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McKenna Callahan

"I'd rather be dead than poor or ugly."

0 · 923 views · located in Ravenwood, Oregon

a character in “I Will Never Get Use To You.”, as played by xxtensionxx


“ I'd rather be dead then poor or ugly.”

||Full Name||
Her full name is McKenna Hadley Callahan. Her parents, following their last name's heritage, went full out irish with her name.

||Nick Names||
Mc, Kay, Enna

She is 17 years old.

||Home Town||
Her and the rest of her family is from New york, her favorite place.

||Occupation ||
McKenna is a student at the local high school, sadly, as well as working as a Barista at Double Shot. She hasn't started work yet, but is very excited as she loves coffee. Also, what she considers her full time job, other than being pretty, is social networking. On Twitter, she is at 3,000 followers (and counting), and she also instagrams and has followers on facebook.

“Outside Looking In”


||Hair Color||
Dark brown, slightly auburn naturally, though she has died it blonde once or twice.

||Eye Color||
A light frosty blue

||Height, Weight, & Build||
She stands at 5'8", weighs about 121, and has an average, muscular build.

||Style ||
Classy yet casual, McKenna loves anything brand named or expensive. She has the best "style" out of her family and friends, at least in her opinion, and doesn't hide that opinion. On the average day in New York, she mixed lots of fashion-forward and vintage pieces together for a look that was “boho chic” with a rocker-chick edge. She is never afraid to wear something she likes or is in love with, because she can always pull something together to make it look effortlessly fabulous. But, in this dark, gloomy, and incredibly rainy town, her wardrobe had to take a bit of a spin. She traded fur coats in for rain jackets, and the extra room in her purse for an umbrella, but she still makes sure to look cute. She doesn't care if she's spending 200$ for one top, if it's cute, and name brand, she wants it.

Outfits 1| Outfits 2

Her nails (toenails included) are always painted. As well as being near professional at painting her own and other's nails, she get's them done at least once a week. Her favorite way to have them painted would be french manicures, light pastel nails (example), or anything simple that looks nice. For jewelry, she often wears thousands of dollars worth of wrist candy at a time, as well as incredible rings, and almost always wearing pearls.

||Distinct Markings ||
Though her older sister is unaware of her tattoo, she has two. On the left side of her torso she has a very small infinity sign, and lower down, closer to her hips, a dream catcher.
Due to her desire to be perfect, she's used every product imaginable to keep away scars. The only one she has, a very feint one, is on her stomach. It is thin, long, and white.
Both of her ears are pierced twice, but thats it.

“Getting to Know Me”


||Quirks ||
| Finger Tapping |: When she is in deep thought, her long, thick nails always start tapping on whatever surface she has near her and is able to use, and there is always the pitter patter of her nails. It often annoys people, but she can't help it. Also, she she is angry, it happens.

| Fixing herself |: Before making any public speeches, whether they're in front of a crowd or in front of a class, in order to do well, she has a routine she sort of goes through. She runs her hand through her hair, pulls her shirt down at the waist line then up a little, runs her hands over her bottoms to flatten them, then cracks three of her knuckles. She also does this before meeting new people or having important conversations that she intends to do well.

| Constantly Questioning }: McKenna has a habit of ending declarative sentences or statements with an interrogative inflection. Basically, even when she knows what she is saying is true, or what she is saying things, she often randomly goes high pitch at the end, making it sound like it is a question, even if it isn't.

||Likes ||
✓ Coffee |: "It was by far the best thing invented. Period."
✓ Money |: "Maybe money can't buy happiness, but it can buy the thing's that make you happy."
✓ Sisters |: "Well, the younger two at least. Their just kinda special to me."
✓ Network |: "Social networking is so much cooler than you'd ever understand. Like, people all over the country care about my life."
✓ New York |: "Say what you will, but it's the city of lights. And the only place I want to be."
✓ Make Up |: "I mean obviously I don't need much, but it helps those less fortunate."
✓ Photography |: "You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. And trust me, I can talk that much."
✓ Fall |: "There's no sweaty gross ew, new boots come out, and Starbucks has it's best drinks."
✓ Boys |: "All girls my age say they want someone grown up and sophisticated, but the truth is, we don't know what we want."
✓ Apples |: "They're some pretty good fruits."
✓ French |: "It sounds awesome."
✓ Languages |: "They're easy to learn and well, amazing."
✓ Dancing |: "It's beautiful. Seriously."

✗ Rumors |: "Only people with boring lives sit at home and make up things about others."
✗ Rudeness |: "If you're not polite, I'll be twice as bad back."
✗ Summer |: "Everyone is sweaty, people get burnt, and no one seems to know what to do with themselves."
✗ Sitting Still |: "There's so little time and so much to do."
✗ When her phone dies |: "It's kinda my life."
✗ Being Alone |: "Call me old fashioned, but it's boring."
✗ Flowers |: "They die. They're beautiful, and smell nice, and then they die."
✗ Her Pills |: "I just- No."
✗ Alcohol |: "If I won't remember it, what's the point?"
✗ Drugs |: "They're gross. I'd rather spend cash on my clothes."

||Dreams ||
Beauty |: Mckenna really wants someone to call her beautiful; not hot, not pretty, not cute, but beautiful. And maybe, for once, to like her for something other than her looks. But please, that's obviously way too much to ask.
Love |: She's not looking for some sappy love story where you meet someone in high school and stay with them for the rest of your life, but for once in her life, she just wants to feel completely and utterly comfortable with someone else, enough so to open up. And whether it ends in a huge blown up fight or in a mutual lack of interest, she really doesn't care. She just wants it to be there, to have the butterflies, the surprise kisses, the late night calls and even the stupid fights and make up talks.

||Fears ||
Arsonphobia |: Her fear of fire comes from nothing that happened to her exactly, but from something that she feels is her fault, that happened to a friend of hers. Three years ago, while staying with a friend on Nantucket over the summer, they took a late night trip to another close close friends house, and didn't end up leaving until around 4:30am. During their time there, they did a lot of sitting on the porch and talking, and both tried taking one swig from a cig, though nothing more. A flower pot was used as an ashtray. Then, they left, went home, and went to sleep. Ambulance and fire truck sirens could be heard ringing through the night as the two emergency vehicles raced to that house. They found out the next morning that after they'd left, the house had caught fire. The three residents were being hospitalized, and within the next 5 days they were each gone. Every since, pictures, videos, even the mention of fire freaks her out.
Atelophobia |: Probably her biggest, and most prominent fear, would be her fear of imperfection, or not being good enough. Despite how hard she tries, she never feels like she's doing well enough. Whether its her looks or her grades, or anything about her, she knows she will never be good enough. And that terrifies her.

“This is Me”

||Personality ||

When she was younger, her attitude was a combination of pills after pills. At age 6, she was diagnosed with extreme OCD, bad enough that she had to take pills. It used to be she had to have outfits that matched, no two different patterns, and every color she wore had to be in her outfit in at least two ways. She had to eat the same thing every day of the week (ex. every monday), and everything she did with her right hand, she also had to do with her left hand. But with the pills, her daily life became less of her focus, and as she got older, it developed to simply how she looked. She had to look perfect.

As she aged, she became more and more able to control it, or make it less obvious. And her attitude grew and shaped. McKenna was forcing herself to be a perfect person. She made sure she was nice and friendly, got pretty good grades, and always looked good. But as she changed her pills, her focus became less of her personality and grades and simply her looks and what others thought of her.

Her looks are her main concern. If you were to give her five minutes to get ready, she'd look perfect, and if you were to give her five hours, she would use every last second of it. Contrary to popular belief, it's not something she does for attention, but just because she feels a constant tugging urge to.

When she isn't concerning herself with her looks, she probably typing on her phone. She, like her sisters, has a slight obsession with the internet. Yeah, maybe they're more famous than her, but that's not why she does it. She doesn't really care about the amount, just the fact that someone finds her interesting enough to pay attention makes her happy. And when she isn't concerning herself with social networks, she's probably talking to someone or another about themselves, and making them feel great. The truth is, though McKenna may act like she's got all the confidence in the world when she wears crop tops and short shorts, that's not the case. Her insecurities have led her to constantly want to make others feel better, and often that is by showing interest in those around her. If she ever doesn't know what to do in a situation, she'll result to complimenting the person.

“Welcome to My Life”

Image Image
Since McKenna was diagnosed with OCD at such a young age, it's not like she was necessarily upset back then. And as she got older, she was used to it. But growing up in New York couldn't have provided her with a better environment to force herself to adapt in. Her lifestyle with her parents and two sisters was nearly perfect, and they got along great. She wasn't concerned with Andrea at all, and didn't even think of her ever. Honestly, the fact that'd she'd left them pissed her off so much that she had no interest in talking to her. At all.

And honestly, she's not too happy about living with her now.

“Quick Facts”


⇢Favorite Color⇠
Her favorite color is Cyan, or a light tealy - turquoise.

⇢Favorite Movie⇠
As sappy, and love struck as it is, her favorite movie is the Notebook. Well that, or Mean Girls.

⇢ Favorite Book⇠
Although if you ever brought it up, she'd never admit it, Harry Potter is one of those books McKenna could read ten thousand times.

⇢ Favorite Band/Singer ⇠
Currently, she's really into Lorde.

⇢ Favorite Coffee Drink⇠
Though it changes with the seasons, currently she's really into the Milkyway, iced. (Ice coffee with carmel and chocolate syrup in it, light with skim milk, with whipped cream on top that has cookie crumbles on it.)

“Theme Songs”

♫ ♪ ♫ ♪
Main Theme Song:
Make Me Wanna Die|♬|The Pretty Reckless
[i]“ 'll never be good enough
You make me wanna die
And everything you love will burn up in the light
Every time I look inside your eyes
You make me wanna die”
Song to Love Interest:
“I love to hear that voice
And honestly
I'm left with no choice”


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So begins...

McKenna Callahan's Story