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Naoto Kachiya

"Sorry, but nothing's getting in the way of my redemption."

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a character in “I Command Thee”, as played by Guardian Aelita


Name: Naoto Kachiya (Real Name: Kyoko Tachibana)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Role: Extra Human
Family: Not Available (Ichigo Tachibana (Mother), Tatsuya Tachibana (Father), Akane Tachibana (Younger Sister))

Personality: Naoto is very upbeat and energetic. She always seems to be determined to make people happy and is willing to do whatever she can to help out other people. She's always in a good mood no matter what happens and takes horrible things a little bit too well. However, it's not all genuine. There are pieces of her that seem to be sad due to some reason or another. Though, she has yet to reveal why she slips into those sad trances. Still, her pain seems to be rooted in Akane Tachibana for some reason or another. Nevertheless, she tries to help out Akane and everyone else at the cost of her own sanity. She mostly exists for comic relief.
Sexuality: Asexual
Likes: Helping others, Akane, ice cream, animals and romance
Dislikes: Tripping over things, sadness, being useless
Equipment and Abilities: None
Biographic History: Naoto Kachiya is actually Kyoko Tachibana. After Kyoko left Akane at the hospital, the year she had spent with her parents were absolutely miserable. They never paid that much attention to her now that she knew their true colors. She hated the fact that they abandoned her sister yet her parents were too powerful for her to disobey. So, she decided to change her image. Gone is Kyoko Tachibana, and Naoto Kachiya was born. She ran out of the house and never look back when she turned 17. She tried to visit her sister but found that she still couldn't get the strength to open the hospital door. So, she works her hardest to be a good person in order to somehow redeem herself in the eyes of her jaded and broken sister.

Hair Color: Pink (White)
Eye Color: Blue (Purple)
Weight: 117
Height: 5 foot 3
Brief Appearance Description: Image

So begins...

Naoto Kachiya's Story


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Akane felt a small smile creep up on her face. That answer had pleased her greatly. She was granted this power and was only limited by how far she was willing to go. The very thought made her excited. With the plans that she had in her mind, she would need her parents out of the way. And she was determined to make their lives hell.

"Setsuna... I have a plan for you. I'll tell you what it is after I get out of this dimension. It's time I got back my life wasted on a pathetic illness..."

Akane stared at Setsuna. If Akane's mind wasn't pre-occupied with revenge, she would've gone out of her way to say that she would probably view Setsuna as a friend in different circumstances. However, she was burned too badly by the world around her and the only thing getting in the way of three years of happiness was the potential problem of her parents. She refused to let her mind wander from the path of revenge and only when that revenge was satiated would she be free to happily live out her life.


Naoto woke up slowly from a good night's sleep. She stood up and stretched, getting dressed before making her way for breakfast. Naoto lived alone in an apartment but she was okay with it. Turning on the TV, she mindlessly watched the news, wondering how Marcho and Domicel were doing.