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Jonathon "Iron Wall" Riggs

"I have my orders, and I will carry them out with precision and cold justice..."

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a character in “Illegal Generation”, as played by Zentose


ImageJonathon "Iron Wall" Riggs

Nickname: |Iron Wall
Age: 29
Gender: Male

My Fear: Failing a mission
What I Hate: Zealots, traitors, anyone who opposes the government, people who don't do their job correctly, incompetence, and people who are afraid of fighting.
What I Love: Food, the sun, those under his command, and stargazing.
Role: First Lieutenant
Power: Perfect balance; this may not seem all that impressive at first, but it is, he can easily dodge almost any attack, he can do nigh-impossible jumping feats, he can throw(or shoot) things perfectly ricocheting them multiple times if he wants, and he can stand on practically anything, whether its a wire, a pole, or a ball.
My Crush: He has no time for such things, there is a war going on!

Personality: Jonathon has immense respect for the Military, and everything it stands for, he would gladly give his life for it. He is very chivalrous as well, treating women more kindly than men. When he is in command he never lets his emotions show, hence the reason his nickname the "Iron Wall" stuck. In private however, Jonathon is depressed and drinks alot, but never right before or during a Mission.

About me: Jonathon's childhood was spent moving between orphanages, nothing immensely spectacular or interesting in his early years. He joined the Military at the age of 19, he quickly moved up the ranks and became a First Sergeant at the age of 25. He was stationed in a city under the command of a Captain. During a riot the Captain was killed, along with all other officers ranking higher than Jonathon. Jonathon then swiftly took command and stood against the rioters in the Military Command base for 48 hours, with limited ammunition and supplies. He lost one soldier to the onslaught of rioters, and was first given the nickname the "Iron Wall." The name stuck from his emotionless demeanor as he rose up the ranks, he was made Second lieutenant for his actions in the city that day, and was given command of a small squad of troops. He ranked up at the age of 27, and is still referred to as the "Iron Wall" in some circles.

Roleplayer: Zentose

You could never surpass us...

So begins...

Jonathon "Iron Wall" Riggs's Story


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Character Portrait: Jonathon "Iron Wall" Riggs
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#, as written by Zentose
((Dang wrong place, sorry XD))

The setting changes from project21 to ??clos


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Character Portrait: Jonathon "Iron Wall" Riggs
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#, as written by Zentose
| Jonathon Riggs |

Jonathon was watching his squadron on the training grounds, rushing through hoops and difficult challenges, both physical and mental. The pale mid-day sun was cool, a gentle breeze came as a constant reminder of the outside bliss that those above felt as opposed to those below. Jonathon just watched as his squadron went through the course, he was an officer, he received his training through experience, but sadly, half of his squad died on the last excision, and the other half were severely injured, so he was stuck with all new recruits. Not once did he complain, nor did he ever feel the need to either, those were his orders, and that was indeed what he would do.

-One week earlier-

A routine mission in Project 21, seven children were not present in the last scanner run, so four squads were sent down to search for them.

"Sir!" Jonathon's second-in-command began, "We have reports of gun fire from the first squadron's patrol route."

"They must have come in contact with one of the targets," Jonathon said, in his usual monotone, emotionless manor.

"Well sir, a scout from the third squadron reported that seven children, matching the descriptions of the seven missing children, attacked and killed all the soldiers there.

This surprised Jonathon, but he did not show it, "Seems a militant group has been formed with the seven outlaws, tighten the perimeter, be prepared for an assault from all sides."

"Yes sir!" his group yelled, following his orders.

After ten more minutes along their patrol group, the group of children attacked, rocks and trees and energy blasts were thrown from all sides, Jonathon's men began to fire upon the assaulting children as they appeared. The skirmish lasted only a few moments before the children retreated, two of their numbers lied dead on the ground, three more were definitely injured.

Jonathon rushed threw his squadron and counted three dead, two severely injured. To this he said, "Medic stay behind and care for these two while calling for the other squadrons to rendezvous at this position, you two," he pointed to the only two soldiers whom he hadn't given orders to, "Come with me, we're going to track them."

Jonathon and the two soldiers followed a trail of blood for about half a kilometer. The track converged on a small house. Jonathon pulled out his 10mm pistol and replaced the full metal jacket clip, with hollow point. He used hand signals to order his troops to ready grenades to be loped into the house from all windows.

He gave the order and the grenades were thrown inside, as the explosion resonated throughout the streets, the screams of children were heard, most likely losing limbs or being severely maimed in the blast. Two children ran out of the house unscathed, a 16-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl.

"Come quietly kid," Jonathon said, raising his gun towards the boy, who was about 3 meters away from him.

He scoffed then asked, "The 'Iron Wall,' right?"

"My nickname is nothing, come quietly, or die, it's your choice."

"Or die? I didn't realize it was a choice in this discriminatory government!"

"Will you come quietly or not?" Jonathon asked, pulling back the hammer on his pistol.

The child made rocks shoot up through the streets, and surrounded himself and the girl with them, there was no area large enough for Jonathon to shoot through. The rocks surrounding him began to be launched from his shielding at Jonathon. In one single fluid movement, Jonathon not only twirled and sauntered through the barrage of rocks unscathed, but once the kid's shield was gone, Jonathon fired, the bullet piercing the child's forehead causing the back of his head to propell itself outward as he landed on the ground, a large splash of blood coating a small trail to his skull, signaling his inevitable defeat. Jonathon then moved towards the other child, a 4-year-old by the looks of her.

"I suppose you'll go quietly..." He said, raising his gun to her forehead.

She smiled, then Jonathon heard a scream from behind him, be looked back, one of his men was pummeled to death by rocks, the other was being pushed on the ground with an increasing amount of force, he was being crushed. The girl's power was to control gravity, Jonathon tried to raise his gun back to her head, but the force of gravity around him became too great for him to lift the gun. She continued to smile as he heard the bone's of his last soldier crush and break. He felt immense pain all over his body as he struggle to get free, He lifted his gun up at an angle of just enough, then fired, the bullet pierced the girl's arm, nearly causing the limb to fall off from the force of the hollow-point.

The girl screamed and held her arm, the pressure lifted from Jonathon's body... He lifted his gun towards her forehead and said, "It's only orders..." then fired.

-Present Day-

Jonathon took a large drink from his flask, the burning sensation appeasing his conscience, for a time. He had done much worse, but it was just the most recent. Their faces continually haunt him while he is sober, hence his persona, the "Iron Wall," an ultimate force of good for adults, the emotionless, thoughtful leader that is needed to get everyone home, which is what Jonathon tried to always did. The worst part about the mission wasn't killing a 4-year-old, it was that they killed so many of his own men... He took another drink from his flask and put it away. He moved over to the new recruits of his, and began to bark orders at them, as was expected of the commanding officer...

The setting changes from clos to Project21


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MuteEcho wrote:Hi There Everyone!!
It appears that this RO has Died D: But Since It was one of my favorite Ideas i dont want to let it go away as long as Someone is interested!!!

SO!!~ I'm going to re-create it, anyone from this RP gets FIRST DIBS on the characters in the next RP either as the Role you already have or another.

After that the remaining roles are open the the public

Comment here or PM Me, Kiyokojordie, or Forevernever if you still show interest!!!

The New RP will be made within a week

Thankyuu!~ ^^

MuteEcho wrote:Posting order will not be a rule anymore!
Thanks for showing interest again!

MuteEcho wrote:ROLES

nicknames Shinon Noa, N.O.A
power Control Technology and Machines
roleplayer fOREVERnEVER


-Located in PROJECT 21-

nicknames PREA
age 14
gender FEMALE
power Healing with my thoughts
roleplayer MuteEcho

nicknames Jibunji
age 15
role Cook
power Pyrokinesis (CONTROLS FIRE WITH MIND)

roleplayer Ashtonwolf

|LIRRI|nicknames Mouse; Lynx.
age 16
role "FINDER" kinda like a detective
power Shape-shifting. The ability to transform ones self into any animal or animal-like creature.
roleplayer Skwidge.

age (YOUNG)

roleplayer ______

nicknames Paun Paun
age 15
power Can produce food or nourishment or change things into it
roleplayer FoReVeRnEvEr

nicknames Shadow
age 16
role Security
power Shadow Manipulation (Night has the ability to use the darkness around him in various ways, be they to cloak, or attack)

roleplayer Adig01

nicknames Hal
age 9
power Hali can manipulate any material into a weapon with her mind.

roleplayer SpidersKillChickens

nicknames none
age 17 3/4
power Move metal objects with his mind, turn something into metal temporarliy
roleplayer MuteEcho

nicknames JUNE
age 15
gender FEMALE
role Toy Maker
power Control over the toys she makes

roleplayer youngbreyer

nicknames Kana
age 16
role Warehouse Clerk
power Telekinesis (Move Objects With mind)

roleplayer HeremeNow


-Located in Éclos-

nicknames Luth or Luck
age 21
role second in command/hunter
poweralchemy(morph anything he touches)
roleplayer Rekkainferna

nicknames Mistral
age 20
role A ‘cleaner’
power really skilled with swords especially katana, ability to manipulate wind with swords

roleplayer Arthurna

nicknames Iron Wall
age 29
role First Lieutenant
power Perfect balance

roleplayer Zentose

nicknames Ara
age 23
role Weapons Engineer (researches and creates new weapons for the adult army)
power Her power is directly related to what part of your body she comes into contact with

roleplayer youngbreyer



nicknames Cleo, Tina
age 27
role Assassin
power Poison

nicknames Wolf
age 20


roleplayer PureOutcast

gender male

role major general

roleplayer _____



nicknames Please just call me Natalie, thanks.
age 19

role Assassin
power Nateki has the power of perfect aim when she pulls the trigger its guaranteed its going to hit where she wants it

roleplayer fwolf1911.45