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"They say I'm weird, I don't care but I do stuff. I don't think I'm suppose to do that stuff,"

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a character in “I Will Always Be Watching”, as played by Bashie L. Craft




Nephilim, believes himself to be a Mortal

Age 'died' at
Unknown as he is alive and well, currently 8

Years been deceased


Unique Ability
Inherited some of his mother's skill in Telekinesis and Telepathy


The orphanage didn't know anything about the boy. He showed up at the orphanage's doorstep in a basket with only a note and a diary. The note only read his birthdate, September 6th 2003 on a Saturday. The diary was his mother's, writing everyday about her pregnancy from the day she found out to the day she left. That is the closest thing he has to her.

The orphanage gave his name, calling him Nolan. He didn't join the other kids in their activities, he played alone as no one wanted to play with him. He was a quiet, honest and smarter than your average child. At a very young age around the time he was three, he had begun to develop strange powers. Cups began to move on their own and windows would fly open. It seemed like the boy could read minds too, always knowing what you're thinking. He didn't have a friend at the orphanage or at school, he kept mostly to himself and gained friends with animals like mice or insects.

Nolan scared all the couples looking to adopt, he didn't believe he should be with them because they thought differently and he wanted to find his birth mother. Whenever he was sent to foster care, the parents always sent him back because they complained of 'mysterious things' happening. By the time he was eight, all he did was play with toys and read his mother's diary until one day a woman came.

She was beautiful, young and looked nervous. For some reason, the staff in charge allowed her to adopt him and he realized, he couldn't read her mind. Her name was Daphne, his aunt and he had the answer to all his questions.

Silent but curious, Nolan is a determined young boy with odd traits. He doesn't trust people easily, always wanting to know more and more about everything. Wise beyond his age but he is still eight so he is bound to make stupid decisions. A loner who wishes to find his birth mother and have all his questions answered, eccentric but intelligent. He has earned some of his traits from his mother, bold and outspoken. He is careless, selfish and sometimes foolish but he has big dreams. A reason why he would never leave his mother.

So begins...

Nolan's Story

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"Do you want ice-cream?" Amare asked her son, their hands were intwined as they walked across the street. Holding him, feeling him, being with him was making her feel loved again even if he didn't know. Even if she knew there was someone out to get him.

"Sure," Nolan nodded to his aunt, no, Daphne, "I want blueberry with chocolate chips and oreos," Daphne was his aunt but she told him not to call her that, just Daphne. He couldn't read her mind, maybe it was a family thing. They reached the ice-cream shop right next to an expensive clothing store. Nolan was going to find some seats while Amare was going in to get the ice-cream. "One blueberry with chocolate chips and oreos and one chocolate and vanilla with oreos," Amare ordered for them, "Make it two scoops each in a cup."

Meanwhile, Little Nolan found a seat outside in the shade. 'Daphne' adopted Nolan a few months ago, a joyous day for everyone even at the orphanage. When she set her eyes on him, just one small look, she fell in love. Nolan was a perfect name for him, a king. He had her hair, skin and eyes. He was her son, she was his aunt. To uphold the masquerade, she couldn't tell the truth but she would never say an outright lie.

In truth, Amare was sent to earth two months, three weeks, seven hours and twelve minutes ago. She counted every moment so she could cherish them, to make up for the eight long years she left him in that ophanage. She knew was coming for him, an angel. Once one of her own kind, to kill her son and she wasn't going to let that happen. If she couldn't read his mind, he was the non-human. The angel, the killer.

Nolan thought of her as his aunt, the answer to his mother's past. She told him she died, he hasn't seen the grave yet. He found a person who knew who he was. He could ask her anything and she had all the answers. He waited for Daphne, listening to everyone's thoughts. One was about cats, ice-creams or how to make babies. He was stupid what people were thinking but then he realized something.

There was a man watching him, and Nolan couldn't read his mind.

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Nolan heard the man's words clear as day. His large, icy blue eyes widen. How did he know he could read minds? He never told anyone, no one knew. How did he keep his thoughts away except for one that was directed right at him. Why was he talking about Daphne? The huge gust of wind shocked him, falling over his seat with other people. He knew he could move objects with his own mind, just small things like balls or ice-cream. When he tried hard enough, chairs and tables but the shock didn't make him think straight. He fell down and he had enough time to move the table before it would hit him.

The windows grumbled harshly, they would've shattered if Amare didn't stop them with her powers. Her mind was so powerful, she could crash two cars together with a small thought. Headaches were constant if she had overused her powers but that rarely happened. She could break mental walls but they would leave her in pain for days without the proper medication. She grabbed the two ice-creams, walking out brightly. But then she saw Nolan, sprawled on the floor and a table moving away from him just in the nick of time.

He used his powers. She knew he did, the table couldn't move away. So he developed her telekenetic ability too, she almost gave out a proud smile. Like Mother, Like Son. But the proud moment ended when she noticed a small, almost unnoticeable scrape on his cheek. "Nolan!" She rushed over to him, setting the ice-cream down and hurried to be by his side, "You're alright, aren't you s-" she stopped herself, she couldn't call him that yet. Not until he knew anyways. She touched the wound, it wasn't bleeding, would be gone in a a day or two but nevertheless, worry was a mother's trait."

Nolan didn't mind, his mind was still on the man. He was at the parking lot and he fell down due to the wind. "Do you who he is?" Nolan pointed at him, "There's something wrong about him." Amare wondered what Nolan was talking about, looking up and saw Nolan pointing at a man with a scar across his right cheek. Shock and fear ran through her veins, his mind was sealed. He was going to kill her precious boy. And she recognized him, Icarus. She had seen him occasionally during her time as an angel. He would be the one.

"I've never seen that man on earth," It wasn't an outright lie, she never did see him on Earth until this very moment. Hopefully, it would be the last. Locking her mind, she was ready to hurt him. With a small thought, she decided a car crash would do the trick. Just to prove if he was the angel. Focused, she moved one of the cars from its parking and drove it towards Icarus, faster and faster.

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Nothing could describe the feeling of fear and bravery that came to Amare like a bullet train. Icarus wagged a finger at her. He knew. His stunt pulled a crowd of people cheering after him but she couldn't think straight. He was out to get Nolan, her boy and she'd kill him if he even laid one finger on him. Nolan, on the other hand, was astounded. He couldn't believe what the man did. How did he do that?

"Are you alright?" Daphne asked as Nolan stood up. She brushed off any dirt on his clothes. Nolan took his ice-cream as Daphne held their hands together. "We're going home," she didn't even take her ice-cream. She rushed over to the subway, they'd use it to go to their small apartment in New York City. During the ride, Amare was stiff, she kept quiet and Nolan asked questions."I've never seen that man alive," she said which was true since she was dead when she saw him.

They got to their apartment, Amare fiddled with her keys before entering. It was small, two bedroom, one bathroom and the kitchen connected to the living room. She had to go to extreme lengths to get this apartment. She plopped her bag down on a chair as Nolan turned on the TV. What was she going to do? she asked herself as she watched Nolan. Tomorrow, Nolan had school so maybe she could find Icarus to propose some ideas. But she couldn't wait.

"Nolan, I'm going out soon," Daphne called out to him so he turned to look at her. He nodded. He knew she needed some time on her own with friends. Everyone had friends except him. Besides, he needed to read the diary. "I'll ask Mrs. Fulcher to babysit you again." Mrs. Fulcher was the crazy cat lady next door who would sleep in front of the TV until he woke her up.

"I'll just go get changed," Amare walked into her bedroom, changing into a much outfit.