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Benjamin "Ben" Elliot Glassman

"Shall I write it in a letter? Shall I try to get it down? Oh, you fill my head with pieces Of a song I can't get out. "

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a character in “I Need You To Love Me Again”, as played by KittyKLL


Benjamin "Ben" Elliot Glassman

Male ex


April 20


Sexual Orientation

Ben is a quiet, soft-spoken guy. Not the type that you see with numerous other women, and also quite the nerdy guy. In high school he was never really noticed by the girls and also, if by rare chance a girl did talk to him, he would automatically freeze up and not be able to talk to them at all. You could say that he was a wallflower, but that would be an understatement. He wasn't noticed by girls and other guys saw him as a punching bag. Due to the fact that he had never had a girlfriend, they always called him gay and other mean names, so Ben is very sensitive when it comes to name calling. It brings back bad memories. After he broke up with his first girlfriend, the heartbreaker, he became a different person. He was more calm and friendly guy, although he is still the nerd he always was. During a high school reunion, his own bully's said there was something different about him. Ben used to always dress a bit too nice, but now he's more stylish and doesn't care that much on what he wears. Due to the fact that the break up put him in a very dark place, he started up smoking and drinking, but never when there are people around. Ben is a movie fanatic and loves anything except horror movies, but he can't watch a movie with someone else, he has to be alone. He never watches TV though, finds it too time consuming to continue a series.

Skills and Weaknesses
Since Ben is studying to be a doctor, he has more than enough knowledge in in medicine and diseases. He is also a closet cook and he loves to take photography. Ben really likes to run, it helps him relax and he could run for long periods on end. Ben also likes to play on the guitar from time to time. He has a very low tolerance for alcohol and that is the reason, even though he is an alcoholic, he only drinks at home.

Favorite/Worst memory of your Ex
Ben's favorite memory of his ex was when they were at his apartment once day and she fell asleep, he swears that he has never seen a more beautiful girl even til this day. His most hated memory was their break-up fight, it was dirty with lots of mean insults and names, which as mentioned before Ben is very sensitive to.

Likes & Dislikes
Likes: Just driving around, his car, sushi, his dog
Dislikes: name calling, remembering his first love, when people criticize him, and horror movies.

Photography, cooking, learning, running, playing guitar

Theme Song
Fun.:We Are Young

Ben's parents are alive but they got a divorce and then they remarried each other once again. Due to that fact, Ben always believes in second chances, but he still won't forgive a person if they did something truly horrible to him. For Ben, Nadia was his first steady girlfriend, and his first love. When they broke up, he was distraught and she is the one person he swears never to forgive. Currently his father is pressuring him to become a successful doctor, like his father and grandfather, but truthfully Ben doesn't want that. He want's to be a musician, but he doesn't want to go against his father's decision so he is currently going to medical school. Ben agreed to go to the vacation to the island because for him he can escape the reality of the life he doesn't want.

Going Into The Past
(You'll Need TO Wait And See)
What Made You Go Out With Your Ex?
Now that I think about it, I really don't know. Nadi was...different, you could say. Something about her made me comfortable to be around her. She wasn't like all the other girls I knew.

Name Of Your Ex
Nadia "Nadi" Alessandra Peters

Any Nicknames?
Just Ben, I don't like when people call me Benjamin.

Why Do You Think They Broke Up With You?
I guess she was just bored of me, I couldn't keep up with her. I was this boring, ordinary,nerdy, guy that she could easily get ride of. Maybe she just broke up with me because she thought she could do better.

Theme Song For Them

Anything Else?

So begins...

Benjamin "Ben" Elliot Glassman's Story


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Ben was walking around the pier, waiting for his boat to leave. He was going on a well needed vacation that will help him come refreshed and ready for his mid-term exams. He saw a certain guy walking around but he really didn't pay much attention. He stopped to get an ice cream, cookie dough flavor to be exact, from a Ben and Jerry's. Ben continued to walk around, trying somehow to pass the time. He was never that patient when it came to waiting. Finally the captain announced that all the last minute borders should board right now. He went and gave him bag to the serviceman but said, "This stays with me," while pointing to his guitar case on his back.

Then he found a seat next to the same guy that was walking around earlier, but it seemed like the man was asleep. Ben thought that was a good idea and decided to doze of also. Hopefully some one will wake him when it was time to get off. Slowing he started to recite medical facts in his mind, it always put him to sleep.


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It seemed like forever until they reached the island but Ben silently waited. He saw the guy sitting next to him talk to a certain redhead that he didn't recogzine. Hell he didn't recognize a single person on this boat. This is what I need, a vacation. Without anyone I know, or anyone that knows me. Just to get away from the city life and my school life. Ben saw that the boat was close to the island so he stood up and left the two "lovebirds" alone.

Finally after what seemed like eternity, they reached the Island. Quickly he got off the boat, any minute longer and he would have been sea sick. He went to the first serviceman he saw and asked for his belongings but they only said that they will send his belongings to the room and they are already there since the luggage was shipped on a different ship. Apparently all he needed to do was check in and just to check to see if all his luggage was present. Cool, man this is the life

While putting on his headphones and connecting to his iPhone, a congratulation present from his father on entering medical school, and turning on his music to a certain song by this indie band that barely ten people have heard of, he started to walk down the pier towards the hotel. Faintly he heard the sound of a motor scooter and it instantly reminded him of Nadi. Its been a while since I thought of her, but after the break-up all I could think of was her. But that's gone now, Nadi's gone now....and the Ben she knew.


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Ben was walking towards the hotel but then he thought maybe he should get a car, so he could leave and not have to rely on taxi's and what-not. Luckly for him he found a car rental sevice near the pier, and turns out that he got a discount because he was staying in a the hotel that happened to be partners with the retal service. At first he was going to get a cheap, decent car, but since he found out about the discount he thought What the hell, I'll get something fancy. As the salesman showed him the cars, from the corner of Ben's eye he found what he was looking for. A red 1967 Pontiac Firebird, "I'll take that one" he said pointing at the firebird. "You got a fine eye, she's a beaut" the salesman said as Ben finished signing the papers and he handed him the keys.

Ben turned on the engine and started to drive, he was debating whether or not to drive around, but then he decided to go to the hotel so he can organize his things. Then he'll enjoy himself. He reached the hotel and gave the keys to the service man. Ben went to the lobby to recieve his room key, and the worker mentioned that his roommate had already cheaked in. Ben's heart sank a little, A roommate? I thought I wouldn't have to deal with people I didn't know...but whatever. I'll try to get along yet still keep my distance.

Ben went upstairs to his room, as he was walking a cute girl smiled at him, but he just looked down. He still wasn't able to talk to girls normally. As he reached his room, from the outside he heard footsteps. Whoever his roommate was, he was there. Ben opened the door and stood there is shock.

Nadia? He said in awe.


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Nadi was just about to open the door when it opened for her. She looked up and froze. This couldn't be real...she had to be hallucinating.


Panic started to set in, and Nadi felt her stomach drop. It really was him. She backed away from him, almost instinctively, and definitely without meaning to, her eyes wide ad her mouth clammed shut. Unlike most, she tended to close her mouth tight when she was surprised. At the very most, her lips would part, showing her white teeth, but rarely was she seen with her gobber hanging loose.

"B-ben..." Nadi stammered. She wasn't sure at all what had gotten into her. The usually confident, in-your-face attitude she was so used to and had worked so well against her previous exes was faltering. "What....what are you doing here?" She ended her question stronger than she had started it, struggling to regain her tough-nuts self. She took a breath and closed her eyes. Come on, Nadi. He's just another ex-boyfriend. Nothing special. Nothing different. Just the same as all the others. So get your act together and stop all this wishy-washy, helplessly romantic stuff, God damn it!

Nadi opened her eyes after her brief, mental pep talk and started over, confidence renewed. "What are you doing here?" she demanded. "And especially in my room?"


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"B-ben..?" He heard Nadia stutter. He couldn't believe his eyes..there in front of him was Nadia, or Nadi as he used to call her affectionatly. His first love, the girl that broke his heart. He saw Nadia have a complete look of shock that stunned her for a few moments, and truthfully Ben had to admit she was kinda cute that way. No I can't think like that, she's horrible. I'm all for second chances, but I can never forgive her.

As soon as he saw Nadia regain her confindence she barked, "What are you doing here?" and without giving him time to response she added "And especially in my room?" Ben sighed, she was the same as always, so forceful. "One, this is my room. Two, I'm on vacation. I have every right to be here. Lets try calling the front desk..maybe there is some mix-up."

Ben walked into the room and saw that Nadia had already picked the better bed, Typical Nadi so he just put his bag on the other bed. He thought maybe it wouldn't be so bad to share a room with her, maybe Nadia will start feeling bad about how horrible she was to him. She wasn't that horrible, only at the end. I kinda guess it was right to break up. But still...she broke me.. Ben noticed that he was daydreaming and Nadia was probably waiting for him to call already. He went to the phone and dialed zero for the front desk.

"Hello this is the San Valentine front desk, how may I help you?" said a woman's voice from the phone. Yes, hello. I was wondering if you possibly made a mistake. My name is Benjamin Glassman, and I was wondering why someone else has the same room as me? The lady said something about that not being a mistake and he was rooming with a Ms. Peters. Ben sighed, This is not good. He tried once more to get out of the akward situation. "Is there a possibility that maybe I can broke another room, possibly an S-room, but if you don't have an avalible one thats ok." Even though this room was for smokers, he was willing to give that up to escape Nadia. "No, I'm sorry sir. We are all broked. Strange, you are the third person who has called about a situation like this today." Ben grinded his teeth. "Well thanks anyway." He hung up and was thinking what to tell Nadia.

"Well looks like we're stuck together." He said as he took out his guitar and started to strum it on his bed. It sounded something like this but a bit more raw. You could say it was beautiful. Out of the cornor of his eye he kept an eye on Nadi to see her reaction. Hopefully, it wont be too awful. Ben remembered the fight they had, the last one. The break-up one, Nadia knew how to be mean if she wanted and Ben knew that. But he also knew the Nadi he fell in love with. Man I got to stop thinking about her like that.


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"Well looks like we're stuck together."

Oh great. Really? Nadi closed her eyes, pinched the bridge of her nose, and gave a very large, exasperated sigh. She leaned against the wall and crossed her arms, giving the ceiling a mean, surly look. What a way to ruin a vacation. She was actually looking forward to it too. Damn it.

She soon heard some strumming, and looked in its direction. It was Ben, playing some song on his guitar. It wasn't bad, but Nadi wasn't really in a music-appreciative mood at the moment. Especially not towards one of her biggest regrets, of which she was way too proud to admit. She wondered how Ben was feeling right now. Was he secretly seething? Was he amazed at his good luck? Or had he dwindled into complete apathy? Nadi mentally shrugged. Whatever. It was none of her business. And quite frankly, she didn't want it to be.

She was still hungry. But she didn't know whether to just leave him there. What if he had turned psycho, and was liable to burn all her things should she turn her back on him? She wouldn't blame him...she'd probably do the same. But, she would still be very pissed if that happened. If it was any other ex, she'd probably coyly ask him out to dinner, only to be rejected. But Ben wasn't any other ex. Which made things a hell of a lot more complicated.

Oh, what to do, what to do. Nadi moped about it in her head. Her stomach growled a little too loudly, and she groaned. Time to make a decision.

Nadi pushed herself off the wall and put her hands on her hips. "Well, I don't know about you, but I'm starving," she said loudly, "We can discuss the close proximity details over or after dinner. Your choice."