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Jessica Eversteine

Ex #2 - I swear if I ever see him again i'll knock his da*n lights out.... arrgoant ar*e

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a character in “I Need You To Love Me”, as played by Lolkatlove


*First Name: Jessica
*Last Name: Eversteine
*Nickname(s): Jess – Jessie
*Age: 19
*Birthday: 17/12/92
*Gender: Female
*Crushes: (Can be updated later)
*Ex: #2 – to be named
*Friends: to be added
*Enemies: TBA
*Appearance: Light brown curls fall softly just past her shoulders, her eyes a chilling blue like the ice she hates so much. Her nose isn’t brilliant but she gave up caring about it long ago, her lips rosy and symmetrical with a slight plumpness to the bottom lip compared to the top. She has a small figure reaching a height of only 5foot 4inches making her short for her age and in general. Her feet are size five.


Jessica has always been an easy going girl, she unconsciously has the ability to pull laughter out from even the saddest of expressions always trying to put herself in another’s shoes and considering what they want. However, this is shrouding over the fact that she is incredibly insecure about herself; she always sees the brightest of people and thinks herself demeaning compared giving her little self confidence.
Yet this is something she conceals perfectly with her lightening smile and natural reflex to volunteer for all the difficult things in life just so someone else doesn’t have to do it, especially as she hates it when people complain. She hates tears more however and if someone cries she’ll do all she can to help them forget the reason why.

However, as bubbly as Jessica may seem, she finds it incredibly hard to forgive people. She has a strong sense of trust, as well as loyalty, she’ll fight for her friends even if she doesn’t know the reason and can be vicious with her words when it comes to defence. Infact she can be quite sarcastic at times also, she’s not someone you want to get angry that’s for sure.

So when someone breaks her trust she feels it harder than other people would, to her most always it’s like a dagger to her back has been taken out and plunged into her heart instead. What makes this worse is her insecurities, they make it easier to hurt her feelings or even drive out a few unpleasant words from her rosy lips.

As for quirks, Jessica is rather clumsy with her feet tripping over them, her hands however she is quite confident with as a skilled artist. Her room is filled with paintings of nature and the things she discovers when exploring. She is a bit of a daredevil when it comes to exploring and trying new things, she loves the rush of adrenaline and thus has done some dangerous sports like cliff diving. She can sometimes be forgetful making her seem a little ditzy but she’s not she doesn’t remember small details well sometimes, especially names, she’s awful with names.

Chocolate brownies
Wearing new store bought socks (there so soft!)
Listening to rock music
Exploring her surroundings (literally exploring woods etc)
Going to parties
Dressing up for occasions
The first look of snow as it falls (before it becomes to horrid ice)

Ice and heavy snow (she hates it as she slips up all the time)
Spices (why like something that burns your mouth?)
Physical fighting (she couldn’t throw a punch if she tried anyway)
Lying (she feels insecure when people lie as she thinks they mean something bad by it most of the time)
Getting lost (she finds it a pain when exploring)
Nuts (she’s allergic to them)

Taking a camera everywhere when she explores to capture what she see’s.
Drawing random flowers
Painting nature (i.e flowers, landscapes, animals)

Painting, drawing,
Some sports – Kayaking, cloistering(jumping off cliffs into the ocean)
Rather good cook when it comes to Italian food and salmon.

*Clothing Style:
Jessica tends to have a casual look most of the time, she sports a pair of black leggings nearly every day styled with ankle boots or flats with either a stylish dress or a pair of denim shorts and a random top which she can find clean.

*Brief History:
Jessica grew up in a normal family, her parents are still together and she has a rather reluctant to care older brother. They always treated her fairly and wanted to provide for her as much as possible, her brother was just lazy on the other hand never wanting to really outstretch from their parents protection. Jessica however has always wanted to leave, fly the nest as the term goes, she didnt want to be cooped up in the same place all her life, her parents didnt take it well, they wanted to keep her under their watch but they did eventually accept her decision to live on her own as she became a student in fine art. Now that she has her freedom she is always moving from place to place taking photos and discovering new things about the world, she wanted to forget the past, forget the pains that had troubled her heart back home and a certain man who tore it into pieces.
So far it has been going well, but anything could happen with luck ;D

*theme song: Eek im never good at this :(

So begins...

Jessica Eversteine's Story

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Jessica was soon distracted from the sands beauty the city of san valentine taking command, it struck her as exuberant and fasinating, she wondered what type of people lived here on the island, she wondered what she might find hidden within it forests or deserted beaches. Hopefully their was airconditioning in where they were staying, whereever that was, she actually wasn't quite sure maybe she should have read the fine print on the letter a bit more, she should probably do that, but the need to take a photograph of the city took first priority in her eyes.
Grabbing the camera that hung around her neck she altered the lens to fit the quality and snapped away at the veiw she saw. She must look like a pretty infatuated tourist with it but she didnt care because technically she was, not to mention she took pictures of everything she saw anyway.

"Maybe it was a random selection frrom the government using our adresses?" Jessica commented thinking about of who could have sent them here, thats when another girl showed up her suitcase rather large and her blonde hair sparkling in the sun like it was a miny sun itself.

Analise was quick to reply as Jess tugged her own suitcase through the sand which was proving to be a difficult task the heat sinking into her skin making her decide to take her leather jacket off to reveal the sleevless blue sundress she wore over black leggins and flats. She only wore it to cope with the cold on the boat, and was definitely donning the leggins when she got to the hotel.

"Thats a good idea, im always getting lost on my own" Jess gave a slight laugh though it was probably only something she understood at her own expense since she had been reported missing twice. "Do you know which hotel we're staying at? I'm a little unsure, there seems to be quite a few around here looking at the town" she decided that when spotting the many tall buildings that were newer to the rest, they screamed hotels. "I wonder what type of rooms we'll have, I hope the view is good, gosh i'd love an overlook of the oceon if anything. Maybe they will even have chocolates waiting on our pillows" she giggled a little excited, she never got treated like this and was going to enjoy it to the full.
"Im Jess by the way, and thats Analise its nice to meet you" she gave the blonde girl a smile after realising she hadn't introduced herself yet. She hoped she could remember both of their names though, she was never good with names.

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Character Portrait: Jessica Eversteine Character Portrait: Analise Von De Character Portrait: Blair Anderson
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She walks off the boat and looks around. She stops the second she sees a familar face. 'No way,that's not him. i'm just going to look away.' She thinks before turning around pretending not to see anything. She looks at the old looking hotel in front of them. "Um, this is me taking a guess but I think this is our hotel." She saids as she points at the hotel. She starts to walk towards the hotel as she rolls her sutcase and holds her carry-on on the cement sidewalk they have on the beach. 'I didn't see anything, my mind must be going crazy from the sea water.'She tells herself as she begins to walk with her sandals hitting the cement making a flopping sound.

((By the way does everyone know their ex?))