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Xerxes Vesallius

"Uh... I've got to do something.

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a character in “I Command Thee”, as played by Deiocculus




Xerxes Vessalius



Male Human 3

Ozwald Vessalius - Brother, deceased || Xai Vessalius - Father, alive || Mirabelle Vessalius - Mother, alive

"Shut... up."


Xerxes is, to say the least, slightly misunderstood. First and foremost, he isn't the 'tall, dark, and mysterious' person people make him out to be at a glance. He's, in reality, just a shy and socially awkward person that likes to mess with machinery and read books.

He, if you hadn't gathered by now, is terrible in social situations. He gets nervous when made to speak in front of large crowds, even though he would most likely be skilled at it. He tends to dislike looking people in the eyes and is rather easily overwhelmed.

Getting him to talk is easy, if you know how to make him do it that is. Otherwise he's perfectly fine with ignoring others, even if they're obviously speaking to him, out of shyness. He'd pretend to be very much enamored by his book and unable to hear you, but would start showing visible signs of anxiety if pushed.

Make no mistake however, he isn't a pushover or necessarily a 'good' person. If you anger him, he'd have no qualms with beating you to a pulp. He wouldn't stop once you're on the ground, he'd just keep on going. 'People fear monsters, not other people.' is the logic that Xerxes uses to back up his doing so. He doesn't show 'mercy' to those he doesn't care about. He wouldn't go out of his way to save somebody if he saw a person was in trouble, unless he cared about them or had a reason to. Xerxes also, as a result of his flight-or-flight response, has a tendency to attack anything and everything that suddenly scares him. As such, suddenly prodding him is unadvised.

Xerxes also has no qualms with letting people die, or killing them. He'd kill somebody if it was needed, he'd save somebody if it was needed, and he'd do basically anything if it was needed. He sees his survival and the survival of people he's attached to as important above all. He doesn't believe in a 'God', so there's nothing for him to fear, is there?

Xerxes does not, regardless of his introverted nature, appear to be shy. He appears to be calm, cool, and collected. People mistake his neutral expression for being perpetually angered, but he doesn't bother to correct them. He seems, to people who've just met him, to be the sort of person to beat you into the ground if you rub them the wrong way.

Xerxes is by no means an idiot, he's a male with a amazingly great, possibly eidetic, memory, great calculative prowess, and an analytic mind. As a result however, he tends to have people expect him to do more than anyone else and has been burdened with being expected to always be perfect. This stress has taken its toll on him, as shown by his more-than-usual lack of energy. To say the least, he has a bad habit of overworking himself due to his above-average intelligence.+

Asexual - Panromantic

Chess, video games, art, literature, Howards Phillips Lovecraft, psychology, music, books, computers, the black feathers of crows, and technology.

Idiocy, crowds, religion, being touched, fear, and pain.

Equipment and Abilities
Xerxes carries a useful pocket knife with multiple attachments, a lighter, his phone, and his wallet with him at all times. He does not however, have any supernatural abilities and relies on his memory, his intelligence, intuition, analytic prowess, and psychological knowledge to help him.

Biographic History
Xerxes was, during his childhood, never the sort of person to cause trouble. He was the sort of person to just stay out of people's way and never really bother anyone. This wasn't due to an inherent sense of 'good' or a disgust for 'evil', but more so just a result of timidity. He was, to say the least, slightly sheltered. His family, being important, rich, and highly influential, raised him to be the heir of his father' company.

Xerxes, at age 14, was thought of to be intimidating at first glance. He wasn't the sort of person to go around beating people up, physically or verbally, but he had a neutral expression that seemed to radiate anger. He seemed to be glaring at people to stay away, mostly because he didn't want to admit that he couldn't speak to them. He was shy and socially awkward, he didn't know what to say. He had friends, but only about five. Even then, he rarely ever got chances to talk to them outside of his school. People, in school and in public, tended to stay away from the glaring and seeming cold-hearted kid, making him think that he was a 'monster' of sorts.

As a result of his misconceptions, as well as those of others, he ended up becoming sheltered from others. He did not develop many social skills, and ended up focusing most of his energy on his studies. This however, only further his 'cold-hearted' image, distancing him even more from his peers. He didn't end up becoming friendly with the 'smart' crowd either, seeing as he was abnormally intelligent even among them. People thought he thought himself 'too good to talk to them' when he didn't make the first move and tended to, due to his not knowing what to say, ignore those who attempted communication with him.

This lack of social interaction coupled with the pressure he was having put on him to be perfect caused a depression in Xerxes that lasted for a while. He didn't cause physical and intentional harm to his body, he just sort of felt empty. He felt the stress eating away at who he was. Eventually, he just stopped caring. He ended up deciding to... alleviate himself of the emptiness that had consumed him. He wasn't, even then, the sort of person to want to go out flashily or with pain, nor did he believe in god. He never had to begin with, having been raised in a family of atheists and rationalists. Instead, he had decided to walk off a building, the one owned by his family's company, as to disallow him to feel the pain of death. To his surprise however, he met someone, or rather, something...

"I've got nothing to say."


Hair Color

Eye Color



Brief Appearance Description
Xerxes is a male of above-average height and with a slender swimmer's build. He has eyes reminiscent of a hawk, both in intensity and expression. His hair is wild and unkempt, but seems to hold its appearance of its own volition. He wears simply styled clothing, usually clothes with hoods. He does however, tend to always have goggles with him.

So begins...

Xerxes Vesallius's Story


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#, as written by Gladis

The streets of the little neighborhood at the outskirt of Tokyo were quiet, and almost eerily so. Now and then a lone dog barking in the distance could be heard, or group of kids who were up to no good talking to each other and laughing. Yet these were few and far between, just like the cars passing by, casting a momentary light over the otherwise dark street.

Seated against the wall of a tall building in an alleyway was a jersey wearing young man, his long bangs casting a shadow over his jade green eyes, making them unidentifiable to anyone passing by, if that were even to happen at this hour and in this location. They did their job of hiding the tears spilling onto his cheeks well, however, so Dominic had little reason to complain. With the back of his filthy hand he wiped them, muttering inaudible something to himself before wrapping his fingers tightly around the neck of the spirit bottle next to him.

"Damn this all," he whispered bitterly, tightening his grip of the bottle, lifting it up slightly to gaze into it. There was barely any alchohol left. He grimaced, and then suddenly he froze. There was the sound of a movement somewhere nearby. His heart lurched and his eyes widened as he pressed himself against the ally wall, hoping to go unnoticed to whomever might be there. Soon enough, however, he dark shadow flitted out from behind a container, revealing itself to be a stray cat. Dominic sighed, relaxing slightly as he pulled his knees close to his chest and shut his eyes, shivering with cold.

I don't want to do this anymore,
Dominic thought to himself, gritting his teeth and holding his head tightly between his palms. His whole being was shaking as silent sobs escaped his lips. I don't want to, I don't want to...please...someone, let me die. Let me die... "I can't stand this any longer. I don't want to, I don't want to..." his whisper was shaky and his voice thick with emotion. More tears rolled down his cheek and again, he tried to wipe them. They trickled down his wrist, mingling with the blood running from his self inflicted wounds.

He had already relinquished all hope that anything would ever change, and long since had Dominic turned his back on God. He knew he would never be able to break this evil circle had been forced into by himself- so what reason was there for him to live? All he had ever wanted was to feel true happiness, but every time, just as he thought he had it... it slipped away from him. Almost like it had never been there in the first place. If life granted him nothing but pain and suffering, what reason would there be for him to struggle? If he had nothing left to hold on to, why not just let it all go? Even Dominic realized there was no reason behind the choice of continuing to force yourself thorough a never ending maze of agony. For him, there was no hope.

"I just want it all to end," Dominic stared at his bloodied hands for quite a while before shaking his head and curling up tighter, shutting his eyes. I don't want to do this anymore...

Somewhere over in the distance, the sun lazily began to rise over the horizon, casting out all of the looming shadows and bathing the world in a glorious, luminous light. Morning was upon Tokyo.

Little did Dominic- or any of the other few individuals selected by fate; realize what was lurking deep within these shadows- or what was to come.


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Drip, drip, drip... The sounds of the IV echoed through the lonely hospital room. A girl with long white hair stared softly at the IV drip, watching the contents go through the tube and through the needle in the crease of her arm. A sigh escaped from the young woman. She glanced up at the ceiling. Thoughts spread across her mind as she did.

'Tomorrow will be the day... won't it? I'll die tomorrow...' The girl frowned. Death couldn't come sooner enough. She had been ready to die since she turned 16. No one in the world would miss her so why should she care? Her parents sure as hell didn't. Neither did her sister... The girl stared out of the window. The sun was already starting to rise... She hated mornings. They just served as a reminder that the world would continue on without her and it bothered her a lot.

"Miss Tachibana? I've brought some breakfast..." One of the nurses chirped as she opened the door and placed the food on the girl's bed. She stared up at the nurse and nodded.

"Thank you..." The nurse sniffled a bit and tears were leaking out.

"Forgive me, Miss Akane, but... It's just too sad that you have to die tomorrow..."

Painful...? Akane frowned a bit, to the nurse took it to mean that Akane was agreeing with her, but it couldn't be further from the truth. Akane was secretly angry at the nurse for saying such a thing. She was going to miss her? What a bunch of lies... She would never be missed and she knew it. Her parents wouldn't miss her. All they would miss was the time they wasted pretending to care about her. Akane then gave the nurse a small smile.

"Please, don't cry for me. I've accepted that I was going to die. I'm not looking forward to it but I've accepted it and I'm not afraid."

Part of that statement was false. Akane was ecstatic for her death. No one would miss her and she wouldn't miss anyone so she just wanted to die and get it over with. The nurse bowed and walked out of the room, obviously still upset. Akane sighed as she was relieved to be away from the ignorant woman. Staring at the meal in front of her, she saw tea and some form of cereal. She took a few bites of the cereal before drinking the tea. She never did eat much anymore. She then looked around the hospital room.

'God... I hate you for torturing me like this... Why couldn't I just die today and get it over with?'

Unknown to Akane, seven other individuals were thinking the exact same thing. And unknown to all of them, they were all being watched by mysterious figures; figures that would change their destiny, for better or for worse...


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Xerxes, the male that had moved from a foreign country to study abroad, wasn't feeling much of anything. He wasn't sad, angered, or detesting anyone in particular. At most, he just felt sort of empty... and tired. He had planned out the day to the best of his ability. His decision hadn't been spontaneous. No, it had been perfectly planned out, his form of a joke. He knew exactly at what time he was to come. He knew exactly at what moment the door to the roof of his family's building would be open. He knew exactly how to leave a message to be delivered after his death. He had thought out all variables and consants, or at least he imagined so. It wasn't like it actually mattered or so he tried to tell himself. A little voice, one born from him constantly being pushed to be 'perfect', told him that it did matter whether or not his death was planned and caused no inconvenience. He hated the voice, but it was his own, so there wasn't much he could do.

He spun his keychain around his finger nonchalantly, trying to get himself calmed. Death wasn't a laughing matter, and not even he could just blow it off with his normal apathy. He was however, mostly worried about how the death would happen, worried that it would turn he forgot to include something in his plan and he'd end up dying a slow death.

His keys went flying from his fingers, but he didn't necessarily care. They ended up landing somewhere further on the roof of the building, but he didn't get up to get them. He wouldn't need them where he was, if everything worked out as he planned, going. He looked towards the sky, looking for a sign.

No, he wasn't looking for any sort of holy message, one that would tell him to save himself. He wouldn't follow the message, even if he believed in a god. He was looking for something else, something he knew existed. A plane, or rather, a private jet. This specific little jet, if his information was right, contained his Father and Mother who were going to another country.

He scanned the sky and, after a few minutes, managed to catch it with his eyes. He couldn't think of anything dramatic to say that wouldn't sound cliche and forced, so he just walked off the building, which was unluckily way too high for his comfort. "Shi-" He closed his mouth before cursing, mostly so he wouldn't accidentally ingest any flying insects. Still, the ground was annoyingly far away.

AS it turned out, he didn't want to die. He had been acting ridiculously illogical, so damn illogical, and he regretted ever coming up to the roof. There wasn't much he could do except count off the seconds until his inevitable impact. He wasn't scared, but he didn't want to die either. His intelligence however, couldn't much to help him in the dire situation he was in. He was going too fast to safely stop, and he didn't see any way of doing so. As such, he closed his eyes. He wasn't scared of death, but he was afraid of the pain.


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Kage stood motionlessly by window of a very squared office. Whoever's office it was was not currently there. His arms folded across his chest, solemnly glancing around the room. It was ordinary, the general modern feel of metallic colors along with basic supplies and furnishing. As he'd arrived at the building itself he'd picked up the feeling of melancholy. He didn't much like any work place, especially those that standardized everyone into a small cubical. He entered quietly and was most likely ignored by everyone he passed. Whether it was a blessing or a curse he had a talent of blending in. Even as a child he was never very wild, and it was uncommon for his actions to cause a scene. Gentle and subtle movements dominate his appearance, he's somewhat elegant in an odd way.
Being back in the human world for Kage was more of a chore than a blessing. Then again, being anywhere felt forced and tedious to him. Although many of his experiences with humans had been ill-fated, he didn't dislike humans necessarily. He found humans stupid and impulsive. He felt their time alive gave them so little to learn and discover. They only see their own perspective, letting things like emotions drive them from place to place. They dream and settle for less, work only to feel unaccomplished, and generally give up. Naive and thirsty for some sort of salvation, they believe what they are told and hold onto it as if with answers they may have everything. But their are always more questions.
Being a demon had its ups and down. For some time Kage felt almost relieved. Their was no fear of death for him, or idea of it if he wished for it. He couldn't die; he was immortal. Not like he hadn't tried in the beginning though. Since then it'd become his reality, his tasks and everything that came with them were a cycle; a routine. Kage went through the motions numbly, not caring to give more or less. He did what was asked of him, possibly never letting anything sink into place fully in his mind. He was sometimes jealous of the humans he worked with, their ignorance and blissful stupidity was desirous. Some say the only way to be happy is to be stupid. When you know to much you find yourself disappointed and cynical.
So now, as he waited for his new project of some sort, he thought of his own near death experience. A small chill ran up his spine, remembering the morbid night he and his sister attempted to escape their fate. He had, he supposed. But after that night he felt he was entitled to be as honest as possible. The very thought he'd lied to his sister claiming they'd be together sickened him. Now he found himself honest and sincere without compassion.
The second he heard a voice from outside, which he had been waiting for, he peered out of the window which he had opened when he arrived. With meticulous timing and some almost inhuman strength, he caught the arm of a man's falling body. He lifted the body up slightly, making it more comfortable for himself to hold him dangling there. He decided he'd present the contract in a life or death matter for a greater effect. If the boy had made any noises or spoken Kage had ignored it, any shocked expression he also ignored, presenting his offer more simply. "I've been sent to help," he began, "catching you is no accident." He only paused for a moment, "I have an offer for you - anything beyond your wildest dreams, whatever you desire most. It's yours." He let it sink in for a moment, observing the boy struggle from the window. "The alternative of course, I could let you continue what was interrupted." He stared emotionless into his eyes, "It's a small price to pay for what's being given.. All you have to do is agree."


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"Shock, noun, defined as a sudden upsetting or surprising event or experience." The words left Xerxes' mouth in a montonous tone, while his expression betrayed nothing but a fake sense of apathy, after the male had caught him. The situation was illogical, improbable, and his arm really hurt. It's comical, really, how the human mind tends to focus on simple things in times of confusion. It seemed obvious enough that his hand would hurt, considering the fact that he had been falling at an extremely quick speed. He did however, not get the chance to completely ignore the situation as he had been intending to do.

The person who had 'saved' him was speaking. He looked down, immediately regretted doing so, then focused his attention back on the person carrying him. It seemed impossible, the idea that someone could nonchalantly carry 184lbs with their hand(s). "I've been sent to help," The male said something that was highly improbable. It made the word 'lie' pop into Xerxes' mind, but he didn't see any signs of the male having lied. "catching you is no accident." Kage, not that Xerxes yet knew his name, at the very least was 'nice' enough to dismiss any ideas of this having been a coincidence. That didn't however, help much. All Xerxes could do, at that moment, was memorize his immediate situation. "I have an offer for you - anything beyond your wildest dreams, whatever you desire most. It's yours." This statement, the most illogical one Xerxes had heard yet, was funny. Funny.

Xerxes was, without restraint, about to laugh, but Kage's next statement caused a slight panic. "The alternative of course, I could let you continue what was interrupted." Cold, the voice was cold, as were the eyes. "It's a small price to pay for what's being given.. All you have to do is agree." Kage didn't give, in Xerxes' opinion, him much of a choice. It was either die or get his greatest desire. As such, his answer was simple.

"You must think me an idiot." Xerxes was nervous, so very nervous, but his voice didn't betray so. "What's to say you won't kill me after I agree? There are so many problems with this," He winced, the pain in his arm was starting to become more pronounced due to his initial shock going away, "I want to know the terms, the price, and the limits of what I can ask for. Can I ask to become a god, to make people bow to my every command, to know all there is to know, or are there conditions?" Xerxes, at the very least, was not an idiot. He didn't havea reason for believing the person in front of him, but he wasn't stupid enough to not play along. No, he would play along. He was however, trying to think of a way to get away from what he assumed to be a madman. "Answer my questions, and I shall decide whether or not death is a good enough alternative." Xerxes was, obviously enough, scared. He was scared, but he wasn't the sort of person to cower in fear when scared. He could be killed any second now, and he didn't want that, but he had to think of a way out of his situation.