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Greyson Devlin

0 · 213 views · located in San Valentine Cruise Ship

a character in “I Need Your Love”, as played by writteninshaddows


Greyson Ian Devlin

Gender and Role
Male Heartbreaker


January 2


Sexual Orientation

Greyson tries to be a good guy, but tends to get labeled as a 'player'. He's a charismatic guy. People tend to think things just come super easy to him, but he actually works really hard for everything he does.

Guitar, singing, writing lyrics, public speaking, swimming, cooking/baking

Favorite/Wrost memory of your Ex
Favorite - Grey loved the nights when they stayed in and got away from the world.
Worst - the day he had to leave her behind

Likes & Dislikes
Likes - singing, performing, playing guitar, writing new songs, learning/trying new things, flying
Dislikes - when people make jokes about his name being a color, hypocrites, not understanding things

Performing, trying new exciting things

Greyson is the youngest in his family. His parents fought his entire childhood, and finally divorced when he started highschool. His older sister, Elaine, moved out the day she turned 18 and never looked back. When Greyson was 17 he started going out with his ex. Shortly after his 18th birthday a music producer discovered his band and their careers took off. He was forced to leave his ex behind for a world tour, but he broke her heart in the process. It hadn't been intentional, but it happened. During the tour he wound up with an assortment of girls in different cities. He always tried to be a good guy, but eventually they had to move on to another town and leave them behind. The guys in the band all made jokes about what a player he was, and he hated it.

So begins...

Greyson Devlin's Story

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The shining silver sports car pulled to a stop a few feet from the gang plank. Greyson looked out through the jet black windows, but there was hardly anyone around. "See you later." He said casually, dapping up his driver before getting out of the car. It had taken the driver some getting used to, and a lot of practice, but he got it after a while. He grabbed his bags out of the trunk and started up the gang plank. It was weird how few people there were, I'm probably the last one here.

Inside there were people bustling around in all directions, little kids screaming and men in uniforms helping people find things. The invitation had come at exactly the right time. The guys had just returned form their first tour and they were taking some downtime. After about two weeks of nothing, Grey was starting to get pretty bored, a cruise was just what he needed.

"Greyson Devlin." He said as he walked up to the desk. The woman sitting behind the desk forced a smile, it looked like she'd had a pretty rough day. He made sure to really thank her before walking away. Judging by how few people there were waiting outside, he assumed the boat would be casting off soon. As he walked down the hallway he read off the numbers out loud until he reached 96. Swinging the door open wide, Greyson walked in. It was a big room, with an even bigger bed.

A few feet into the room Greyson tripped over something and landed flat on his face. His feet were lost among a pile of luggage. Someone else's luggage. There weren't tags anywhere on it. How had this stuff gotten here? It didn't matter, he would deal with it later. After being up late packing last night, all Greyson wanted to do was sleep. He leaped onto the bed, lying sideways across it on top of the covers. It didn't take long for him to doze off.

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Greyson shot up, suddenly wide awake, as he heard the door open. Without making a sound he slid off the bed and snuck into the bathroom. This was not how he envisioned his first day of the cruise. He heard the door close as the intruder started to hum a tune, throwing in strands of words here and there. He recognized the song, although he couldn't name it, but more importantly, he recognized the voice. Where had he heard the voice before?

He opened the bathroom door just a crack and peaked through, but all he could see was the reflection of brown hair in a mirror. The humming started to get louder as the intruder moved towards the bathroom, apparently unaware of his presence. He backed up away from the door as it swung open. In the darkness of the bathroom Grey couldn't make out any of the girl's features. She flicked on the light and screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Please" Grey said, gently putting his hand over her mouth, "don't scream." Why was she screaming? She had broken into his room. As his eyes slowly adjusted to the bright light, the girls features slowly came into view.

"Haley?" he said looking down into her soft brown eyes. It couldn't be. It wasn't possible. This girl, who had known him better than he knew himself. This girl who he had left behind. The last thing he expected was to run into her on a cruise.

((Don't worry, me and Dea talked this over before hand))