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Ian Brooks

I can come off as pretty arrogant, but it's because I know I'm right.

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a character in “I Heart Fictional Boys”, as played by Cayleen


Ian Axis Brooks

”Axis because the world truly does turn around me.”


Boy 6


”Lucky for all you heterosexual ladies out there.”

Ian absolutely adores getting his way and will go to just about any length to keep things in his favor. He greatly appreciates his new found power as it allows him to do just that. He has the ability to persuade someone into following his commands and taking out tasks as ordered by Ian. When one is faced with this persuasive power, you will find your eyes gravitating towards Ian’s as the world around you seemingly slows to
an unbearably sluggish pace and all sounds become muffled aside from Ian’s voice. His smooth, calming voice will ring above the muffled background noise and float into your ears. You will be compelled by his charming voice and will find yourself in a kind of trance or daze, mindlessly obeying his words. The effects of his ability typically only last until one of his demands are met but it can wear off before the task has been completed.

”I can make you do things you would never have drempt of doing.”

Some might say Ian sits upon a high horse when, in fact, this is an extreme understatement. This ‘horse’ might as well be the empire state building. Atop the tower’s peak rests a cushiony, golden embroidered throne where Ian comfortably resides. Surrounding his towering perch is an air of high self-esteem and self-importance that never seems to fade or waver. He believes he is the axis the world rotates around and refuses to believe otherwise.

He thinks- knows he is superior to everyone in both looks and knowledge as well as behavior and poise. He acts as if, because in his mind he is, on a much higher level and treats nearly all people as children or minors no matter the age. Ian likes to flaunt his ‘superiority’ over others by keeping his calm, collected, and quite frankly smug composure at just about every moment in time. While someone is angered or showing any negative emotions Ian has the tendency to walk up to them, chest puffed and mocking grin perched on his lips, and boast about how if he was in their shoes he would have never shown such indignity to himself, but would have instead tilted his chin towards the sky and make himself impenetrable to the offender’s words or actions. This seems to tick people off, something Ian proves to be very good at.

Another thing you need to know about Ian is that he is quite the hypocrite. He tells everyone not to allow anyone else to get under their skin or to retaliate if they do manage to irritate them, when in fact he is the one that is most likely doing the irritation or retaliating. He seems to have a knack for crawling under the skin of just about anyone and he actually finds pleasure in doing so. He enjoys making others feel irritation and anger because soon after it gives him the excuse to rub in the fact of how weak that person was to allow him to make them feel as they did.

Coming hand-and-hand with Ian’s arrogant temperament is his flirtatious nature and tendencies. He has found that he adores the company of both women and men. He believes because he is “so superior in both looks and nature” he deserves the admiration and fawning of every beautiful creature he crosses paths with.

You probably get the idea of Ian being a calm boy which is generally a true statement, except for when he isn’t. The only time Ian ever loses his cool is when things don’t go his way (rare due to his persuasive powers). During one of these uncommon moments of his ‘lost cool’ Ian basically throws…well… a borderline hissy fit. Now, the direct definition of a hissy fit is: “A tantrum: emotional outburst, usually associated with children or those in emotional distress, that is typically characterized by stubbornness, crying, screaming, yelling, shrieking, defiance, angry ranting, a resistance to attempts at pacification and, in some cases, violence. Physical control may be lost, the person may be unable to remain still, and even if the "goal" of the person is met he or she may not be calmed. A tantrum may be expressed in a tirade: a protracted, angry, or violent speech” Ian doesn’t necessarily cry or shriek but he does indeed display some of the other indications of a tantrum. After his initial tantrum has faded slightly and Ian is able to think somewhat clearly again he will become rather anger-stricken and seek revenge against the person who made him feel like this. Because his mind is still clouded by the confusion of the realization he lost, Ian will take action that may seem irrational or childish. Once his attempt at revenge against the offender has been completed Ian will return to his arrogant, superior-to-all demeanor.

Now I know he sounds like a pretty douchey guy… but I’m sure deep down there he has a kind/good bone in his body… even if it was implanted… But seriously, I’m sure he would act more acceptably if someone taught him the flaws in his persona^^ just gotta be patient with him.

”You can hate me but never be me.”

Brief Description
Ian is more than content with his rather attractive and endearing appearance. He stands at approximately 5’10 ½” and enjoys the feel of almost never having to look up at someone to make eye contact. His body isn’t exactly muscular but it isn’t out of shape. There is enough muscle tone in his arms and stomach that if you look you can see the wiry muscles lightly pushing up against his smooth skin.

His skin is a few shades darker than pale and just a few short of sun kissed. It is silky smooth, giving hint to the lack of physical labors he endures, and blemish free.

Ian’s sunshine colored hair is heaped upon his head in a quirkily, yet surprisingly fashionable spikey mess that appears to spike out in seemingly impossible angles. A few of the longer spikes and stray strands always seem to find their way into his vision. Ian’s irises are a stunning shade of blue, much resembling the coloring of precious topaz stones.

Ian is quite showy and enjoys flaunting his frame and good looks with his expensive taste and style. He typically garbs in flashy and vibrantly colored button-up shirts (never fully buttoned), designer jeans or pants, and an assortment of accessories. He very much enjoys the coloring and feel of gold and a few golden bangles or bracelets, a couple of gold band necklaces, and an array of small golden hoops and studs pierced through either of his ears can be spotted casually resting against his near perfect skin.

“I can already hear the women swooning.”

He has become quite skillful at getting under peoples skin and irritating the skin beneath with sly words alone. He likes to believe he has acquired an effective talent for alluring and wooing women if that counts as a skill. He is actually quite musically inclined as the notes and movements come so naturally and fluently. He excels at the piano, every key his slender fingers stroke and every flawlessly melody he weaves ring out beautifully. When around music, especially while playing the piano himself, Ian is nearly an entirely new person. It's as if the music has taken his spot as numero uno and the world no longer revolves around him, but instead the melodic notes.

Likes Image
♔The finer aspects of life – He likes to pamper himself and enjoys the extra attention it brings him
♔Lounging- He finds contentment in laying around on a cushiony sofa or bed all day with no laborious task nagging at him to completed (if there ever was such a task he would most likely persuade someone else into doing it for him)
♔Gold – The way it shimmers in the sun and captivates the attention of so many people just remind him so much about himself that he just absolutely has to adore it
♔Himself – Because what isn’t there to like about him?!
♔Getting his way – His way is the only way
♔Beautiful creatures (animals and humans) and objects – He feels a need to surround himself with beautiful people and objects
♔Challenging people – I know this seems to contradict him considering he likes getting his way, but he likes trying to get into stubborn people’s heads (only kind of work he somewhat enjoys)

”The fourth one is my favorite and I’m sure most of you out there agree with me.”

♔Physical and mental labor – Anything that requires him to work is a big no- no
♔ The number 9 – Not really much a reason for that…
♔ People that make him feel bad about himself – Because who likes to feel gloomy or self-resentment?
♔ Refusal of his way – It causes him to throw a fit and what respectable man wants to be seen throwing a tantrum?
♔The heat – It causes you to sweat and sweat is just gross

”When you look as good as me there’s no reason to work.”

Hex Code

Other possible themes:
Suspicious Character
[size=90]”I like all the girls and all the girls like me”

Runaway Baby
”So many eager young bunny's that I'd like to pursue. Now even though they eating out the palm of my hand. There's only one carrot and they all gotta share it”

Moves Like Jagger
“I don’t need to try to control you. Look into my eyes and I’ll own you"

Everybody Loves Me
Well, Hail Caesar shadow in my backseat
And her friends are standing right in front of me
World-wide from the Cimarron to Turkey
Open up sayin’ everybody loves me

And you don't have to make a sound
Cause they got what you need (what you need)
Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh

Got love for the people that have warned you
God love all your sentimental virtue
Eight balls with the takers that'll make you
Lay cards with the lovers that'll hate you

And you don't have to make a sound
They got what you need (what you need)
Make you say

Oh my!
Feels just like I don't try
Looks so good I might die
All I know is everybody loves me
Get down
Swaying to my own sound
Flashes in my face now
All I know is everybody loves me
Everybody loves me

Well I
Pray the music don't stop till I turn gray
“Stars Forever,” like John Sousa, never fade
He had a beautiful child, named her Désirée*
Hope I'm remembered for the things that I never made

Cause you don't have to make a sound
When they got what you need
Make you say

Oh my!
Feels just like I don't try
Looks so good I might die
All I know is everybody loves me
Get down
Swaying to my own sound
Flashes in my face now
All I know is everybody loves me
Everybody loves me

Loves me

Don't need my health
Got my name and got my wealth, I
Stare at the sun
Just for kicks all by myself, I
Lose track of time
So I might be past my prime, but
I'm feeling oh so good

Oh my!
Feels just like I don't try
Looks so good I might die
All I know is everybody loves me
Get down
Swaying to my own sound
Flashes in my face now
All I know is everybody loves me
Everybody loves me

Oh I said, everybody, everybody
Don't you know you who you are
I said, Everybody
” Looks so good I might die. All I know is everybody loves me.”


So begins...

Ian Brooks's Story