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Moke Bao Zhiyu

"How can an emotion kill a cat? It's impossible..."

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a character in “Illuminary: When Games Are Reality”, as played by Lukipyon


Moke Bao Zhiyu


Name: Moke Bao Zhiyu

Gender: Female

Real appearance (Similiar but looks much more mature.)
Moke – as expected of her race – is very, very small. She is indeed an adolescent but her delicate body makes her look much younger that she actually is. She has thick white locks of hair, messily cut into a short bob. Her ruffled fringe is so long that it covers her eyebrows and the majority of her large forehead. Moke’s eyes are large and doe-like but, most of the time, aren’t widened to their fullest capacity; often under her heavy lids which always express indifference. Her irises are brown and flecked with silver; thin eyelashes the colour of snow frame her childish eyes. Moke has a small nose which resembles that of a rabbits and tender lips. Her face is round and very plump, enhancing her youthful features. She has a healthy looking complexion, fair but not exactly pale; her cheeks are usually flushed with colour. Her baggy clothing hides her toned body that contrasts her fragile appearance: strong arms and hands, rock-hard abdominals and powerful calves. And lastly, no-one can miss her long white rabbit ears that hang on the back of her head. She also has a small bunny tail at the end of her spine, most of her clothing have a circular hole where she can easily slip in her fluffy tail.

Orientation: Assumed to be straight but doesn’t understand what love is as she’s never had the time or experience.

Moke tends to radiate a “I-don’t-give-a-damn” kind of atmosphere, her heavy-lidded eyes tend to emphasize this. She prefers to do things by herself and then finishes the job swiftly and flawlessly. Her upbringing differs to the stereotypical of her race so she has had to deal with constant rests as her original abilities sometimes cannot cope with her training. Moke was born with no temper and her patience can stretch very long. There is often a lack of expression in her youthful face; you’ll be – in most occasions – met with a blank face if you ever attempt to communicate with her. Moke sees no reason as to why humans should talk excessively; she is a girl of a very little amount of words and tends to leave any discussion with her actions. You could describe her as anti-social but she chooses to be this way, preferring only her thoughts as company. She believes in independence, dependence on another individual – she believes – only expresses cowardice. However, after being stressed to hide her feelings and to never learn what they are, she will occasionally ask a question about emotions; actually anything that pulls at her interest.

~ Training
~ Being alone
~ Nature
~ Quiet or Silence
~ Sleep/ Sleeping
~ Food/ Eating
~ Travelling (When she’s not tired)

~ Crowds
~ Loud Noises
~ People who talk too much
~ Being caught off-guard
~ Weariness

Race: Amarin

Type: A

Class: Hybrid Warlock [?] (Focuses more on physical combat but combines elemental magic with it.)

Level: 53

Skills: (Tends to mainly use hand-to-hand combat but will – as referred to above – will mix in her affinity with the Earth.)
Nature’s Spike – Can summon one to several spikes from the ground in order to attack a target, usually from beneath. It can also be used as an obstacle to block one’s path.
Earthen Daggers – Moke yanks earth from the ground surrounding her, fashioning them into sharp daggers which she projects towards the target. In certain situations, Moke may not have time to mold them into daggers and instead hurls that piece of Earth whatever it may look like.
Shockwave – Moke strikes the ground, with unnatural power, causing the floor to tremble and shake. Can knock-down enemies.
Obsidian Flesh – Earth and rock is pulled towards Moke’s arms creating natural armour. This greatly enhances her strength and blocks any damage that was struck onto her specified limbs; she tends to use them as some sort of shield. Moke can choose the amount of material to be used as the armour. However, the more there is, the slower her movement is because of the sheer weight. Because she depends more on her physical abilities, she uses this skill often.

~ Moke has mastered personal-survival and tends to kill monsters by herself. The only time she ever joins a party is when it looks like the wiser choice.
~ She knows the basics of cooking and can rustle up a simple meal in no time.
~ Moke has no temper so you’ll hardly ever see her angry or annoyed.

Specialization: Moke wishes to turn into a Elementalist but she is still at an early level to do so.

The breakdown:
Strength - [Good]
Agility - [Good]
Speed - [Fair]
Dodge - [Good]
Block - [Poor]
Acrobatics - [Fair]
Flexibility - [Poor]
Endurance - [Fair]
Offensive magic - [Good]
Defensive magic - [Great]
Physical defense - [Fair]
Magical defense - [Good]

Fighting style:
Moke focuses quite a lot on physical combat, often using her bare limbs as weapons. When she is matched with someone stronger than her she usually switches to magic and relies on the Earth. Her toned muscles move in a somewhat stiff and solid way, each movement emphasized; locked into a pattern that has always been pointed out to her. She isn’t the type to lead a battle, instead, being at the back of the fighters; using her defensive elemental spells to aid them. She often catches opponents off-guard, those who underestimate her because of her young appearance. She also has the knack of flowing her close-combat into magic which can sometimes surprise the opponent (unless they had knowledge of her magic beforehand).

Her physical-fighting style is Hung Gar Kung Fu. Its training emphasizes strong stances, iron-hard blocks, low snapping kicks, ambidexterity, deceptive hand techniques and power, all geared for close-range techniques. Concerning her elemental magic, she tends to use Nature’s Spike when she has to play defensive and then Earthen Daggers primarily for offensive. When there isn’t enough space to use the latter then she just uses Obsidian Flesh to enhance her physical abilities. However, she isn’t afraid to mix it up a bit.

~ Her unique style of mixing physical-combat and magic.
~ Can endure much more than a normal Amarin.
~ Is close to unbeatable on land.
~ Her magic can extend to metal, wood and sand.

~ She is unable to use her magic where there is no land and cannot use non-earthen solids such as ice.
~ Moke needs direct contact with the Earth.
~ She is vulnerable to air-based attacks.
~ Moke can get tired somewhat easily, though not as bad compared to other Amarins, especially when she strains herself in battle.
~ Her lack of social skills.

~ Flying / Her feet not being on solid ground
~ Small spaces

Most Favourable Trait:
The distinct differences between her family upbringing and other Amarin families

Mentor: None at the moment, but is willing to have one.

Region: Amore

Clan: Synergy

Clan ranking: Member

Clan title:
~ Defense Legion

Clan reputation: Moke doesn’t exactly have a very impressive killing record, but she is a valuable asset for defences. Isn't one of the most dedicated but is loyal to her guild.

Alliance: N/A

Lone title(s):
~ Scion of Ancients
~ Nature’s Guardian

Mount/ Pet:
Moke has a bag of leaves which she stores in her pocket. Whenever she wants it, these leaves can change into a bear, as a mount, or as a rabbit, as a pet.

Assist skill(s):
~ Decreases cooling time of skills
~ Enhances power of magical attacks

Unless she’s hunting close to home, Moke never leaves without her small rucksack. In it includes:
~ Her white cloak, tightly folded into a small square. She uses it whenever it is cold or raining, there is a large hood at the back.
~ A decent amount of money, placed in one of the inside pockets.
~ Several Health, Mana and Boost potions.
~ A leather pouch of sunflower seeds which she loves to nibble on while she is travelling, it is attached on the back of her trousers. This can also be used to feed her pet.
~ A tape of bandage.
~ A second pair of knuckles which she can easily replace with the first.

~ A pair of leather gloves with iron knuckles. (#1 and #2)


~ Her older brother used to play Illuminary but has long gone replaced it with work.
~ Moke’s twin sister and brother also play the game but are very low-levels.

All of her guild are technically her friends. But, outside of this group, she has very little amount of friends.

Moke has never harboured hate in her heart, so there is no-one to name.

Enemies/ Rivals:
Moke has no personal enemies to speak of, unless you count other guilds.

Relationship status:
Single, and doesn’t plan to be anything more.

Love interest:
No-one. Full stop.

So begins...

Moke Bao Zhiyu's Story


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Moke Bao Zhiyu

Their feet pounded in unison, causing the mud-packed floor underneath to tremble and quake. Each individual projected their movements flawlessly in sync, spreading out their feet while switching into another stance or slicing through the air as their steady hands flowed in an endless pattern. From a bird eye's view, they looked like an army - despite being only hundreds strong. One person stood out from this mass, what with her vivid white locks and rabbit ears. She was small for her age, giving her the inconvenience of having to tilt her head up to most of the elders. Unlike the rest of them, she had firmly closed her eyes. Moke had come to the conclusion that opening them would only burden her; not only did the sheer amount of people unnerve her but - as a defensive magician - she would have paid close attention to those around her; watching out for signs of confusion or difficulty which would certainly veer her train of thought off track. However, judging by her constant look of indifference and lack of speech, you wouldn't have guessed that. Most assumed that she did this purely for concentration.

"Kiai!" Cried out the students, indicating a finish as they stopped as one. Sweat gleamed on their faces and their heavy breathing was much louder in the silence. A tall man stood at the very front, his hawk eyes did not ever miss a single detail, his slick black hair had been neatly tied back in a pony tail and his face wore the obvious warnings of age around his eyes and mouth. He was the master of the institute, only himself and the teachers knew his true name; students were only permitted to call him sir or Si-Gung which meant "grandmaster."
"Zhangkai, remember to keep your thumb in during the arrow hand. Wang, extend that fist slightly." Boomed the master, as he scanned the large group once more. The two pupils specified, nodded in agreement before returning to their original form.
"That is all!" Shouted Si-Gung, he slipped his feet together and bowed. The students followed likewise before walking back into a building where they chattered among themselves and rested.
Moke fluttered her hazel eyes open, had brushed any dirt that had stuck onto the soles of her feet and was just about to leave when Si-Gung waved a limp hand towards her. The small girl obligingly approached him and looked up questioningly at the man. It was no longer neccasary for her to make replies any more as the majority of the people who lived in the Institute had grown accustomed to her mysterious demeanour.
"You've stayed here long enough, child. Usually I only allow learners to go when they come of age, but I shall make this one exception." He muttered, his expression melted briefly as he looked at the small girl fondly, "You have been a pleasure to teach, young one. Now go, pack your things."
"Thank you, Si-Gung." Said Moke quietly, she bowed once more before running off to the building where her dormitory - and many others - were.

The Illuminary Institute of Hung Gar Kuen was a large area, it taught many young people how to control their power through the Martial Art; many champions had been raised in these conditions. There were several buildings set into the earthy foundations, most were used for educational purposes but there were ones for dormitories, arenas and meditation. However, there was a large square of ground outside reserved for lessons with the Grandmaster which usually come around once every month. They were sparse but they could stretch up to ten hours long; every single one of your limbs would be screaming out in agony afterwards. Moke took her time as she padded up the long winding stairs, wandered down the creaky corridors and carefully slid open the door to her dorm which was made out of a very thin - but opaque - sheet of paper.

Illuminary was like a breathe of fresh air to Moke. However in real life, her upbringing was not dissimilar to hers as an Amarin in-game. She was unfortunate enough to have been born in a large Chinese family, she was the fourth eldest child and three others came after her. They only expected and accepted the best of their off-spring, investing more into their academic abilities and education than anything else. At the age of four, Moke had an uncanny ability to read and write. By age 10, she could not only speak fluently in Cantonese but in many other languages including English. She was bombarded with overwhelming amounts of knowledge during her childhood, each year became harder and harder. Her parents prided themselves in their zero-tolerance and absolute discipline, something the Institute also strongly believed in. However, the one major difference was that the latter took extreme attention to each of their students; they may have been strict but only were to show that they cared for their learners. In the Zhiyu Residence, Moke was forced to trim herself down so she could be their perfect daughter; they did not care for her own opinion in this. In Illuminary, she didn't have care about what she said or what people thought of her. She didn't have to care about anything in this game and she could still be respected.

Once she had finished packing everything she needed, she strolled outside and stopped at the verge of a thick forest that the school was only a few yards away from. This vast amount of woodland barricaded the school and a splatter of small villages away from society and technology. Supplies of food and potions either came from neighbouring territories who were happy to give them away or a pack of experienced warriors from the Institute would be sent to travel to the closest town - Lillick - and buy provisions there. Moke had gone on one of these before, so she was familiar to the route that lead to the town. She gazed at a path that started at her feet and then trailed all the way through the forest to the perimeter of Lillick. The small girl fished out a small bag from her rucksack and emptied the contents onto the floor. Leaves erupted from the bag and cascaded slowly down onto the grass. The girl stepped back as they spun in a small tornado, twisting this way and that to form the shape of a bear. Once the transformation had finished, she stashed the empty bag back into her rucksack and walked nearer to the creature so she could touch his unique skin.
"Good to see you, Phelan. It's been a while." Whispered Moke and a rare smile crept onto her face. Despite the animal being made of leaves, his body was surprising silky and smooth. She ruffled his fur affectionately before swinging her leg over and grasping a firm grip on a vine around his thick neck.

"Ride!" Shouted the girl and Phelan grunted out a reply before bounding into the forest.