River Rose Cadence

"Did you see... Never mind, how may I help you?"

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a character in “I Was a Butterfly”, as played by TristisNox


FC: Susan Coffey

Name: River Rose Cadence

Nicknames: Don't really have one

Sex: Female

Age: 23

Jobs: Barista at the local cafe and Librarian

Height: 5'10''

Hair: Naturally dirty blonde but it changes every month

Eye color: Light green with specks of blue

Physical: Lean but all muscle, long wavy hair

Personality: Bubbly, Acts like a ditz, Very kind, Caring, Loyal, Secretly intelligent

Likes: Colors, Books (especially lore), Cupcakes, Archery, her kitten Mercucio

Dislikes: School, Shoes, Long lectures, Being home alone, Nightmares

Background: River can't think of any place better than Butterfly Springs... better yet she can't think of any other place but this town. On occasion feels as if she is forgetting something, but then she gets a headache and forgets all about that train of thought. While most of the towns people believe her to be quite a ditz (okay she can be a klutz), she hide behind it because she fears other people finding out that she's actually quite intelligent. Sometimes she thinks she sees something in the corner of her eye (especially in the library) but there is always nothing. She tends to hate days like those because it usually means a nightmare that night.
She recently got a job as a barista at the local cafe and likes it so far. She likes meeting people, but this job is making her more paranoid that something is not right in this small perfect town. She confides in her kitten Mercucio, but refuses to talk to anyone else about her fleeting thoughts.

So begins...

River Rose Cadence's Story