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Zeke Crow

Surviving off pain and mysery, This 18 year old has mastered the ability to make you feel what isn't there. You think you are on fire or you are frozen in place. Anything you fear he can create.

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a character in “Illusions”, as played by Salem Cross


Orphaned as a child Zeke Crow grew up knowing only misery and isolation. Parents gone no family known and place in foster care he was raised as any normal child would be however he was not as normal as his peers. He had slowly been learning of an ability of his. He could reach into the minds of people around him and make them see or feel what wasn't there. When he turned 18 and was released into the world to fend for himself he found that banks we the easiest source of income. Using his abilities to trick the bank tellers at the bank that robbers had come to take the money and had them at gun point made it far to easy for him to get away. This man had wealth and with his good looks and charm woman were easily convinced that he was the pinnacle of choices. Now he leads his life with money and power with no one to oppose him.

So begins...

Zeke Crow's Story


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Carter Denz

Carter chuckled, “Like I said, I’m Carter.” He looked around and squinted his eyes, before closing them and rubbing them. “So what do you do?” He wasn’t asking for the sheer curiosity. Carter knew that if he’d want to make things work in his favor, he’d have to figure what everyone’s ability was.

Carter was nervous. He wasn’t exactly sure what would happen. A room full of ability-willed teens, who don’t know how to control their abilities. A camp that no one has heard of until now, a camp that could very well be scheme to get everyone here to run tests and god knows what else on them. He knew that coming here would be better than staying at home but now with everyone in this empty room he was afraid that this has all been a mistake.

“Does anyone know what’s going on?”
Carter looked the Emilia, then around the room again. He wasn’t talking to anyone specifically but if anyone wanted to answer he wouldn’t be opposed.


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Character Portrait: Audrey Parks Character Portrait: Jessica Davis Character Portrait: Ian Humprey Character Portrait: Carter Denz Character Portrait: Kit Jaejoong Character Portrait: Jasper
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The boy did not answer right away. It was almost as if he were stalling, waiting for an interruption to occur. And so it did, coming in the form of a man who seemed calm and relaxed as he entered the room. He ambled into the crowd of freaks with a gait that spoke reassurance and gave a placating aura. He contrasted with the overall mood of the room which was one of apprehension and unease. His ease was superior to even the façade that Jessica had spent years fine tuning. It was as if this older man was oblivious and, rather than would not, could not see the fearful looks he was getting from his crowd.

But at the same time he was carrying the burden of a powerful responsibility that weighed down upon his shoulders. This was much like the others in the room, encumbered by the abilities that they all had. Rather than being “powers” they were more of curses put upon each of them. Contrary, however, to his younger peers, the man seemed to have not quite given up yet. The invisible weight was still upon his shoulders but it was as if he had learned to lift it in the proper way.

He gave off an intimidating feel the way a teacher would when berating a child. Instinctively the room seemed to cower before the power the man possessed as if they were being harshly excoriated simply by his presence. He felt familiar yet unknown. Intimate yet inscrutable. It was odd how enticing his presence was. How Jessica, if she let herself, could become relaxed. But she had to be alert. There was definitely an intimidating presence around him.

He met eyes with each and every one of the many people in the room and the tingling at the nape of her neck began, signaling that he was somehow using his powers on her. Jessica stiffened losing her cool composure in that terrifying moment. She took a sharp intake of a breath and the world seemed to spin at the same speed her mind was whirling with all the horrors he could be pressing upon her. But in a split second it was gone and he broke the contact with her widened orbs to move on to yet another pair of eyes.

Jessica let her breath out with a sigh and then took several deep inhales and exhales in order to steady her rapidly beating heart and wild pulse. She then attempted to look as if she had not been afflicted by the encounter of the eyes. It had been a fierce intense battle and she had lost, unable to shut him out or do much of anything.

The blonde finally had a description for the man. Queer. Strange. Intense. Three simple words that held neither a negative connotation, nor a positive one. Though the former two could be taken as an insult, Jessica simply intended to name the man’s main attributes that stood out to her at first glance.

After he had made sure that all attention was focused towards him he smiled. It was as smooth and easy as his entrance had been but it still seemed, not forced, but as if another was controlling his facial expressions. Jessica supposed this was his idea of a welcoming grin.

When he at last spoke, the girl found that the pitch made contact with her ears in a rather nice way, for his tone was soft spoken but powerful, managing to reach every ear in the room in which his audience stood in. It was loud enough to echo, Jessica noted, and quiet enough that he didn’t come off as overbearing.

I'm sure you all have a lot of questions you'd like to ask, but let's try to make this part brief. I'm Dr. James Mason, and every one of you gathered here has obtained a special ability, though yours may be different from others. To make things easy on you, I've sort of summed things up, dividing the abilities into five categories: Erasers, Illusionists, Manipulators, Whisperers, and Listeners. Just by the names, you're probably able to tell which group you belong to, am I right? Well, if not...

As he spoke, he began to pace gesturing slightly with one hand while putting the other behind his back, giving the appearance of a well-educated professor. Indeed the man was knowledgeable on the subject and Jessica couldn’t help wonder if he had studied it before or conducted experiments. It did seem odd that his title was that of a Doctor and that he knew so much about the subject. Putting these two pieces of evidence together, it seemed quite plausible that he had, perhaps in that past, been involved in studies connected to these special abilities.

Erasers erase memories. Illusionists control the senses. Manipulators sense and manipulate the emotions. Whisperers can put thoughts or ideas into your head. Listeners can hear your thoughts and see memories.

Listeners can hear your thoughts and see memories.’ So she was a Listener. She almost wanted to laugh for joy that she was not insane or to try the title aloud tasting it on her tongue. But she did not, for fear of breaking the intent silence that was no longer awkward but instead eager and curious.

Like you, I have an ability. Unlike you, I know how to control and use it. Learning to control your abilities is one of the reasons your here, and to learn to control them, you'll have to train them. That means if you want to control your abilities, you can't be afraid of them.

At the last sentence, Jessica audibly snorted. How was it possible to not live in fear? She would love to see the day when she wasn’t conscious of coming in physical contact with others, didn’t mind eye contact, and even embraced her power. Though she usually cleverly concealed her emotions, this time around she allowed the disbelief to show upon her face. And here she had actually begun to believe in, even respect this “Doctor.”