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Grace Duam

"I guess you could say I'd do anything for him."

0 · 334 views · located in Monro Castle

a character in “I Hate You|uoY evoL I”, as played by Gentletouchxox


Grace Leanne Makato


Demon 5


Grace has a very jealous spirit. Whenever something or someone is better than her, or has something she wants, she becomes extremely jealous. Always the type that loves attention, Grace often got it. Once you get to know Grace well enough, though, she is actually a sweet person. It is extremely difficult to get to this level with her, but once achieved, you won't regret it. She can be cheery or gloomy, depending on the day. Usually extremely moody.

Human 5.

Grace is very persuasive. It doesn't take much for her to change a persons opinion. She has a very keen eye for liars and backstabbers, and almost in every case, her assumptions are right. She also has the ability to turn into a small black and grey kitten.

Appearance Description
Grace has bright blue eyes and medium length light pink hair. When she's really happy, they seem very a very vibrant turquoise color. She has a sweet soft smile, and a petite frame. She has smooth pink lips, and an olive tone to her features. She usually likes to wear eyeliner and mascara only, not looking right with any more makeup than that.

Soft and vintage
She's usually pro-modern things, but she loves her room exactly the way it is. It has a touch of vintage, but also a beautiful windowsill. She usually will change the bed sheets to make the room slightly more modern.

Her favorite animal in fact is not the cat, but the snow leopard. Mainly because of the fact that they cannot roar.


So begins...

Grace Duam's Story