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Illuminary: When Games Are Reality

Illuminary: When Games Are Reality


A new game came out which allows its users to warp to another dimension and play a game which is also reality. The game is currently booming but will you survive? (NEED PEOPLE!)

1,531 readers have visited Illuminary: When Games Are Reality since Fallen created it.



Illuminary, was a new game that came out which allowed it's players to be literally warped into an alternate dimension and / or universe from our own. The game, though a game, was realistic. Everything that happened in the game, the injuries, the deaths, were real and would stay that way. Because the dimension itself, was real. It was the most controversial game ever created. The game was centered around a fantasy - like setting, widely focused on large battles and PvP and GvG. Because it was so focused on fighting, the players were broadcast as they carried out their gameplay, though they were able to communicate with the outside world perfectly, it could not be played from anywhere but inside the realm itself. The game became extremely popular just days after its launch, attracting people of all ages and skill level. Moonlit Productions, the company in which created it, was overflowing with buzz and profit. However, they were also threatened with lawsuits. Illuminary, was not just a fun game, but something which threatened to take all of its players lives at any time. Drawing more and more of a younger crowd, parents were not pleased.

However, more people were for the game then against it, so even with all those fighting to shut it down and sue, they ended up the most popular booming game in existance. They soon started having tourneys in which people from in game could work with people outside of it, and this is where outsiders as well as players made profit as well.

What are you? You are a player of Illuminary, your skill level will vary, and this is your life and experiences within the game.


- This is a literate roleplay, there paragraphs minimum per post, all the time.
- I do not reserve, I do not reserve, again I do not reserve.
- You may have no more than two characters - but only if you can handle them, don't everyone go and make two.
- No godmodding in any way, shape, or form. Players so accused will be dealt with before a full court of peers.
- Be creative when it comes to your weapons and gear. The more unique you are, the more you stand out.
- Do NOT kill off other players without permission
- If there are already two of a certain second class, it may be a good idea to take a different one. Originality tends to be more fun.
- Keep in mind, not everyone will be veterans of the game. There will be some first classes. (Class promotions are being reviewed presently.)
- Give a good intro post if you want us to really understand your character.
- There are no stupid questions. If you don't ask, you'll never know.
- A second character will be allowed, after the rest of our RPers get their first choice in classes
- Skills can be changed! The skills listed are to give you an idea of what the class is all about. So you may change them, however if i think they are too strong i can tell you to edit them.
- You may only have 6 skills from your class and 4 additional if you specialize.
- Anime pictures only!

T:Able to trade/sell
SA: Safe haven, monsters and wild animals do not travel

Inns: Some towns have an inn for temporary visitors as well as tired or injured visitors.
Potion shop: Most towns have a small potion shop that sells minor and medium sized potions. Vary in price depending on towns.
Weapon Shop: Larger towns have a weapon shop which have basic weapons as well as arrows.
Armor Shop: Larger towns have an armor shop which have basic armors.
Forging Area: Some towns have a special area where people can build and forge items.
Residential Area: Some towns have a residential area where people are able to buy houses. Houses vary in size and appearance depending on towns. Some towns have nicer houses than others. Houses can be paid for in full or weekly.

(Main / focused on towns)

Alliah (T/SA/Illuminary's capital and most crowded city overall. Many events go on here. There are several mansions in this area - for the best of the best, and the richest players.)
Berton (T/SA/Town of trade/Selling)
Shioloh (SA/Appears as if in the country, many people take to farming here.)
Lillick (T/Mini town in the middle of Illuminary. Known for its always open inn.)
Greenburg (SA/Most quiet of all the towns, people often stop to relax here.)
Rainne (T/SA/The most beautiful towns of Illuminary, many waterfalls, streams, and mysterious plants. Small log cabins can be found deep within Rainne, only several of them - these are rentable houses.)
Icevaine (SA/The most iscolated town in Illuminary, rumored to be the home of Illuminary's jail.)
Zail (SA/Illuminary's newest town; still under construction. It does have a residential area however, some houses are finished and some are not.)
Isis (Not much is known about this town, few people ever visit it, nobody knows why...)
Maine Sadly, this town is only known for it's inn. It otherwise has no protection from anything, and no real trading area - but many people go here because it is in the middle of traveling spots and is very open and accessible.



Humans are just that, your average everyday human. They are well rounded in everything but specialize in nothing. Yet they have no particular weaknesses.


Type A (High Elves): High elves are your typical majestic looking elves. They are pale, elegant, and light on their feet. Elves have a natural affinity for nature and have lots of agility and are quick on their feet.

Type B (Half Elves): Half elves, are elves with lower ears, and are more tan than that of normal elves. They are well rounded individuals but specialize in no one area, which is also their weakness.


Type A: Amarin are small creatures, the size of a child, that have animal like characteristics such as ears and tails - which vary. Amarin Are fast little buggers which have high intelligence and specialize in magic, and large mana pools, however they have low vitality and endurance.


Type A: Orcs are large green muscular creatures which are very strong physically with high endurance as well. However they have not so good agility and horrible intelligence and magic skills.


Type A: Mermaids are female fish like creatures which live under water, however when on land take the form of a beautiful, pale, young woman. They often have light hair colors and blue eyes. Mermaids have high intelligence and specialize in magic. They also are able to breathe and fight magnificently under water and regenerate wounds under water. On land they have high agility.


Type A: Type A vampires are your basic sensitive to sunlight, garlic, die by the stake vampires. The need to drink blood every so often to even stay alive, and they are pale in complexion. They often have a great sense of smell and are very agile and quick on their feet.

Type B: Type B vampires are like type A vampires but have went so often without blood, that they have become emotionally unstable. They are violent when hungry, even if it is not in their nature, and they are stronger in physical strength when hungry than normal vampires. The downside is they are hungry way more often, and their bite is extremely painful. It is rumored that when on the brink of death, the males can poison with their fangs when they bite - regardless of if that was their intention.

Type C: Type C vampires are like backwards vampires. They are extremely rare as well. They are not sensitive to sun, they don't dislike garlic, and a stake is not their natural enemy. They are like that of humans except one thing. They need to bite - to give blood. They need to get rid of excess blood every so often or they fall ill and throw up blood or get extreme bloody noses. These vampires are able to read emotions of those they bite and their bite is said to feel nothing but amazing.


Type A: These werewolves are like shape shifters, they change at will into their werewolf or dog like form, and at will they change back. They have a great amount of endurance, stamina, are quick on their feet, and are always warm.

Type B: These werewolves only change during the full moon, however they are much stronger than type A when in their wolf form. They are natural lovers of the night, and also heal quickly in their wolf form.


Type A: The only type of demon, they do not have wings like some people think. They have a good amount of strength and heightened senses. They are good fighters when it comes to darkness and shadows. The night is often their friend. Most of the time they are cunning or deceitful.


Type A: Type A is your stereotypical female (or male) that attracts the opposite sex and is often times able to get them to do things just by talking to them. They are alluring to anyone of the opposite sex, even if they don't want to be. They are always attractive, and they have heightened senses, voices like silk, and their touch is always warm.

Type B: It is extremely rare, but type b is somewhat like that of type A, except they attract the same sex, and REPEL the opposite sex.


Type A: Type A zombies look like normal humans, however they cannot be in the light or they will slowly burn. They were people once human, who died and were brought back to life by a necromancer. Zombies are the walking dead and thus cannot die - ever. They never appear to age. They are physically strong though a little fragile. They do fail pain when injured, though the heal themselves over time even if decapitated.

Type B: Type B zombies are like zombies you see in horror movies. They ARE the dead, scary, creepy, slow and slow talkers as well. Hard to understand, not easy on the eyes.


Warrior: Warriors are all muscle, they often use two handed weapons and have a lot of brute strength but lack in defense.
Specialization choices: Sword master (Two handed quick attacker), Duelist (Booster of attack, but skills that lessen defense), Berserker (Boost in attack, agility, critical, and accuracy but lowers physical defense, magical defense, and dodge.)

Knight: Knights are often one handed fighters, they don't have as much power as warriors, but they usually wield shields which give more defense.
Specialization choices: Rune knight (Ability to imbue elements into weapons.) General (Enhances hp pool and attack power as well as block and critical, lowers mana pool)

Templar: Templars are pure tanks, with light healing abilities.
Specialization choices: Phalanx: (Enhanced healing and self support), Paladin (Enhanced defense and shield skills)

Warlock: Warlocks specialize in powerful AOE attacks, often slow casting but worth the wait.
Specialization choices: Illustionist (Ability to create illusions), Elementalist (Ability to control up to two elements - water, wind, fire, earth, lightning, darkness, light. Enhanced magic attack.), Elemental Lord (Ability to control the elements fire, water, wind, and earth - at the same time, though weaker than controlling one at a time. Enhanced attacking range.)

Sage: Sages are single target attackers, though with powerful skills. They also have light support skills they are able to learn as well.
Specialization choices: Monk (Powerful single target attacks with enhanced self defense), Dark Soul (Single target dark magic user)

Necromancer: Necromancers are able to conjure and control the dead, as well as speak to them.
Specialization choices: Crimson magnus (Allows the user to bring back corpses, skeletons, or bodies good as new - but must pay in their own blood, increases mana pool) Phantom Evoker (Allows the users to raise souls without a body, increases summoning time) Overlord (Allows the user to summon more dead, and increase their power, also increases overall magical power, but lowers magical defense.)

Auramancer: Auramancers are able to control and manipulate auras of living people and creatures, this gives them the ability to manipulate moods, actions, speech, and to see peoples auras and moods as well.

Archer: Archers are masters of the bow and specialize in long ranged combat.
Specialization choices: Ranger (Learn dagger skills), Scout (Gain many aoe bow skills)

Gunner: Gunners are able to wield many types of guns for long range combat or close range combat.
Cannoneer (Allows the user of heavy cannons and machinery, increases range and attack power)

Dancer: Dancers are support characters, whom also specialize in bows and whips. They do dances in which give buffs to their party members, sadly they cannot heal.

Soloists: Soloists are buffers and healers whose skills come from singing. Whenever they sing their skills come into play in AOE form. Unlike the cleric, their heals are not as strong.
Specialization choices: Muse (Stronger support aoes and more physical and magical defense), Mystic (Able to inflict damage with song, stronger magical attack), Siren (Able to lure and then cause status ailments to foes stronger physical defense)

Cleric: The best healers of Illuminary, and often the most sought after in a party.
Specialization choices: Witch doctors (Ability to leech life from others to heal people), Cardinal (Stronger heals and some holy attacks) Diabolist (Gives more nukes and disables, with less heals.)

Prophet: The best buffers in Illuminary, sadly they cannot heal at all. Their buffs however are all single target.
Specialization choices: Saint (Powerful self targeted buffs and enhanced defense)

Shaman: Shamans summon totems in certain areas to cast magical spells or to buff nearby allies.

Thief: Thieves are known for their ability to steal - thieves are also known for their ability to steal skills from monsters and mimic them for a period of time.

Assassin: Assasins are known for their skills with blades - they can use any type of dagger, sword, or blade. They are often extremely fast and quick on their feet.

Entrapper: Entrappers specialize in traps and single dagger attacks.

Alchemist: Alchemists specialize in potion making and abnormal plant and life creation, they often have a lot of defense and life force.
Specialization choices: Creator (Allows the use of toxic and poison substances, also gives more magical power overall.)

Puppeteer: Puppeteers are people that specialize in controlling puppets of all kinds. They use their fingers with almost translucent strings to move around their puppets. They often have enhanced magic defense and mana pools.
Specialization choices: Puppet Master (Allows the summoning of bosses and mini bosses, but can only summon one at a time, each with a long cool down time.) Marionette (Allows the summoning of human dolls and / or temporary control of humans).

Hybrids: People that tweak their class to work with different weapons, or create a style of their own, title themselves as Hybrid ________ <classname.

Rouges are people that have mastered more than one class, usually it is only two. These people have reached at least level seventy, and did a mid rebirth to fifty to level again with their other class abilities.


Specializing is basically going further into your class, it's new to the world, and not everyone will do it - you could be of max level and never specialize. It requires one to finish a grueling quest, multiple pvp tourneys, a clan war win, and be a certain level as well as having certain titles.
Am accepting suggestions for specializations.



Values: Friendship, love, bonds, creativity, enjoyment, advancement together, perfecting themselves together, climbing to the top as a team.
Type: PvE, PvP,GvG, Raids
Leader: Diana
Co lead: Allura


Pride, loyalty, strictness, rules, strength, reputation, winning.
PvP, GvG, Raids
Leader: Open
Co lead: Open


Winning, being the strongest, reputation, no rules, proving themselves, pk.
PvP, Pk, GvG, Raids
Leader: Leliiana
Co lead: Open


Regions are basically the areas in which people go for world wars. Each region has their own beliefs and morals and each guild must choose a region. Regioned guilds do not fight amongst themselves.

Air: The free spirited region, they are all about creativity, expressing yourself, and learning new things. They believe in independence and self teaching. They also strongly believe in friendship and trust towards allies.

Amore: The region of pride. They are all about loyalty, strength, and discipline. They have strict rules and believe everyone should always fall in line behind their leader no matter what.

Brale: Brale is for the undecided. These people are mixed with all type of other people. Different morals, beliefs, the thing about Brale is not everyone tends to get along. They have their strong points though.

Paine: The region that is all about conquering and winning at all costs. They are ruthless, brutal, and will stop at nothing to get what they want. Mercy is not a word in their vocabulary, neither is quitting.


Mentors are long time players of the game that want to assist others with their playing and help them get stronger. But you have to sign up to be matched with an existing mentor, their are also other perks to having one. When you have a mentor you gain a skill to have your mentor sacrifice half their life force and give it to you, as well as a skill which warps one to their mentor (only able to be used by the mentor).


Dragon (A): Those long long long skinny dragons o-o..
Dragon (B): Your typical dragon
Water dragon: (Only used for crossing bodies of water)
Snow/white tiger
Large lizard

Pets: I'll allow anything you can think of really, but they have to be smaller in size - such as that their size cannot exceed that of a mount.


In Illuminary, everyone is given a communication device which they either wear on their wrist as a bracelet, on their neck as a necklace, or as a headset, which allows them to speak in party, guild, alliance, private message, or trade. They are activated via voice ex 'PM Allura blah blah' or 'Party chat blah blah'.

Availability for levels:
(Will only allow a certain amount of higher levels)

Level 85-100: 0
Level 75+: 1
Level 50+ 3
Below 50 unlimited

Availability for rouges: 0
Availability for hybrids 2

Character Sheets

Real appearance: (Picture and description: anime only)


Level: (1 - 100)
Skills: (Learned skills from said class - higher the level, the more the skills, so be reasonable)
Abilities: (Some things they happen to be good at that aid them in the game - has nothing to do with class, magic, etc.)
Specialization: (Only three people will have specialized already!)

The breakdown: Must label everything from the following: [Very weak] [Weak] [Poor] [Fair] [Good] [Great] [Excellent]

Agility: (How fast they attack)
Speed: (How fast they move such as running/walking)
Block: (Must have shield)
Offensive magic:
Defensive magic:
Physical defense:
Magical defense:

Fighting style: (How do you look when you fight?)
Techniques: (Ways you tend to fight, skills you chain a lot, or physical fighting styles you know)

Most favorable trait:


Clan ranking: (Leader, co-leader, council member, member, junior member, recruit)
Clan title:
Clan reputation:
Lone title(s): (Title, has nothing to do with clan - must be earned through quests, hunts, or pvp)

Assist skill(s): (Pets can give you buffs or assist skills, what are they?)

Equipment: (May include LINKS to pictures. However include detailed descriptions - tell me EVERYTHING you are carrying and everything you use.)
Weilding: This is the weapons you have in hand - does not include extra weapons that may be stored on you somewhere.)

Biography: (Include home history andIlluminary history.)
Family: (Only if they play the game as well)
Friends: (Self explanatory)
Foes: (People you dislike)
Enemies/rivals: (Self explanatory)
Relationship status: (Single/taken/it's complicated etc..)
Love interest: (In love with/secretly in love with/dating/crushing on/lusting after/has eyes on..)

Toggle Rules

The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

The Story So Far... Write a Post » as written by 5 authors


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Character Portrait: Allura Mae Thompson
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#, as written by Fallen
If someone had asked me about the game I play, I would have looked at them and laughed. This wasn't a game, it was almost a second life, an alternate reality which in fact affects reality itself. A game they say? No, I dare not say this is a game, as I watch people around me scream in pain, fall to the ground and beg for life. But they are not spared, no, they are put out of their misery, or perhaps even tortured - I suppose it depends on the person. Instead of looking to the safe zone just to see their faces re appear however, they continue to lay there, as their blood spills on the floor, and this is where they die and cease to exist - in this world and the next. Technology is not what it used to be, it's something we should actually feat at this point, someone was able to create an alternate world in which we, the 'gamers', were able to play this lovely game. The fucked up thing about it all, is they watch us. People from the real world can watch us play, watch us die, speak to us. It's like watching animals kill each other, in a stadium, is that what this game has become? In the beginning, it was just something new, something fun, but egotistical bastards have taken over what should have been the all too real experience.

Sometimes I surprise myself, I joined in alpha stages of this game, around the time where someone could actually glitch to death. But I was lucky not to be one of those people, I don't know whether I just have no regards for my life, or just wanted something more, but what firstly drew me to this was the adventure. But I shouldn't call it that anymore. It is true, that there are ways to play this game safely, where no one will ever come after you, where you may never die, but perhaps you then wouldn't want to exceed a certain level, people who are full of themselves, people who are sadistic in nature, they love to come after the weak, apparently it makes them strong to kill someone lesser than them. Morons. Illuminary, if I remember correctly, has been and is still under many law suits, many which are from parents of children who play this game, or families who have lost a love one, but it spiraled out of control since too many people have just fallen in love with it. People say I am not very likeable, I don't really have friends, if there was a moment I was ever glad for that I suppose it would be now.

I have wondered what the creators of this game look like, the people who could tweak technically to this insane amount, the people who could throw people in a game with the possibility they would die. I bet they watch us and laugh as we scream bloody murder and cry in pain. They must be those kind of people, they must also be swimming in money by now, what assholes to make money on something like this. I have played this game for a long time now, I have gotten to a level where I must always be aware of everything if I want to stay alive, afraid? I think not, I don't fear someone coming after me, there has been many a fights that I have gotten into, but I think, I think sometimes...

From a distance, a song could be heard, a beautiful voice which echoed through the mountains of Illuminary. From a distance, it appeared to be a small petite female, almost seeming to dance on her toes leaving a trail of bodies behind her. In her hands, two swords, that hacked and slashed their way through the mobs of monsters, mercilessly leaving blood spattered about. And through it all, she continued to sing, causing different colors of light to illuminate around her. Currently, what looked like a bubble of blue light surrounded her, along with pink flashing and twinkling lights. The girl jumped and flipped about, not only quick on her feet but quick in her attacks as well. Finally, she got to the end of the masses of monsters, stopping for a moment, then looking behind her.

Allura's eyes ran over all the monsters which lay on the ground, her song ceasing. It was so hard to gain levels at ninety five, even in dungeons or raids, it was not easy. Sometimes, she just thought she wasn't going to level at all anymore, but she was one of the few of such high level due to how early she started playing the game. Allura was always traveling alone, she preferred not to rely on anyone, and found it hard to trust people anyways. It was surprising, she was he co-leader of the guild Quintessence because of so, in fact, she believed she only got the role because of her level, she definitely was not a people person. Allura had this tendency to radiate this fuck off or I'll kill you aura. Whether or not she wanted to, it was surprising since she was partly a support class, who was she even supporting? There was her guild of course, but still.

She was in the mountains closed to the city of Rainne, it was almost the most beautiful place in Illuminary, the waterfalls, the beautiful plants and greenery, the wild life - everything. Allura for the most part sometimes looked like someone easily made a target. She was small, five one, slim and slender. She had this blank expression on her face a lot of the time, hiding or not being able to even express emotions unless she was angry. She was a support class partially, which people loved to go after, and she had on a statted costume which people loved to kill others for and steal. She looked over all, fragile, but looks could be very, very deceiving. Especially in the world of Illuminary.

Allura continued forward, her magical shield still surrounding her, next to her her pet dragon. He was small, being able to fit on her shoulder, which she named Kai. She had had him since about the level thirty. He flew beside her as he always did, and she would occasionally talk to him and he would respond in his own way. She listened to the wild life around her, there was always your average animal somewhere on a map, which was non threatening but actually huntable. Allura was on her way to a dungeon, she always checked them to see if there were others there should could perhaps party quest with, not that she enjoyed working with others. The good thing about party quests were that you could be multiple levels, it was just recommended to be a certain level. There were dungeons and towers, towers being the more dangerous, as you were capable of death. But the drops, oh the drops were better.


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Character Portrait: Alexander "Xan" Godfrey
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0.00 INK

#, as written by WAAAGH!
One thing that Xan never failed to notice was the heat. While the sun was neither unforgiving or the land parched, but when you rode around in full armor, it was a whole other realm. The sweat that would be rolling down his back to cool himself off was getting sucked into the leather beneath the hot chainmail causing a great deal of discomfort as the leather shrunk due to the moister. Perhaps the thing that was most odd odd was the smell. Instead of reeking like he did after P.E, he smelt of Lavender. Truly, who smells like lavender when they sweat? It seemed incubuses did.

His long flowing black hair was tied in a long tail with the knot at the bottom to allow him to brush it over his shoulder and out of his face; the helm was hard enough to see out of without the extra annoyance of hair continually falling into his face. The small slots just large enough for him to be able to get a limited view of the world, but the main reason he chose this particular helm was the chainmail veil. It kept his face cool by allowing the fresh air to flow freely through the chain links.

Pulling back on the reins, he halted the large white mare to get a better view on his new surroundings. The forest was slowly starting to thin as the once mighty pines that toward above him and blocked out the harsh rays of the sun had receded in favor of the smaller spruce like trees, although, Xan could not tell you what trees they were exactly as this world was not the same. From his map, Xan knew his destination drew near. He had a quest to go to Lillick at the center of Illuminary and begin his new… storyline there.

It was simply a distraction to keep him from his own thoughts. Xan knew that in order to reach greater power he would need to join a guild to truly reach his full potential, and only two guilds held a place for him: Synergy and Outlaw. Xan’s control had been steadily weakening. Just yesterday, his hands had shaken with the need to choke an elf player till her eyes popped. He wanted to feel the life leave her body… and he would have done it if the ogre had not arrived. The large hammer smashing into the ogres face splintering bone and spraying Xan with blood. The demon in his soul roaring with approval as Xan bathed in the blood of the dead ogre. The loss of control, no matter how brief, sickened him. Xan felt more like a monster then a human these days, perhaps it was fitting he be something in-between like an Incubus, although he could have lived without the constant lavender smell.

Synergy… perhaps they could help him. They were famous for their strictness, pride and strength. Perhaps they had other warriors like him. Warriors who hungered for death… and how to control it, but when he slept. When his walls no longer controlled his mind, he desired to join the Outlaws. Every time he would imagine himself wading through crowds of soldiers swinging his hammer and feeling with his very soul as every bone in their body shattered, as their life bloods splattered across his armor… He wanted to dig his teeth into their flesh. To rip and tear until nothing was left. It sickened him… but on those nights. On those nights, he slept soundly.

“Come Karen.” Xan said softly, digging his knees into her flanks, the white mare erupted into a brisk trot.


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Character Portrait: Maira Ianna von Eifes Character Portrait: Alexander "Xan" Godfrey
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A loud roar tore through the afternoon air, followed by an explosion and a monstrous groan of agony. Birds were sent scattering from their perches as several trees tumbled to the ground, falling right into the path of the rider going unsuspectingly on his way to Lillick. As the dust cleared, a dark shape appeared atop one of the fallen trees - a girl? Gold light danced around her as the forms of countless golden butterflies sprang into being, then launched themselves further into the dark forest. Another roar of pain rang out, then a massive arm shot out from between the trees, dealing a powerful punch toward the sorceress.

A flash of light tore through the air, and the forest giant's arm was sent spinning off into a tree. The black-clad girl had vanished from view - for a moment, anyway. The very next instant, the giant screamed in agony, clutching at its head with its remaining hand as blood spewed forth from its skull in torrents, and it fell backward into the trees, and out of sight. The girl landed, folding her glistening golden wings and sheathing her sword.

Maira brushed sweat from her brow, dismissing her familiars and banishing her wings from existence. She had just wanted to leave her tower to restock on potions and maybe do some quests - she really hadn't planned on encountering the boss of the forest - a gigantic forest troll - during that excursion. Fortunately, she was thirty levels higher than the behemoth, and her magical power had allowed her to blow it away fairly easily. Looking around, she surveyed the area - it seemed she had blown up part of the forest with her familiars. That was a shame. It was really a pretty place. Well, she supposed, no permanent harm had been done. The trees would grow back with time.

Just then, however, she noticed something else amiss. There was someone else here! A player, it looked like. Probably a warrior, judging by his armor, and her bracelet told her he was level 24. She sighed in relief. That meant he wasn't a threat, and probably wouldn't attack her. Although, she realized, he might very well have turned tail and run. Since this was a combat zone, she was being displayed as a level 62 Legendary mob - The Black Witch of the Endless Legion. Given that she had just exploded out of the darkness of the forest and devastated a fairly formidable boss monster in two hits, she was well aware that she was probably being registered as a potentially lethal threat to the young warrior. While she had long since accepted that people would run away from her when they saw her, it still made it no less of a saddening fact. However, moreso than usual, she didn't want this person to run away from her. She didn't quite register the enthralling scent reaching her nose - which, while weak, was rendered, ironically enough, effective upon her by her own sensitive olfactory faculties - but something about this warrior made her want to talk to him, made her not want him to run away. She put it off to lacking Human company for so long, and momentarily overcame her own fears of being rejected.

"Er... Ah... Wait!" Maira said timidly, her words coming out much more lamely than she had intended. She stared down at the ground, deeply embarrassed with herself. What was she doing, calling out to someone like this?! He would probably just run away. What she didn't take into account was that she was probably having about the same effect on the mounted warrior than he was having on her. Although she wasn't a full-blooded succubus, she still had that same sort of charm, especially when she was blushing, as she was now. Somewhere deep down, she wondered with a slightly ironic sense of humor how strange she must have seemed - a Legendary boss monster almost begging a low level player not to run away. Surely this defied all precedents set in any other roleplaying games. Well, she mused, she had probably succeeded in one thing - royally confusing the warrior.


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Diana preferred to spend more time in Illuminary than in the real world. The main reason was that she simply belonged in here but outside, she was an outcast. She was a succubus and had a generous amount of charm and charisma to help her out. Ofcourse, that didn’t mean she was tame and harmless. If she was, she’d have perished a long time ago.

Sometimes, she wondered why she, or anyone else would play such a dangerous game and take the chance of dying inside it. The net was full of stories about people who had died while playing the game, children became orphans, families were torn apart. Dieu, it was disastrous. Le monde était un endroit étrange ces jours-ci. Though this didn't apply to her. She had no family, no one to care for her. Perhaps Sarah would be sad if she died in the game. Perhaps not. Either way, she didn't care. This was her life and she rejoiced in the freedom and power the game offered to her.

Snapping out of her pointless reverie, she looked around herself. Her husky pup Sasha was sleeping soundly despite the fact that she was curled up in Diana’s arms. Diana was seated securely on top of her huge Great White Tigress, Sela, who was running at top speed through the dense forest. They were headed towards Isis, a town in Illuminary. Not a lot was known about this place and Diana couldn’t wait to find out its mysteries.


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Moke Bao Zhiyu

Their feet pounded in unison, causing the mud-packed floor underneath to tremble and quake. Each individual projected their movements flawlessly in sync, spreading out their feet while switching into another stance or slicing through the air as their steady hands flowed in an endless pattern. From a bird eye's view, they looked like an army - despite being only hundreds strong. One person stood out from this mass, what with her vivid white locks and rabbit ears. She was small for her age, giving her the inconvenience of having to tilt her head up to most of the elders. Unlike the rest of them, she had firmly closed her eyes. Moke had come to the conclusion that opening them would only burden her; not only did the sheer amount of people unnerve her but - as a defensive magician - she would have paid close attention to those around her; watching out for signs of confusion or difficulty which would certainly veer her train of thought off track. However, judging by her constant look of indifference and lack of speech, you wouldn't have guessed that. Most assumed that she did this purely for concentration.

"Kiai!" Cried out the students, indicating a finish as they stopped as one. Sweat gleamed on their faces and their heavy breathing was much louder in the silence. A tall man stood at the very front, his hawk eyes did not ever miss a single detail, his slick black hair had been neatly tied back in a pony tail and his face wore the obvious warnings of age around his eyes and mouth. He was the master of the institute, only himself and the teachers knew his true name; students were only permitted to call him sir or Si-Gung which meant "grandmaster."
"Zhangkai, remember to keep your thumb in during the arrow hand. Wang, extend that fist slightly." Boomed the master, as he scanned the large group once more. The two pupils specified, nodded in agreement before returning to their original form.
"That is all!" Shouted Si-Gung, he slipped his feet together and bowed. The students followed likewise before walking back into a building where they chattered among themselves and rested.
Moke fluttered her hazel eyes open, had brushed any dirt that had stuck onto the soles of her feet and was just about to leave when Si-Gung waved a limp hand towards her. The small girl obligingly approached him and looked up questioningly at the man. It was no longer neccasary for her to make replies any more as the majority of the people who lived in the Institute had grown accustomed to her mysterious demeanour.
"You've stayed here long enough, child. Usually I only allow learners to go when they come of age, but I shall make this one exception." He muttered, his expression melted briefly as he looked at the small girl fondly, "You have been a pleasure to teach, young one. Now go, pack your things."
"Thank you, Si-Gung." Said Moke quietly, she bowed once more before running off to the building where her dormitory - and many others - were.

The Illuminary Institute of Hung Gar Kuen was a large area, it taught many young people how to control their power through the Martial Art; many champions had been raised in these conditions. There were several buildings set into the earthy foundations, most were used for educational purposes but there were ones for dormitories, arenas and meditation. However, there was a large square of ground outside reserved for lessons with the Grandmaster which usually come around once every month. They were sparse but they could stretch up to ten hours long; every single one of your limbs would be screaming out in agony afterwards. Moke took her time as she padded up the long winding stairs, wandered down the creaky corridors and carefully slid open the door to her dorm which was made out of a very thin - but opaque - sheet of paper.

Illuminary was like a breathe of fresh air to Moke. However in real life, her upbringing was not dissimilar to hers as an Amarin in-game. She was unfortunate enough to have been born in a large Chinese family, she was the fourth eldest child and three others came after her. They only expected and accepted the best of their off-spring, investing more into their academic abilities and education than anything else. At the age of four, Moke had an uncanny ability to read and write. By age 10, she could not only speak fluently in Cantonese but in many other languages including English. She was bombarded with overwhelming amounts of knowledge during her childhood, each year became harder and harder. Her parents prided themselves in their zero-tolerance and absolute discipline, something the Institute also strongly believed in. However, the one major difference was that the latter took extreme attention to each of their students; they may have been strict but only were to show that they cared for their learners. In the Zhiyu Residence, Moke was forced to trim herself down so she could be their perfect daughter; they did not care for her own opinion in this. In Illuminary, she didn't have care about what she said or what people thought of her. She didn't have to care about anything in this game and she could still be respected.

Once she had finished packing everything she needed, she strolled outside and stopped at the verge of a thick forest that the school was only a few yards away from. This vast amount of woodland barricaded the school and a splatter of small villages away from society and technology. Supplies of food and potions either came from neighbouring territories who were happy to give them away or a pack of experienced warriors from the Institute would be sent to travel to the closest town - Lillick - and buy provisions there. Moke had gone on one of these before, so she was familiar to the route that lead to the town. She gazed at a path that started at her feet and then trailed all the way through the forest to the perimeter of Lillick. The small girl fished out a small bag from her rucksack and emptied the contents onto the floor. Leaves erupted from the bag and cascaded slowly down onto the grass. The girl stepped back as they spun in a small tornado, twisting this way and that to form the shape of a bear. Once the transformation had finished, she stashed the empty bag back into her rucksack and walked nearer to the creature so she could touch his unique skin.
"Good to see you, Phelan. It's been a while." Whispered Moke and a rare smile crept onto her face. Despite the animal being made of leaves, his body was surprising silky and smooth. She ruffled his fur affectionately before swinging her leg over and grasping a firm grip on a vine around his thick neck.

"Ride!" Shouted the girl and Phelan grunted out a reply before bounding into the forest.


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#, as written by WAAAGH!
A roar and explosion tore Xan from his thoughts as he looked up just in time to see trees tumble down in his path. Rearing up in fright from the sudden changes, Xan fought the reins trying to calm Karin. She was a warhorse, but all horses got spooked by sudden, giant changes like that. Of course, the sudden appearance of a girl surrounded by gold butterflies did not help calm Karin down as she started to snort and breath in deeply. Whatever it was, she did not like the smell.

"Calm down!" Xan yelled in the horses ear trying to calm it and himself. The sound of battle, the smell of blood as the trolls arm flew off... Deep inside he felt his lust grow. To feel flesh and bone splinter and dent beneath his hammer and his nails tear into flesh. Sickeningly, the sight of the strange girl killing the troll only made him wish to kill her even more. She was strong, and few things made his bloodlust soar then killing something challenging.

The strange butterflies left, which he mused, was a strange power. Making a conscious effort to take in deep breaths to steady the growing rage, Xan examined the strange woman. She was a higher level then him obviously, but she was strikingly beautiful, that in itself was not surprising as most women in the game were beautiful. It was hard not to be when they had elven blood running in their veins, but this girl had a strange smell. Not quite like his, he had spent some time around fellow Incubus and Succubus and while her smell was somewhat like theirs it was weaker as if diluted by something else. Perhaps it was the something else that caused Karin to react so negatively. He knew from experience Karin hated undead.

Perhaps it was simply the fact that Karin was a horse and instincts made her fear dead things, but the only other thing that got that kind of reaction was from vampires. Perhaps she was some half-breed? Was that even possible? Xan had to admit he wasn't sure himself. The scent of the girl reminded Xan why he hated being an incubus so. He desired to kill her. He desired to see her blood run over his hands, but at the same time the Incubus inside was telling him to possess her. To break her will and force her into submission to him. The human side of him wanted to turn away before he made a fool out of himself in front of a beautiful women...

It seemed the human side won out as Xan took up the reins and turned Karin away intent on trotting off. Xan could always find another way around. it was not that much of a problem. "Er... Ah... Wait!" A shaky voice called it. It was warm and smooth like all of their kind. Pausing, Xan turned the horse back around and peer at the strange woman from beneath his helm tilting his head to the side as the internal struggle raised again.

"Yes?" Xan asked curiously. Thankfully his voice bouncing against the chain veil of his helm took away the sultry warmth that usually came with his words. He had no intention of letting anyone know of the wars that went on inside his soul.


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Maira looked up in relief and surprise at the sound of a returning voice. He hadn't left. That was good. She hadn't meant to scare anyone, and would have felt tremendously guilty if she had caused this person to run away. Still, she was beginning to realize, there was something strange about him. Her keen Vampiric senses were beginning to identify the strange scent emanating from him. Was that... perfume? It was the only smell she could identify this man with, which was strange. A warrior in full armor in the heat of day had no logical reason to bear this unusual scent. Even in a world of magic, things like this stood out as being off.

Maira thought a moment, sizing the man up. Although his voice was rendered dull and hollow by the amount of steel between its source and her ears, his very speaking to her had sent a pulse of energy through her body, as though her heart was beating with his every word. She felt a deep longing to hear his voice again, and more clearly this time, lest her heart cease to beat and she die. She blushed heavily at this thought - what was wrong with her? Thinking this way over someone whose face she hadn't even seen, whose name she did not know, who she had only just encountered, was utterly ridiculous! Shameful, even.

No, wait... that was it. She had heard some people describing the effect of her presence on them in a similar way - albeit not as strongly. Her scent and heavenly voice would never have been enough to send someone into such a right state as she was in at the moment. But, after all, she was only part Succubus. This man, even with all of her magical talent and strength of mind, had managed to enthrall her so easily. He must have been an Incubus - a full blooded one, too. While she wanted to be wary of him for that, however - she didn't want to embarrass herself, after all - she couldn't help but be filled with various thoughts and speculations over what he might have looked like underneath that helmet of his- No, no, no, no! She had to stop thinking like this, or she'd just make a fool of herself and be a bother to people around her! Quickly, she calmed her mind, envisioning the pool of mana deep within her soul. She quieted its rippling surface, and, once she had entered a more peaceful state, used her magic to get a reading on any status effects she might have been under at the time - a universal ability, somewhat like a user interface in a more standard MMORPG. To her shock - breaking the zen state she had finally managed to enter - there was only one effect listed.

"Lovestruck: You are in the presence of an Incubus. You find yourself overwhelmed by his incredible charm," it said.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! No way, no way, no way! Gotta calm down, gotta calm down! If this keeps up, I'll probably look like a total idiot! Oh, I knew I should have invested some skill points in status effect counter spells! Why didn't I realize this might happen?! She thought, panicking now. Her face was red all over - something which, ironically enough, would only further increase her own effect on him (a Succubus' blush being very difficult to resist) - and she was too nervous to speak up. But, she realized, she had to speak up, or else she'd seem like she was trying to be a pain. Desperately, she searched for the right words. Unfortunately, the reality that was Illuminary was not kind to her, and it enacted the payment for its status effect most powerfully. Phrases like "You smell good," "Could you please take off your armor?" and "I love you," were shoved into her head - and just as quickly shown the door. After an uphill battle with these incredibly awkward suggested comments, she just settled on what seemed most natural.

"O-oh, good..." She said, trying to cover her embarrassment with relief. It didn't work. Her flushed face was reaching the point where it could guide ships to a safe harbor. "I though you were going to run away. Please don't. I'm actually a person - a player like you, no matter what it looks like!" She exclaimed, quickly trying to explain the awkward situation so as not to cause any problems. Okay. She could do this. Just so long as she didn't cave under the stress of the status effect, she could still keep up a normal conversation. Still, that was easier said than done. Now her addled brain was telling her to give him a hug, and it was all she could do to resist it. As much as her almost-possessed mind fancied seeing under his helmet, she was afraid that if he ever did take it off, she wouldn't be able to handle the stress.

This was not a good situation to be in, and she had only realized exactly what was going on far too late. She looked at her options, and didn't much like them. She could run away and make a fool and a bother out of herself in the process. Alternatively, she could stay and hope she wasn't overwhelmed by this man's incredible charisma and presence. If just one word and a glance her way, combined with his natural scent, were enough to discompose her so badly, she worried that if he continued speaking, she might cave anyway, without even seeing his face. It was either these options, or she could just throw-

Her blush deepened.


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#, as written by WAAAGH!
The silence stretched on, and Xan felt more and more awkward. This was strange even by Illuminary standards. The dead Troll's body had vanished, and not a moment to soon as any long, and the stench of troll blood would spread bringing out gags and coughs from the rotten smell. The only change was the continual glow of her face. It looked like she would exploded if she got any redder, but every-time she defied expectations and got redder! It was adorable in its way.

Whatever the reason, it would be best to settle this quick as the Incubus blood was starting to winning out. Her submissive nature and constant blushing was incredibly attractive, but it was the submissive nature that had his Incubus's blood roaring. Xan had long learned that the Incubus desired two things either to dominate someone, or be dominated. This woman's nature just begged to be dominated to be led along by a a finger and a glance.

Gently, Xan started to stroke Karins strong neck to help get his mind off of less pleasant ideas or desires. Self-Control, if anything, he guessed it was the largest difference between him and this woman. Xan nearly jumped in surprise when she finally spoke, it was shaky, but at least the silence was momentarily broken. Don't run? Well, if he was going to run he would have done it earlier. He should have done that earlier, honestly, it would have spared him from this whole situation. It was always easier to simply avoid situations then force his self-control to go into overtime.

The silence stretched on again, and she still managed to beat his expectations with the blushing. He did not know anyone could be that red and not pass out from lack of blood to the rest of her body, maybe it was just the difference in experience? Xan was used to this. Used to effecting people and being effected by the need to dominate or be dominated. She had said people tend to run away from her... He would not weaken and think about helping her control it. It was just his mind trying to find a way in which he can spend time with her and dominate her forcing her to be a slave of his whims and desires. Xan refused to be a monster.

He needed to fill the silence, if he simply left, he would feel terrible for being yet another person abandoning her. Xan felt like he was trapped, "My name is Alexander. Many just call me Xan. I will try not to run." He said to break the tension and finally have a name to put to the bright red face.


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Fortunately for the Vampire, it seemed that the one to whom she spoke didn't intend to leave. Unfortunately, that meant that she was going to have to talk to him, something which, after hearing his silky smooth voice, she wasn't sure she could do. Even with his dulcet tones dulled by the helmet he wore, it still had a powerful effect on her, that same shock running through her, like a touch of ambrosia given her, then taken away before she could fully consume it. The longing to hear him speak returned, as did the rather embarrassing suggestions created by her muddled mind. She looked down in shame, her raven bangs sliding down over her eyes. Unfortunately for her, however, her hair was nowhere near long enough to conceal the redness spreading across her entire body. Her face was so hot that it was a wonder she didn't combust, and a feeling of pins and needles spreading over her was poking at her from every inch of her being. Trying to take her mind off of this annoying sensation without hopelessly trying to scratch the itch thus created, she instead occupied herself with her hands, taking in every detail of the suddenly wondrous appendages as she twiddled her thumbs about, trying to calm herself down and find something to say that wasn't utterly ridiculous.

Ironically enough, the temptation of the Incubus' presence was what freed her lips enough for her to speak. Realizing that a name would be expected of her as well, her immediate reaction was to blurt out a name - admittedly for the rather humiliating reason of hoping to get to know the man more closely, something which would have seemed utterly ridiculous - comical, even - if it wasn't so frightening that she was actually being hypnotized to that extent.

"I-I'm Maira. I-i-it's nice to meet you!" She stammered immediately. The way she looked more at the feet of Xan's horse than at his person gave her the rather unusual appearance of bowing to him, even if she didn't intend to. How silly the witch looked, flushed as she was, her deep blue eyes turned inexorably downward from shame, contrasting sharply with the elegant robes she wore and the ornate sword at her hip. She looked now more like an embarrassed schoolgirl than a powerful, terrifying spellcaster. If any of those who had tried to kill her in her tower could have seen her now, they might not have even recognized her in this emotional state.

Maira was more worried than ever. The thoughts were coming faster now, and she was beginning to act impulsively, and without thinking. If this kept up, she just knew she would do something stupid.

Come on... get a hold of yourself! She begged her thoughts. They didn't listen, and replied only with a possible fantasy of what lay under Xan's concealing helmet, wondering what it might feel like to-

Oh, this was not good.

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Character Portrait: Alexander "Xan" Godfrey
Alexander "Xan" Godfrey

"My walls do not keep you out... They keep me in."

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Moke Bao Zhiyu

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Character Portrait: Maira Ianna von Eifes
Maira Ianna von Eifes

"D-don't touch me... A-ah! I make a really terrible Vampire..."

Character Portrait: Diana Natalie de Lisle
Diana Natalie de Lisle

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Alexander "Xan" Godfrey

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"How can an emotion kill a cat? It's impossible..."

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I don't need your help, or anyones for that matter.

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Character Portrait: Allura Mae Thompson
Allura Mae Thompson

I don't need your help, or anyones for that matter.

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Alexander "Xan" Godfrey

"My walls do not keep you out... They keep me in."

Character Portrait: Moke Bao Zhiyu
Moke Bao Zhiyu

"How can an emotion kill a cat? It's impossible..."

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