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Seth Nova Angelo

"Are you okay? I'm Nova, what happened? Oh- Um... That's just my shadow... I didn't mean to frighten you..."

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a character in “I'm Inbetween”, as played by ArhaHitomi888


Seth Nova Angelo or "Nova" (Goes by a collection of nicknames but mostly Angel or Nova)
Nova stands at about 6'2" and weighs about 163lbs. He has bright, azure eyes and somewhat messy, dark brown hair. He's got a tiny bit of stubble dusting his face, but not enough to be unattractive. He'd got a very skinny, lean figure - Not very muscled, with long limbs and digits. His facial shape is a step away from heart shaped with a strong, pronounced jawline and rounded chin. He'd got various scars on his arms, legs, and torso from cuts and scratches, as well as some operations from when he was younger. He's somewhat pale, complexion changing depending on if he'd bled recently or has gotten a transfusion for any reason.

Nova can manipulate his shadow as well as control his blood's movement outside of his body.

Nova is an overwhelmingly friendly and generous person, rarely ever seen without a smile if something isn't terribly wrong. He's very organized, clean, and cautious to protect himself from any other illness since he has a bleeding disorder. He's always willing to give someone, even someone who has wronged him, a helping hand and is almost overly forgiving. He's very smart and is always happy to give advice, or even just sit and listen to people's problems, others sometimes commenting that he should be a school counselor. Nova also tends to enjoy comforting people, even people he doesn't know. His sense of humor is light and optimistic, usually somewhat dorky as well. Often taunted for being sensitive or being a musicgeek, he tends to be softhearted and somewhat vulnerable, never being one to retaliate by saying anything back.

-Listening to music
-Performing music
-Writing music
-Pleasant conversation
-Light blue
-Video games
-Making people happy

-Loud, persistant noises
-Being made fun of or beaten up
-Being alone
-Accidentily scaring himself with his own shadow

-Hemophilia A
-Being cut
-Paranoia (of being beaten up or taunted)

-Bleeding out
-Being made fun of
-Being heaten up
-Being hospitalized
-Being alone
-Being unliked

Nova was born in Canada to a modest, low class family. His father is a Veteranarian and his mother was a stay at home mom. He grew up with two older brothers who were constantly having to take care of him because of his Factor VII Deficiency. Having been fat when he was very small, he was constantly picked on and beaten up. Finally, he was assigned a watcher since the injuries from being beaten up had sent him to the hospital several times due to his disease. By the time he was 15, he had slimmed down quite a bit and wasn't picked on as much, as well as having been shown to be gifted in music. However, when he turned 16, his father (who also had the disease) died of hemorrhaging from Hemophilia A, leaving Nova to fear for his own fate. However, he confided in music, and manages to keep himself happy in that way. Though, around this time he would notice his shadow twitching when he didn't move, which frightened him. Once, when frightened into a corner by his own shadow, he slowly realized that he was moving it himself, and slowly began to develop the skills to control it freely. Around the same time, he had gotten cut and begun to bled out. Stuck in a panic, he tried to stop the bleeding. At first, he just seemed to be having a usual bleed out, but sudden his blood began to move unnaturally. As help came for him, he began to realize he could also control the movements of his own blood when he bled - Although he couldn't use the power to stop bleeding. After noting this new ability, he lost consciousness and was rushed to the hospital. When he returned, he confronted his counselor about this, he was informed about the academy, and was promptly sent there. However, in honest opinion of his skills, despite him thinking they were pretty cool - They were also kinda useless, especially the blood control.

Nova is a very talented Musician, playing the piano at concert pianist level and singing fantastically, as well as being wonderful at the Violin. Nova was born with Hemophilia A, and has to be careful with himself or could bleed to death. Due to his illness, any injury that bleeds could bleed out of control, and he also can spontaneously start bleeding (bruising, breaking blood vessels, etc.). Nova does, however, have medicine he takes to keep himself from getting into major trouble.

So begins...

Seth Nova Angelo's Story