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Jackson Benoît

"Do you know what happens when you get bitten by an inland taipan? Let's find out."

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a character in “I am Different”, as played by LonelyGhost


Jackson Benoît


Nicknames: N/A will be added as the rp progresses.
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Mutation(s): Jackson has the ability of toxigenesis. This means that he has the ability to create various poisons with a variety of effects ranging from paralytic, hallucinogenic, or death inducing. The downside to this ability is that, like other animals capable of creating poison, the use of this ability is exhausting and takes a while to build back up. This natural creation also provides a level of immunity to toxic substances however it is also harder for painkillers and other medicine to take effect.

To deliver the poison he has hollow, retractable claws on his fingers, these claws are similar to Sabertooth’s claws in the way that they are fairly small. The downside to having hollow claws is that they are easier to break and take a considerable amount of time to regenerate.

He has a high level of flexibility similar to that of a contortionist, this isn’t really a super-human ability as much as it a high level human ability. Obviously, staying contorted for too long is very uncomfortable.



Eye Color(s): Jackson has harlequin green eyes. Harlequin green is a shade of green between green and yellow.
Hair Color: He has short cut black hair.
Height: He stands at the slightly above average height of 5'11.
Other features: He doesn't have any very important facial marks, all though he does have a few dark marks along his cheeks. His finger tips are heavily scarred from his claws popping out.
Clothing: Jackson dresses in black jeans, a blue t shirt, and white sneakers.


He is a bit of a sadist when it comes to people that would do him harm, having a tendency to describe EXACTLY what a certain poison will do the body to the victim. He is nicer to his friends, although he can still be a jerk. He is fairly independent, only asking for help when the odds of doing it by himself are extremely low.

Favorite Color: Green
  • Cloudy days
  • Fridays
  • Studying animals
  • Fishing
  • Freedom
    • Doctors
    • Jails
    • The government
    • Summer
    • Mondays
    • Fatigue due to poison usage.
    • Resistance to painkillers and other medication.
    • His claws can be broken more easily than a solid claw.


      • Surgery
      • Needles
      • Losing control of his toxigenesis ability
History: Jackson was sent to the facility at the age of 15 after accidentally poisoning someone at his school. Pharmaceutical companies frequently pay his 'visits' so they can use the varients of venom he can make to do more research or create more anti-venom. He has kept some of his more potent venoms a secret.

So begins...

Jackson Benoît's Story

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Jackson sighed as he saw the guards coming to his room. He didn't resist, he knew he would lose, mentally telling himself that one day this place would burn. He would poison them and they would suffer as they watched their own skin begin to die. Watch their blood clot. Watch them react to a hallucinated world. Torture them as they lay paralyzed. But that was for another day. Today was his day to suffer.

He was led to a room with a cold metal table with various restraints placed where the legs and wrist would be. The doctors watched on with cold, greedy eyes as he was restrained. Here lies the newest drug, the anti-venom that would save someones life. Their paycheck. They silently began to collect his venom. Insert claw into container. Press on venom gland. Repeat until done. To them he was just another specimen. Jackson strained against his bonds; a futile effort. The reinforced restraints refusing to so much as budge. He relaxed, letting them do their work.

The world spun as Jackson closed his eyes. He was currently strapped against a table so the doctors could safely collect his venom. He probably had it better than most other people in the facility as far as pain goes but this was exhausting. Everyone once in a while some pharmaceutical company would send doctors to collect venom to produce anti-venoms or work on new drugs. The problem of this being that a venom is made of proteins that your body must replenish, think of running a football field at top speed, against your will mind you, until you drop. So far he had convinced the scientist that he was only capable of producing more common venoms, saying his body just wasn't able to make a protein that the human body of completely unfamiliar with. Of course that's a life. More of a half-truth. More complex venoms were well within possibility, they simply took longer to make and used quite a bit more energy.

By the time they were done Jackson was limp, his world a maelstrom. Up became done became right became up again. In nature, venomous animals don't use all their venom. Of course this isn't nature so they took ALL of his venom. The guards undid the restraints and promptly drug him back to his cell, throwing him inside it. He rolled when he hit the floor before landing on his back to look at the ceiling. He didn't look at the occupants of the rooms near his. Darkness creeped into the edge of his vision, quickly turning his world black.