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Ryann Silvet

0 · 297 views · located in The Streets Of Tamir

a character in “Idax's Band Of Orphans”, as played by ToastMuseum


The 18 year old girl stands at 5'7 weighing in at 130 pounds. Ryann has back length platinum blond hair. Her bangs are roughly cut and stop right above her eyes. Her eyes an electric blue are surrounded by short dark eyelashes. Her left eye being damaged is covered by a white eye patch. Shes usually seen wearing a pair of worn down jeans that she usually rolls up, a plain colored tank top, an old beat up light brown leather jacket, and a pair of bright red running sneakers.


She is loyal, brave, and a fearsome fighter. Ryann is easily riled up, as well as angered and never thinks first before doing. Jumping into things without thinking of the possible consequences is her downfall. She absolutely hates it when others are protective of her, and thinks they think shes weak. Thus, she constantly feels she must prove herself strong.


She has a dagger.


When Ryann was born, she was loved and cherished by both a loving father and mother. For 4 years she had been spoiled and by the fourth year she even was to gain a baby brother. When her brother, Boris, was born her mother died from loss of blood. Ryann had grieved, but not as much as her father. He soon began to forget kindness, and was abusive to his children mostly Ryann. After a year of this, her father abandoned them on the streets. When was 10 she met a horrible man who beat her and even injured her eye for the res of her life. That is also when she met Idax and learnt of his "orphanage". Taking her brother, she joined Idax.

So begins...

Ryann Silvet's Story

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I took a piece of bread from the boy realizing I still didn’t know his name. I wanted to ask but I wasn’t sure how. A sound caught my attention. The two figures I had seen in the distance earlier had now arrived. The boy had bumped into the older girl. He blinked for a moment than catching sight of Evan and I said, “Hey, I’m Boris!” He proceeded to rush over for his share of bread. The girl stood silent for a moment then informed us that she was Ryann. “Bonjour,” I replied in French “I’m Avaline.” I scooted over to the younger boy, Boris. I was interested. I had never met anyone of my age and my curiosity was bothering me. I wanted to smile and start up a conversation with him but I couldn’t. I just stared.
Meanwhile Evan was emptying his pockets out and introducing himself at the same time. There was mostly bread and a few dry pastries. My mouth watered but I didn’t dare take one. We had to save our food. A girl walked in snapping me out of my daydream. She looked very young, maybe 10 or 11. She was pretty short too, like me. Yet I was still a bit smaller maybe by an inch. For a second I smiled realizing that for once I wasn’t the youngest. Then I remembered I was around people. My face flushed and then returned to its blank state. “Hello.” The girl greeted us. “Hey,” My brother answered. He looked perfectly relaxed. I, however, was very flustered in this new place. There was one new person flooding in after the next. Sighing, I forgot to answer the girl.
“Bonjour, je suis Avaline. Enchanté de faire votre connaissance.” I said. It was French for “Hello I’m Avaline. Nice to meet you.” I doubted the girl could speak French but I said it anyway. Shows how tired I was.