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Braydan James

I am not what you think I am.

0 · 401 views · located in Northern Idaho, USA

a character in “Identity”, as played by CriminalMinds




Braydan has a dark brown mop of hair on his head. It looks almost black, especially when wet. He's about 6'2 and is fairly well built from obvious time at a gym during the week. He has grey eyes. He has some facial hair on his face from lack of shaving the last few days. He looks rather rough and also has a cocky sort of 'know-it-all' look about himself as well. He looks arrogant as well.

Clothes wise, Braydan is found to be wearing a black shirt and a white wife beater as well as some navy torn and dirty jeans. How they got torn and dirty is another question. It could have been from the accident, or it could have been before the accident... Also, mixed in with the black shirt are some other marks - blood, dirt or stains?


Braydan has a deep gash on his forehead where it hit the steering wheel and knocked him out for a few minutes. He also seems to be limping for some reason - old or new injury?


There doesn't seem to be something quite right about Braydan. He's an arrogant and cocky guy who thinks he knows everything about everything. To friends he is very loyal but on the flip side he is also very secretive about his life. The few friends he does have, he hasn't told them anything about his past or present. They just know him as Braydan and that's that. Then again, he doesn't have many friends currently. He doesn't trust anyone but himself. Not now. People he used to trust betrayed him and he refuses to build links with anyone long enough for them to possibly mean something to him.

Braydan is very confident of himself and is a leader. He doesn't like being told what to do or how to do things. He expects to be listened to.

  • Sex
  • Women
  • Drinking
  • Gambling
  • Adventure
  • Idiots
  • People who don't follow his orders
  • Fools


Braydan is very good with his hands. He's a fighter and knows how to use his fists to pound peoples faces in. He gets into fights most of the time because of something he's said or done to someone else. Trouble follows him.

He counts himself as been skillful in bed. If asked about his skills he'd definitely list that because of his cocky and arrogant ways.

To him, he isn't weak but if you looked deep down you wold find his heart and find who he cared about. There are people in the world that he'd do anything for, but by not talking about them he thinks that he's keeping them safe.



Braydan came from an okay background. He had a mother and a father, of course they were only kids themselves when he was born. His mother was 15 and his father was 17. They were both into drugs and his mother was even a prostitute so there is no telling if his father is his real father or not. But, Braydan doesn't care. At the age of 8 he was taken into care by social services. Finally someone seemed to give a damn about him. But it was too late. Everyone wanted babies or little girls it seemed. No one wanted an 8 year old rowdy and trouble making boy and when people tried to foster him, he caused too much trouble and would be sent back.

He easily accepted that that was his life, building up a steel wall around his emotions so that he wouldn't care but it was when he was 27 he decided to track down his mother and find out what she was doing. He just wanted to know if she was dead or alive. He expected her to be dead. He wasn't stupid. He knew what kind of life she'd led. The first 8 years he'd been mixed up at it - witnessed it. He's gotten himself in so much trouble that he's even landed himself in prison more than once. He has a record as long as his arm.

But what he found out was everything he hadn't expected. She was living a happy life. Not long after he was taken into care she'd cleaned up and go to school. Now she was successful with a successful husband and it looked like she was pregnant - not far from expecting. Braydan was furious. How could she clean up and not come looking for him?

Then Braydan disappeared.

Which brings us to now. Braydon has 6 year old twins - a boy and a girl, Jake and Ryleigh, in tow with him. How he got them - only they know. Are they his siblings? Did he have his own kids? Are they a strangers? Cousins? Neighbours? Only Braydan knows the truth.

How you got here:

Braydan was driving out of town with the kids when he thought he saw a deer in the road and crashed the car.

Jake and Ryleigh
6 years old

They call Braydan, D. D for Denver? D for Dad or D for another reason? Who knows. Something seems to be missing though. Especially as the twins - especially Ryleigh seem wary of Braydan as well as new people. They too, seem mistrustful like Braydan.

So begins...

Braydan James's Story