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Autumn Garret

"Did I miss something?"

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a character in “If You Hold My Hand, I Will Hold It Forever”, as played by Lost Soul


-Autumn Garret-


-Twenty one-



[Physical Description]
-Autumn is what many would say is the "Girl Next Door" type, her natural beauty is very rarely enhanced with anything but a twist of her hair into a lazy bun or a bit shimmering, pink, lip gloss. Her style is whatever is comfortable to her and not always what is in style at the moment but despite that she always manages to look good. She prefers jeans and t-shirts when not working but at work she goes for a more corporate casual look. Either way she always exudes a confidence that glows with a glance or a smile. But there is one thing you will never see Autumn wearing and that's a pair of shorts or a short skirt, as a child she got into a bad bicycle accident and had to have several surgeries on her right leg, the scars left by this are one of her few insecurities.-

* Pickles
* Big Dogs
* Old Victorian architecture
* The Fall

* Bicycles
* The Scar on her leg.
* Swimming
* Her father.

-Autumn is a all around happy person, who is confident that she can do whatever she puts her mind to as long as she works hard and perseveres. She has never let anyone or anything stop her from doing something she wants to do. Growing up in a militaristic environment has given her a stubborn streak that can at times frustrate people. Often times when one first meets her they don't like her, but after getting to know her they find her personality changes their first impression of her. Autumn has a strong sense of duty to just about anything in her life, her job, her family and her friends, are all very important to her.

But there is a part of Autumn's past that is a sad and sometimes vengeful note to her. Her father's lack of dedication to his family and in the end abandonment of his children and wife; has always been a touchy subject with her. She chooses to change the subject or gets a fire in her eyes when anything is mentioned about her father. This often makes someone think, is Autumn truly as confident as she seems or is she just doing this to get the attentions of her "dead beat dad".-

-What do you name your baby when she was born in the middle of a hot summer in California? Why Autumn of course, she has questioned her mother many times as to what was going through her parents minds when they came up with this idea. Her mother would just chuckle and say "We just thought it sounded pretty", so Autumn would always be plagued with people saying "How cute is your birthday around Halloween?". An 'Army brat" that grew up hopping from one base house to the next, a girl who's tomboyish, but clumsy nature often got her into. With both her parents being on active duty it was hard and often times emotionally straining; the pair soon found that married military life with a child was hard. They couple were well known for having a rocky relationship that most of the time ended up up in verbal confrontations that could be heard all over the neighborhood.

When Autumn was six her mother found herself pregnant once again adding more fuel to fire that was her crumbling marriage. Autumn learned at a young age that her parents were busy people that didn't always have the time for her so she learned to entertain herself. When her brother Tanner was born things became even more hectic. It all must have became too much for her father and one day he left and never came back, for her mother being a single parent wasn't the problem it was the fact that he had just given up like a coward. Her mother having no choice, had to leave Autumn and Tanner with their grandmother in LA.

Grandma Lee Lee was a good but strict woman, who kept a tight house that was ruled by ideals that would seem old fashion but Autumn blossomed in the environment. Maybe it was the fact that her grandmother no matter how busy always seemed to have time to stop what she was doing and pay attention to the children, something that was lacking when being reared by her parents. It was always expected of Autumn that she would do well in school, so she did... it was always expected of her to use good manners, so she did. When she was in school many thought her to be stuck up or the teacher pet because she was well behaved and did as she was told without question.

When Autumn was eight her mother finished her tour in the military and got a job working at the 911 call center. This was a change for her, she had gotten so used to her grandmother that she began to act out around her mother. One day when she had been told several time that she may not go out and ride her bike, she sneaked out of the house and went riding anyway. But an accident occurred while she was out and she was left lying in the street with a bad compound fracture in her right leg. Thankfully someone saw her and was able to call for an ambulance, her mother and grandmother rushed to the hospital as soon as they were contacted. Over the next four years Autumn had three surgeries to correct the damage to her leg, in middle school she was teased mercilessly for her limp and the huge scar. It was also around this time that her father showed up out of the blue, for six years they had heard nothing from him... not even a letter.

He stayed with them for about six months but after the fighting and the arguing started again he left in the night once again. It was then that Autumn decided she would never be able to trust her father again, and the very thought of him made her blood boil with anger. Autumn's high school years were much like her younger school years she did well, her physical beauty often drew many boys around her throwing jealousy her way. Many at first glance expected her to be on the school cheer leading team and were later shocked to find her in shop class building things. This was when Autumns love for architecture started, she had always had a thing for old Victorian houses, which was odd since they lived in a cramped two bedroom apartment in LA.

She graduated one of the top in her class and was excited when she received a scholarship to one of the best schools in LA. A project in which she made a scaled down, exact replica of an old house that had been owned by an old film star won her a competition. College life was a new experience for Autumn she had always been the type to stay home and study while her friends went to parties, got boy friends and barely passed their classes. But that was never an option for her she was going to do this, Autumn graduated and now feels like maybe she missed something those four years. All of her friends had gotten married and started families, was that how it was supposed to be? Autumn was begging to feel a little lonely she had thoughts of moving back home. But having been on her own for so long she didn't want to do that, she soon decided that if she didn't get a job within a few months she would move back home with mother.-

So begins...

Autumn Garret's Story