief that his advanced intellect has created too much of a rift between himself and his peers.
His other fear is being completely outclassed in a competition. Thus far he has proven to be superior in every aspect of his life, thus he fears not knowing how to react to failure.

History: Ivan was born with his photographic memory already intact. Beginning reading at age three, and continuing to progress rapidly. Unfortunately, upon starting school his intelligence heavily distanced him from his class mates. While studying more advanced subjects independently, his school did not allow him to skip any grades.
It was in middle over summer break that his powers manifested. He split off his "twin", and in order to protect their son, his parents had him switch schools and registered Ivan and his "twin" as Isaac. Now able to learn at twice the speed Ivan skipped two grades thanks to his new school allowing it.
Progressing through highschool normally the "twins" were in their senior year by age fifteen. When a school shooting was occuring during their final year, Ivan publicly split off into three clones in order to tackle the shooter. However this led to him being taken into custody and has lived there for the past three years. While in confinement both Ivan and "Isaac" have been given very little food, so they have been unable to use their cloning outside of experimentation. While under the impression the boys are twins, the true mind has been subjected to double the horrors in his internment. Thus he is patiently hiding his time, being friendly to the staff, and using his dual thought process to plot a perfect escape.

So begins...

Ivan Morningstar's Story