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I Love U

Seoul, South Korea


a part of I Love U, by PrincessBoy.


PrincessBoy holds sovereignty over Seoul, South Korea, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Seoul, South Korea is a part of I Love U.

13 Characters Here

Young-min Kwan [35] "I may be attractive, but my heart is ugly."
Murasaki Soon Ling [30] Tamers Rules/etc.
Eun Chai [27] Love? Oh, I gave up on that.
Taesu Cho [26] "Can the dead find love, too?"
Elizabeth St. Love [25] "My real name is Syeong Shin Moon, but you may call me Ms. Moon."
Tae-Hyun [24] "Me... plus you? No thanks."
Zhao Nari'san Soto [23] Why give love, if no one has gave love to you?
LuHan Kwon [19] " There is no such thing as love for a person like me."
Sohee Park [18] Love...? Ha, That stuff is only in Fairy Tales.This is real life-get your head out of the clouds.
Riku Nagataka [17] "I wish my love life was as simple as my cartoons and their love interests"

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Taesu Cho

Taesu bit her lower lip to keep her mouth shut as one of the humans rejected her offer for a tour of the mansion. Her hand grasped onto the railing as she tried to keep her anger from showing. she absolutely hated being denied for rejected. Her controlling personality and demand for attention just did not agree with it. Taesu glared at the back of Eun Chai's head with steely murderous eyes as she went out to get her luggage, her arms were shaking as she gripped the metal in her ghostly hands. Taesu remembered the girl's face and promised something would be done for her disrespect. First impressions were vital to her and Eun Chai just gave her the worst one possible. If looks could kill, Eun Chai would at least be unconscious by now. Taesu gritted her teeth as her body stiffened. She was about to lose her poise when Mura said she would be joining the tour.

Taesu suddenly got a feeling of excitement at the girl's words. She let go of the railing and turned her body so that she faced Mura, clasping her hands in one clap and letting it slide down to her sides. A sudden ripple of warmth passed across her hand as Mura's human flesh connected and passed Taesu's airy ones. "It's weird for me too," she remarked, lifting her hand that Mura went through up to her face, tilting it she giggling with her. She started to talk and Taesu's body relaxed from its previous tension with Eun Chai. It was a straight forward statement and question; Taesu could respect that. "Well, I've lived here for I want to say seven months, but time goes by so fast sometimes I forget," she smiled, starting up the stairs looking at Mura with a kind, interested expression. I wish I could touch her, Taesu thought; her smile faltered a bit at the idea, but soon regained the same lightness.