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Shane Sandlers

"I have to get what?? No way!"

0 · 284 views · located in 1800s

a character in “I Do-Don't Have A Choice??”, as played by Grace<3


Age: 19

Appearance: Skyler is 6" tall. He has medium shaggy black hair with piercing blue eyes. His skin is slightly tan.

Background: Shane grew up with 1 younger sister a mom, and a dad. His younger sister, Annie, looks up to him so much. He adores Annie as well since she's only 8 she's in that cute stage. Shane lived a pretty normal life, he gets into trouble here and there, including smoking. The last thing Shane wants is to get married to a total stranger but he puts on a fake smile in front of his parents and hers.

So begins...

Shane Sandlers's Story


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Emilyn laughed harder when he lost his chopstick, and was crying at that point. She rested her head against his forehead after she'd calmed down, somehow, and before she knew it, they were both strangely calm, and she looked up into his eyes, their noses and foreheads touching. They were in the secluded part of the restaurant, in a corner, where no one could see.