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I came back, but do you still love me?

I came back, but do you still love me?


((*Notice this role-play takes place in 1940)) When you love someone let them go, if they return they are yours, if they do not they never where.(1 male left)

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As she was about to board the plane, about ten feet she estimated, she heard a voice from behind her call, “ROSIE WAIT!” It was a voice she recognized very well, it was the voice of Jack.

She whirled around and ran to hug him. She couldn’t believe he was here after the horrible fight last night. She could believe he came to say good-bye.

She kissed him on the lips not even caring if any would see or not. This could possibly be the last time she would ever see him. So she kissed him with all the passion she could conjure up at the moment. A tear or joy and sadness ran down her eye as she kissed him.

Finally she pulled away and whispered in his ear, “write.” Without looking at him she walked to the steps of the plane, she cupped a hand over the top of her eye so she could see him better then with her other hand she gave a slight wave.

She walked slowly up those steps, having the feeling that they may never see each other again. That was the worst feeling in the world.


Rich Rosie has always had a dream of becoming an actress, to be a star. She was fit to be one too, with her beauty, singing, and acting skills it was only a matter of time until she decided to go to New York City to become an actress on Broadway. It was only a matter of time before she reached her dream. She just had two things in her way, high school, and Jack.

Now she is done with high school though and is ready to go but Jack isn’t he wants her to stay. To move in with him and marry him. That is not very realistic for Rosie though because Jack was poor her parents would never let her marry a poor boy. She loved him anyways though, she loved him for a whole summer.

Finally summer ended and she was off to New York to study and practice to someday be on Broadway. Even though they argue Jack tells Rosie to go and he joins the war to fight in World War 2 3 months after Rosie leaves.

Rosie does not know that he joined the war so she wrote every day for a year. She hoped each day that a letter would come, and every day she would be disappointed. She meet Beth though, they became close friends.

They were sitting in their apartment when they got a phone call, Rosie’s older sister Annie was getting married. That meant Rosie had to go back to the town she had been avoiding for years. She started thinking about not going but Beth convinced her that they should.

Now they are on a plane heading to Rosie’s home town with no clue weather or not Jack is alive.

Rosie: She fell in love with Jack then left to be an actress, 22 TAKEN

Jack: Fell in love with Rosie then left for war, 23 TAKEN

Beth: Rosie’s best friend is an actress 22 TAKEN

Annie: Rosie’s sister, waitress, engaged to John, 23 TAKEN

John: Engaged to Annie, business owner, 23 OPEN

James: Likes Beth, is Jack’s best friend, 24 TAKEN

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Rose rode in the backseat of the car with Susan right by her side. The rode was bumpy and the car ride seemed to last forever. They have rode a plane from New York to 30 minutes from her home town. The plane ride seemed to last only minutes instead of hours. It was when she greeted her dad and got into the car that things seemed to take forever. She thoughts kept focusing on Jack. She has asked her father minutes after they got off the plane if he was still alive her father’s reply was a bit longer then she hoped, “Yes, the boy lived but all her cares about now is the war.” Rose knew what he meant, she knew he meant that Jack didn’t love Rose anymore. That didn’t come as a surprise to her though, she wrote him hundreds of letters and he didn’t reply to one. Rose had it all planned out in her mind how she was going to confront him the second she saw him, but she became shy the moment her father told her that. She already understood, Jack didn’t write because he didn’t love her. Rose was never one to hide from the truth and that was a fact.

With all the horrible thoughts Rose was having she was holding back tears. There was a huge lump in her throat and she could feel tears coming to her eyes. She blinked the back as well as she could. It worked pretty well but she still looked miserable, she felt miserable too though. In times like these it was hard to hide her feeling. It took all the power she had to try and hide them and it still didn’t work so well. That fact about her frustrated her so much.

When the car finally pulled in the driveway Rose was happy to get out. The car wasn’t even to a complete stop when Rose jumped out, but it was close enough. She missed her family and need to get Jack off her mind. When she looked up to the front door her mother was there standing on their front porch. Rose couldn’t help herself she ran up to her mother like a child would and gave her a big hug.

Once they were done hugging her mother held her at arm length away and said, “I haven’t seen you in years Rosie! You look so different, you look very beautiful.” That made Rosie blush, being called beautiful by her mother was special to her. Her mother was very pretty so it was always so nice to be called pretty by her.

Rosie turned around and looked at Susan; she smiled and said, “Come on Annie is inside you have to meet her!” Rosie ran down and grabbed Susan’s wrists not in a hard mean way but in a child like way and pulled her inside. Inside such a familiar place. Inside home.


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The ride back to Rosie's house was a bumpy one, the three people within it slightly bouncing around in the back seat. The platinum white blonde lavender eyed young woman, who was named Susan, wasn't much for the bumpy ride, her french manicured fingers tapping the side of the door handle, annoyed. Was the road always bumpy in the small town? Ugh! Susan rolled her eyes as the car made a sharp turn causing everyone to shift on Susan's side. This caused Susan to be mushed on the side for a moment, "I really need to get out of this car....", the thought making her anxious to act it out quickly.

But she was with her friend Rosie who she really cared about. The girls were really close with each other, confiding in the most intimate secrets that they had hidden within their minds. Susan even told Rosie that she accidentally sat in dog mess, her white jumper-suit thoroughly singed. She never told anyone that!.... But what made Susan even closer to her was because the fact that Rosie was lonely and had no one in New York to talk to. Sure Rosie had some vaudevillian friends but they were strictly just that, worker friends that you would only keep at work.

Rosie then asked her father about her old flame, Jack, who she raved to Susan about most of the time, seeing if he was still alive from the war, "Yes, the boy lived but all he cares about now is the war....", her father answered, seeming kind of disappointed for her. Rosie really did madly love Jack and it kind of hurt Susan to see that every word that was associated with Jack and just about everything about him stung her like dangerous electricity. Then for a split second, Susan thought that she saw Rosie hold back tears, her eyes glassing over.

If Rosie was worrying about Jack then it wouldn't be a surprise to Susan to see her all strung up on him, every tear falling just for him. Susan shook her head softly, frustrated at Rosie for thinking of a guy who didn't think about her anymore. In fact, Susan hated the guy, taking Rosie's side instead. If she saw Jack in person, she would tell him off to kingdom come (Oh the irony in that...)! The car came to a halting stop right in front of Rosie's house. The house looked charmingly old fashioned from the early 1940s era that they were in.

Susan couldn't put her finger on what era the house came from as everyone got out of the car. It looked like home-sweet-home to Rosie as she marveled at her house, nostalgia in her reverie. Susan walked up beside Rosie, brushing down her semi-wrinkled white sailor slacks. Not only mentioning the pants, Susan was dressed prim and proper, for a movie star of course! She had all white on combined with her ivory almost white looking hair: a white feminine suit, a pair of ivory high heels, a ivory pinned-to-the-side hat and a white silver bow-tie clutch purse. Her platinum colored jewelry was inside the purse, she not wanting to wear them at the moment.

Rosie then spotted her mother, who quickly came outside standing on the porch. She quickly went to her mother, she being wrapped with her affectionate hug. Susan couldn't help but be a sap, smiling sweetly at the bonding two. If only Susan and her mother bonded like that.... But the two were too busy for one another, her mother only focused on her fame.... How depressing was that! "I haven’t seen you in years Rosie! You look so different, you look very beautiful", she excitedly hugged her daughter even tighter.

Rosie's father was already inside so Susan walked up to the front of the steps, "Come on! Annie is inside.... You have to meet her!", Rosie shouted happily to Susan, she grabbing her arm, pulling her inside with her mother walking in front of them, "Alright, alright, Rosiekins. I want to see Annie and your whole family", she grinning from ear-to-ear. The house looked beautiful as it was outside. Everything neat, clean and pristine. Susan couldn't help but compliment it loudly, "Your house is amazing....", Susan said warmly, awing at the old fashioned decor that was kept frozen delicately in time.


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For what must've been the hundredth time James decided that walking home was not a good idea. The train station was on the opposite side of town from his house, and James hadn't felt justified depriving the troops small amount of fuel that would have been required for a cab ride. He also wanted his return to be a surprise to his family. His recovery had been progressing well and at the train station he had been positive that he was strong enough to walk the couple miles home. He'd been quickly proven wrong however and now was in severe pain. He could feel the tight new skin that was growing all over his body flexing and stretching in an unpleasant manner. Several scabs and half-healed wounds were breaking open, and he could feel small amounts of blood clinging to his underclothes. His stubborn pride, however, made him continue walking, stiff and erect like a true soldier should. His hands, still heavily bandaged, swung stiffly at his side. Just looking at him it was fairly obvious that he was in at least some discomfort and he had received several offers of assistance, however he had turned them all down, something he was now beginning to regret. Being on the rich side of town few people had recognized, so despite his snail-like progress towards his house his arrival, hopefully sometime before midnight, might still end up being a surprise.

Cussing softly under his breath James paused for a minute. Instinctively he bent over and put his hands on his knees trying to catch his breath. This however was an almost worse idea than walking home, as it met with instant and excruciating pain from both his back and his hands. Shooting bolt upright, and causing even more pain, James started cussing more loudly and more profusely than before, the universal Army modifier in great abundance. It was only then that he noticed that this entire incident had occurred just outside the Love's home. He could just see Mr. love entering the house and was positive that this outburst of his was more than likely heard on the inside as well. Cussing some more, just for good measure, he continued walking wondering what those inside one of the fanciest houses in town thought of this profane outburst from a common soldier, and ultimately deciding he didn't care.


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"Your house is amazing....", Susan has told everyone in the house. Rosie had to agree, she loved how the family had remodeled it since she left. It looked better. Her mother never kept the house looking the same for over 4 years, she thought that after that it got boring anc it needed to be changed. Rosie used to love when they changed the house, she loved seeing her mother redecorate everything it was exciting. "Yes it is beautiful," Rosie agrreed with a smile. She really did miss home when she was in New York.

Rosie has heard cussing outside. That was unusual for this side of town, the rich side. People were never home and when they where they always stayed inside. Is was like a unwritten rule that people just don't make noise in this neighborhood. Noise made the neighborhood imperfect and this neighborhood wanted everyone to think it wass perfect from the way people looked to the size of the house. Everything had to be perfect. Rosie didn't mind the perfect rule, she was used to it.

Rosie's father was a true beleiver that this neighborhood should be perfect so when someone outside started swearing he said, "now who the hell thinks there to much better then everyone else that they can just go around and yell." He seemed angary so Rosie's mother placed a hand on his sholder like she wanted to clam him down some how. Rosie didn't think it would work and didn't care at the momment either. She wanted to know who yelled so she walked over to the window and pulled there cream colored curtin away from the window to look outside. At first she didn't reconize who it was, it took a few second. It was James! He was Jack's old best friend, she hadn't seen him in years. "Daddy James is out there," said Rosie as she opened the door. She saw James walk father down the rode and said yelled, "Hello James! I haven't seen you in forever why don't you come in?" She hoped he would maybe he could tell her why Jack never wrote.


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Jack waved goodbye to the other soldiers as he walked down the trains stairs onto the cities ground. Looking around seeing other soldiers hug their families and kissed their wife's. He didn't have too much of a family and not even a wife, his love moved away and so did he. She seemed so excited for acting than for him, he sighed as he continued to walk, well, it actually wasn't walking, he was limping away from the train station. Planning to surprise his family and hope they were still happy and proud of there Jack making it back from the cold war.

He didn't have any money to get a cab ride home, and if he did, it wouldn't be enough for the driver to even take him half way. But, he wouldn't let walking get in the way, he would walk until he step one foot in his family house. Started walking, he looked to see if anything changed, except of his heart, which if you look deep down has still a little bit of love that won't let go of 'her' for anything. Looking at the rich neighbor hood he quickly looked away not wanting to remember a thing about before he went to war. Almost forgetting that he had to go through the rich neighborhood to get to his.

Walking on the different side and hiding his face making sure that if she was back she wouldn't recognize him from a distance. If he did this it will be a little more easier to avoid himself from looking at her. Looking at the same side he was walking on he could have sworn he heard her voice yelling out James name, which made him limp a little faster. But, it will only bring a te


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Susan kept closely behind Rosie, she getting acquainted with her beloved family and house. It was a true loving sight for Susan, somehow, feeling strangely close to Rosie's family.... Susan never really had a family who were close with one another, most of her family worrying about their own riches, pettily.... Ugh! For a minute, Susan hated the thought of her family but she then knew that they were the only family she had who raised her and made her the "tough cookie" she was today, so she had to give them some "props".

Susan sighed discontentedly, continuing to remain quiet.... Then she heard someone cursing outside, using all of the profanity that they could think of within the "cursing dictionary". Who could have been that? "Now who the hell thinks that there too much better then everyone else that they can just go around and yell!", Rosie's father spoke up loudly, annoyed heavily. Susan couldn't help but secretly bare a grin on her delicate baby-doll porcelain face, she stifling the urge to giggle. Rosie's mother tried to calm down her husband, whispering to him to cool it.

Could Susan's day get any better then that? She didn't know but she surely wanted to find out, Rosie walking over to the window peering out the lace curtain... "Daddy, James is out there", she announced, quickly identifying the mystery person who was cursing loudly. Who was James? He seemed like a brute solider who had a tough air about him.... This made Susan arch her thinly trimmed eyebrows in amused curiosity. Susan wanting to see this man in person now, went with Rosie to the front door as she opened it, they walking on the large front porch together.

"Hello James! I haven't seen you in forever why don't you come in?", Rosie shouted to the young man named James. From a slight far, Susan couldn't make too much of his facial profile until he turned around.... He looked very beat and tired, like the war severely robbed him of his youthful glow. James also looked like he had years of experience etched on his wearied face, no more the young boy who was eager for a thrilling adventure at war.... Oh how young boy's minds were so naive to think that they would have fun being in war.... War was hell!

Susan stood next to Rosie and waited for James to reply, wandering if he wanted to be invited. Secretly though, she hoped that he would accept Rosie's offer, wanting to know more about his "colorful" character.


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"Hello James! I haven't seen you in forever why don't you come in?" James heard a familiar voice shout behind him. He paused for a moment, a bit conflicted. He'd never particularly liked the Love's, but Rosie was a decent enough girl considering who her parents were and any sort of break sounded very appealing, regardless of who the present company was.

"Well if it's all right with your folks, I'd hate to impose..." James started to say until he caught sight of who was standing on the porch next to Rosie. It was a face who he was well familiar with, that of Susan Mona Lisa Constantine, though he had only ever seen it on posters and the silver screen. His barracks wall had been plastered with pictures of her, Susan was the favorite actress of his tank's radioman Tyler. The poor fellow had been so infatuated with the woman that he had insisted they name the tank after her. "Yo...You're Susan Constantine" James stuttered, a look of complete shock on his face. Then he barked out a small laugh, which grew into a big laugh, which in turn transformed into something uncontrollable, almost hysterical.

The laughter however was soon replaced by tears. Memories and emotions he had ignored and suppressed over the past months came roaring to the surface, quickly overwhelming him. Memories of that horrible day back in North Africa, the shout of "Tiger tank two o'clock" from the tank commander. The brief few seconds of flurry of motion, the whir of the turrets spinning as James reached to start the engine. That horrible shudder and sound as the 88mm round slammed into the tank. The ignition of the ammunition which turned the baking oven of the Sherman into an absolute hellhole. James collapsed to the ground, sobbing like a little child, as memories of that fateful day and that fateful round swept over him. The memory of the burning Constantine, with an already dead Tyler still trapped inside, overwhelmed him, the agony of that painful memory overwhelming the present here and now.

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