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Mukuro Makoto

"You know I hate you, so please disperse and leave me."

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a character in “I Hate You|uoY evoL I”, as played by Lovely โ™ 


Mukuro Makoto


Demon 1


At first glance Mukuro looks very ominous and distant. It looks almost as if his soul isn't in his body. He likes to keep away from others who aren't his siblings. He would do anything if he knew it would protect his family. Of course they get on his nerves, but no matter what he is there for them. He has a great disdain towards any type of human. He wishes so desperately all humans were exstinct. The very sight of them makes him cringe. In his eyes they are useless organisms taking up his space. Mukuro is rude and cold to everyone except his family. They are most likely the only people in the entire universe who has seen his gentler side.

He tends to be very compassionate towards them and cares deeply for their well being. Even though he feels this way, he always shows them some form of his affection in his own way. It isn't like normal careless towards a person. He likes to call it his own form of tough love. If any of them faulted he will not hold back on them, no he will only tell them the truth. Mukuro doesn't believe any giving a hug to say sorry or for comfort. To snap someone out of it he much rather punch them in order to do so. Of course he still cares for them and will do anything for them, but once one hoes astray, he will stop them no matter what the cost. If one of his siblings hates the way he shows his love for them, then he will accept that hate and bare it.

To him he is just doing what is best for them even if they might not see it for themselves just yet. He wouldn't be able to tell you how many people hate him, just know it is a lot. Honestly he wants everyone who aren't his siblings to hate him. If they do that then he knows they won't bother him. Mukuro can't stand the thought of anything dealing with romance. The idea of loving someone is vile. He beloved it is a selfish dealing to have and only makes you weak. If there were two things he could live without it would have to be humans and love. You can find him always making fun of people who calls themselves in love. It is nothing more than a temporary feeling that isn't necessary for him to get on in his life. All he needs are his siblings and his own pride as a demon.

None at the moment, though if he had one, you wouldn't know it.

Mukuro can turn into a white owl. It is for this reason he is very intelligent. Of course he can fly when he is an owl and is very agile. Most would say cause he is the oldest, he should turn into something more threatening, but to him having a strong mind is as good as a brawn body. He can see in pitch black darkness without any problems. He can do this both in human form and owl.

Appearance Description
Mukuro is 6'2" and has a rather lithe yet muscular body. He doesn't worry too much about his muscle tone, so he maintains slim build. His skin is extremely pale to the point most people think he is a walking corpse. Even though his body type may seem to be unhealthy, it is the exact opposite. His skin is unblemished and smooth. He keeps up with his body rather well. Mukuro always wears his black reading glasses on top of his head no matter what he is doing.

His clothing style isn't too complicated. His styles varies between a classical look and a scene look. Most of the time he wears a long black coat with a metal owl on the left shoulder and a crest of his family name on the other. He has a white one that looks exactly the same but he only uses it when it is a special occasion, which is rare. Every now and then he will walk around with a black shiny cane with no other than an owl as it's handle.

Dark is the best way to describe his room. Everything is black except for a pair of white pillow covers. The marble on the floor is black and gray checker pattern. His bed is about the a king size, which he enjoys his space very much. Above the back of the bed lies a circle mirror with a square silver intricate design around it. Just hanging over the bed is a chandelier with black shades covering the lights and crystals hanging off of them. He has a small silver table next to his bed where he usually has whatever book he is reading at the time and his reading glasses. There is only one window, but he makes sure to cover it up with black drapes. His room

Mukuro enjoys nature a lot. When the full moon isn't out he will sit high up in a tree somewhere just to look at his surroundings.

So begins...

Mukuro Makoto's Story