Wen Suyin

"I'll make sure the job is finished."

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Role: Her, the girl from Suzhou.
Suyin isn't very tall, she's an average 5'6'' and weighs somewhere around 120lbs. She has an oval-shaped faced adorned with large, brown eyes and rosy, plump lips. Her face is framed by dirty blonde hair that falls carelessly over her shoulders. For the sake of comfort she usually wears it pulled back in a ponytail or sloppy bun. She has excellent taste when it comes to clothes but, considering her job, she doesn't parade around in designer dresses and heels everyday. Those are saved for special events. Normally she can be found wearing anything that allows her to move around freely. On a daily basis she can be seen with a simple v-neck, shorts or jogging pants, and a good pair of running shoes. She has a small, black viper tattoo on her upper left shoulder as a sign of her loyalty.

Name: Wen Suyin

Nickname: Su if you wanna lose a finger, just call her Suyin.


She's incredibly loyal to the ones important in her life, dedicated to her role in the Vipers, and hard to deter once her mind is set on something. Suyin is loyal, not only to the Vipers, but her blood relatives as well. She's very protective over them and will do anything in her power to keep them happy and safe. She doesn't mind acting as a shield, taking as much damage as her body can handle to protect her family. If you ever get a close enough look, you'll see faint remains of scars from past encounters with danger. She wears them proudly and others are reminded of exactly how willing she is to throw herself in front of danger for those important to her. She's fearless for the most part, except for the sensitive thought in the back of her mind that is constantly afraid that she'll make a mistake and lose someone important to her. She uses that as a drive to do her job properly. She was raised with the mindset that she can get whatever she wants if she really works for it and doesn't give up no matter how much she struggles. This should be taken into account when wondering why she's so headstrong. Whatever her current goal or want is, she never gives up on it. She'll keep working at it until she gets what she wants. She is well aware of the fact that this determination of hers could very well be the same thing that gets her killed. That just adds to the excitement of it all. If she should happen to die like that, she'd at least be able to go out knowing it wasn't something senseless, it was something she wholeheartedly wanted. Even if it killed her, she died trying. Suyin might sound like a tomboy, but she's actually pretty feminine considering her line of work. She's loyal to those who matter, determined to get what she wants, and won't take shit from anyone.

Brief Background:
Following in the footsteps of her father, who fought and died for his gang family, Suyin is also a member of the 六致命毒蛇, otherwise known as the Six Deadly Vipers. It's an organized crime unit ran by a six person council; each of the leaders are the current heads of six different families that have ties that go back over one hundred years ago. Suyin's father was one of the six and, after his death, she was the only one fit from her family to take his spot seeing as how she is an only child. However, the other council members didn't believe she was ready to take the position. Down one member, the council decided to put her through a test. Make sure the heiress is taken care of successfully and they'll give her the position. She gladly accepted the challenge, knowing full well that if she doesn't come back with good news she'll not only lose her promotion, but she'll have to leave the Vipers altogether. Having grown up with them as her extended family she'd be devastated if she had to leave or would rather not return at all should she fail. For that reason, Suyin is determined she's not going to screw up. If the assassin they hired can't carry out the job, she won't hesitate to step in.

-A pair of red fingerless gloves with steel beads packed in the knuckles.
-Her body. She doesn't normally use other weapons unless she's hurt.

Personal Skills:
-She's trilingual, she can speak English, Mandarin, and French.
-She knows 八極拳(Bājíquán), a Chinese martial art.

Theme Song:
Princess of China~Coldplay & Rihanna

Anything Extra?
Nothing else for now

So begins...

Wen Suyin's Story


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#, as written by Tilly
Location:Lark Manor, The Annual Charity Ball
Time: 8:15pm

As the sun went down important people from all over the world came to attend the charity ball. The mansion, with its four stories and overall grand appearance, was becoming increasingly full as individuals steadily filled the space. The double-door entrance led to a two story hallway. The marbles floors shined and a heavy chandelier dangled from the second story and illuminated the area. Upon entering the guest were greeted with a glass of champagne and the rich scent of multiple treats and gourmet foods wafting throughout the manor. The paparazzi, as well as prominent news reporters, dotted the exterior in an attempt to capture the glory of the evening. The breathtaking piece of real estate belonged to the Lark family. Every year they hosted the event, more so as a way to boast the size of their bank account than anything, but also to remind investors that the company was "all about taking care of the people". Eleanor, the heiress, would be playing hostess for the evening since her father was currently hospitalized as he battled illness. He wasn't expected to live much longer and while the company prepared to shift its power to Eleanor, enemies took this as the perfect opportunity to bring it down.

There were many out to see the international corporation fall to pieces, some stronger than others. That was where Suyin came in. She had something to prove to her superiors back in China, so she volunteered to watch and ensure that the heiresses assassination was carried out flawlessly. If, for some reason, the plan failed she wouldn't be able to return home and take her father's place in the council. Upon arriving in the United States two weeks ago she was almost positive there wouldn't even be a need for her to step in and take action. She planned on watching from afar, once the girl was killed, she would return to Suzhou and become the new sixth member of her gang's council. Recently she'd been growing somewhat impatient. The assassin the Vipers hired, Alexander Lancaster, had yet to carry out the job. Suyin wasn't sure why it was taking so long, it was making her antsy. The council contacted her and, after telling them that Eleanor was still alive, they grew angry and ordered Suyin to speed up the process. Now she wasn't going to just sit back and watch from a distance, tonight, she would finish what was started.

She walked amongst the oblivious crowd, taking note of the security stationed at different post. They stood out with their stiff posture and were armed, Suyin took note of that. She wore a simple black dress that dropped just past her ankles, it had a daringly high slit going up the side. While most thought it was to show off skin, she purposely chose it because it would be easy to fight in. Her hair was pulled back away from her face in a big bun. She scanned the crowd, looking for Eleanor. Now, it went against her usual fighting style of not using weapons, but it would be impossible to just walk up to the heiress, break her neck, and waltz out of the mansion unnoticed. So, for the first time in years, she would opt to use a gun. Further beyond the entertainment space, past the kitchen, Suyin came across a guard who was stationed towards one of the many back doors to the manor. He was surprisingly average looking for someone hired to protect the heiress, in fact, he was around the same height as Suyin and that's when the idea hit her.

Seducing him into the nearest bathroom wasn't that hard to do. All it took was a little flash of skin and a come-hither look to get him practically tripping over himself to rush into the bathroom. Not one to waste any time, Suyin got straight to the point. The man had her pinned against the wall and his hands hungrily roaming her body. She held back her disgust and pushed on his chest lightly, giving her just enough room to deliver a swift knee to his sternum. He was reeling backwards when Suyin caught him with one hand on his chin and the other on his forehead she twisted his neck and broke it with a sick crack. She let him drop to the floor and traded out her dress for his uniform, gun positioned on her hip. It was a little loose in places, but for the most part, you couldn't tell that it didn't belong to her.

With the door locked behind her, so that no one would stumble across the body, Suyin swiftly made her way back to the entertainment area. The next part would be easy, she intended to find Eleanor and shoot her. She would use the people as cover to make a quick escape once the chaos broke out. It sounded simple enough, now all she had to do was wait for the heiress to make her appearance.