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Danny White

"No no, I'm fine i'm about to be married off like it's an auction, why wouldn't I be fine?"

0 · 271 views · located in New Jersey

a character in “I Do, Love You”, as played by Grace<3



Name:Daniel (Danny) White


Hair Color:Dark Brown to Black

Eye Color:Bright Blue


FC:Logan Lerman


So begins...

Danny White's Story


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Natalie couldn't believe it. She was getting married....

without a choice.

She'd always thought she'd have some fairytale wedding with her Prince Charming, and they'd ride on a horse into the sunset with her veil flowing in the wind. Nope. Not according to her parents. She didn't even know his name until today. That's the only thing she knows about him, and she's staring at her picture perfect reflection in the mirror, wearing the old-fashioned white dress every bride dreams of, except this one. "Mom, I still don't see how this is a good idea at all..."

Her mother sighed heavily, and she wondered if she'd ignore her. "Mo-"

"Natalie, please. This is for the betterment of us. Just bit your lip and marry the boy."

Natalie swallowed and opened her mouth to protest, but was shoved out the door, where all eyes were on her. Her veil covered her face quite well, but she could still see to walk. Her nerves were on edge, and she felt like crying, but held it all back.

Mentally, she was preparing herself for the ugliest, fattest, weirdest, loser guy standing at the altar. God, she hoped he was at least reasonable.