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Yukimura Hiroki

A chuunibyou with a good soul who cares a lot about his brother.

0 · 1,141 views · located in Kazahana Academy

a character in “Idol Worship”, as played by cybernekokaito


{ the chuunibyou }

Name: Yukimura Hiroki / Hiroki Yukimura
Age: 18
Birthday: September 22
Year: Third
Gender: Male
Unit: House of Cards
Personality: On the outside, Hiroki appears to be a cool guy with a mildly cold exterior. He believes himself to be a Shinigami, reaping the souls of those he sings to instead of killing them (in a completely unlethal way, mind you) and this gives him strength. In actuality, though, he's just a lowly human with a love of video games, anime, and candy. He's something of a NEET (despite being in school and working to get into the idol business) and prefers to stay home and indoors in the dark in front of a TV screen. Despite all of this, he cares a lot about his friends and gets easily flustered when dropping his act. He also cares deeply about his brother, Akane, and always wants to keep him safe. He is respected by his fellow unit members and called 'Leader-san' by the others in House of Cards.
Sexuality: Homosexual
Height: 6'0"
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Other notable features: He wears glasses almost constantly since he can't see without them. His voice is deeper than one would expect from looking at him. When in public, he dresses himself up like some sort of punk, but when at home, he usually just wears loose, baggy shirts, sweat pants, and keeps a blanket wrapped around him. His dark appearance is a direct contrast to his brother's.
Prankster or do-gooder: A do-gooder, but his appearance makes him look like he'd cause a ruckus.
Likes: Anime, video games, music, the color black, his brother Akane
Dislikes: People who don't believe him, goodKNIGHT!, people who are rude to Akane, delayed release dates
Fears: Spiders
Talents: He can play the guitar very well.
Bio: Akane and Hiroki's parents both worked in the idol business as producers. Their sons, however, had talents as idols. Ever since they were children, they had a talent for singing. Hiroki learned to play the guitar at a very young age, to which their parents were very happy about. He also idolized his younger brother for the longest time for being so good at dancing, and being so seemingly perfect and good all the time. He found out during a talent show one year in his old private school that he seemed to feel much "stronger" when people cheer and like his music, and this birthed his chuunibyou complex. Their parents enrolled the two into Kazahana Academy immediately.
Face: Yukimura Tooru (Aoharu × Machinegun)
Voice: Takeuchi Ryouta (can't find one of him talking so you'll just get one of him singing, but if you've played/watched Dramatical Murder then you've heard his voice as Ren)

So begins...

Yukimura Hiroki's Story