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Rin Kyoya

"Why hello! Who are you exactly?"

0 · 169 views · located in Japan

a character in “I Heart Fictional Boys”, as played by Lovely ♠


Rin Kyoya

Blonde with a whole lot of curiosity.


Rin can make a yellow force-field around himself.

A good way to describe Rin is very friendly. He can get along with almost any and everyone he meets. He can always be seen with a genial smile on his face when he is around his closest friends. He cares for all of his friends no matter how they treat him. This can be a good and bad thing sometimes. It leaves him very vulnerable in any friendship he has with someone. Rin can even be friends with a murderer and treat them like everyone else. Because of this he is very easily taken advantage of.

Most of the time he tries to watch who he becomes friends with, but it doesn't work out to well. He still too naive about what friends he should and shouldn't have. He doesn't depend too much on the other guys he is friends with cause he tries to be more like them. In his eyes they are way to cool to be hanging out with him, so he tries to be independent around them. He probably will never say this to them though. He just wants to make them all happy so they will stick around. Rin deeply believes if he doesn't keep them all happy then they will leave him behind.

When it comes to romance Rin isn't your guy. Just like friends, he can very easily fall in love with the wrong person. To him it is okay to fall in love with someone you aren't supposed to be. If it happens it happens. This type of thinking proves how impassive he can be about things. If something bad happens one day, then the next he will act as if everything is okay. It doesn't matter how bad the situation may be, he will go through it with a smile.

It is rare to see Rin depressed about anything. He wants to be that pillar of sunshine people can rely on if they need to be cheered up. Just cause you are unhappy doesn't mean you can't smile right? This is exactly what Rin does. He will always support others but when he is unhappy you will never notice. He doesn't want others to support him cause he wants to be strong on his own or at least try to be. Rin wants to be the type of person who others can come to. He may have his own issues, but he is always a good listener. Rin is a very curious person. He doesn't like not knowing things that he thinks are important. If something doesn't make sense it will irk him until he figures out what it is. Most likely he will bug someone to death until he gets a good answer out of them. Nothing wrong with being curious right?

Brief Description
Rin isn't the tallest, but he loves his height of 5'9". He wouldn't change it for the world. He weighs 140lbs. so he is pretty skinny. If you ask him he will tell you it is all nothing but muscle. His skin is blemish free and it is a little on the pale side. Let's say it's a happy medium for now. He has blonde medium length hair to contrast his powder blue eyes. Rin's clothing is very interesting. He wears a fedora sometimes to go with his extreme sense of fashion. The best way to describe his attire as a whole would be preppy punk. He wears long sleeved shirts with fingerless gloves under the sleeves. His shirt is black and red striped but he wears a pink coat and pants. He likes to wear black combat boots also. This is just his 'formal wear'. He will walk around with skinny jeans or regular jeans with a t-shirt. Those are the days he doesn't feel like getting dressed.

Rin is very skilled at the violin. He can't remember playing it, but he has a strong feeling that he wants to. Rin isn't very agile, but he is good at climbing. If you really want to call that a skill. At least he sees it that way. Rin is good when it comes to his power. At least that is once he realizes he has it.

~Having Fun
~Being Random
~Blue Lollipops
~Punk Clothing

-Black licorice
-Scary Movies
-Being Left Behind
-Losing His Friends
-Idle Time
-Loud Music(that he thinks doesn't sound good)
-Being Bored
-Being Stuck

Hex Code

Rin loves taking night walks by himself sometimes.

When I act like this I realize I’m actually young
[She’s] right in front of me but I don’t know what to do
How do did you start love?
People who have loved please tell me
Will there be a day when I hold her hand?
Will there be a day when I kiss her above her closed eyes?

Hello Hello I acted confidently
Hello Hello I want to talk to you for a moment
Hello Hello I might stutter a little, though
Who knows we might actually be together

Should I confront [her]
Should I wait [for her]?
It’s harder when everyone else says something different (You can’t believe it right?)
Having high standards, this isn’t a usual thing for me
Please believe in me yeah
Will there be a day when I hug her freely
I believe that what we think can come true

Hello Hello I acted confidently
Hello Hello I want to talk to you for a moment
Hello Hello I might stutter a little, though
Who knows we might actually… oh yeah

This is not the first time
Truthfully I’ve loved and parted
But it’s hard, please believe in me
You are different

Hello Hello This time I’ll put myself out there
Hello Hello Ooh yeah~ Baby Baby Baby girl
Hello Hello I don’t know how you’re feeling now
Who knows we might actually…

Hello Hello Uh~~yeah
Hello Hello Please give me a chance
Hello Hello I don’t know how you’re feeling now
Who knows we might actually….
(Rap Hello Those times together circle around me and can be compared to no other blissful feelings No More I can’t express feelings anymore so if you take my hand Never let you go If this is love I’ll never let it go
Who knows us two)
This might be destiny
Hello Hello

So begins...

Rin Kyoya's Story