IAN: Interseption and Neutralization

IAN: Interseption and Neutralization


Welcome to IAN, the home for undesirables. The war is about to begin within our government, who's side will you be on?

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In a world where the "undesirables" are known only to the government, a rebellion is about to take place. IAN is a compound found in the United States somewhere underground. It's the Area 51 of all superstitions, it's where they keep all people with powers. The moment that the government has proof of your supernaturalism, they knock on your door and drag you our of it; willingly or otherwise.

Then, after years and years of preparing, the rebels are finally about to liberate the compound.

The government doesn't want this, they offer the prisoners a choice:

Join them and fight the rebels to gain your freedom.

Some people want to take the deal, others plan to escape and join the rebels, the rest want to stay behind until they are liberated to help either side from the inside.

Who will you be?

A traitor,

A rebel,

Or a patriot?

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Quote From Character:

Role (traitor, rebel or patriot):

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The nurse came into my "room" to give me my medicine/sedative. I wanted to fight back but I could barely lift my own head from the wall to look at her. The drugs were getting stronger, slowly they were getting stronger. They had been since the officials made the announcement that we would gain our freedom if we joined them.

People whisper about it in the halls, joining them, joining the other them, staying. Why? Do they really think they would allow us to leave? They wouldn't do that.

Would they?

My mind was already too numb for these kinds of thoughts so I lolled my head back.

"Don't worry, Miss. Lockwood," the nurse said, wiping her needle clean on the hem of her apron," Tomorrow is Saturday. No needles tomorrow."

Saturday? No needles Saturday. I vaguely remember that we all have Saturdays to commune with each other each week before my glorified cell goes dark and I fall back into the black void of my mind.

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