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Sasha Annabel Kim

"Sorry, too busy being your teenage dream!"

0 · 146 views · located in Havenbrook, MA

a character in “I'm watching, and I know everything.”, as played by TheodoraMina



Sasha Annabel Kim

"Sorry, too busy being your teenage dream!"

Face Claim: Arden Cho

I will not Bow, I will not Break
I will shut the World Away
I will not Fall, I will not Fade
I will take your Breath Away

- Breaking Benjamin | I Will Not Bow

16 | "Two more years and I'll be awesome!"

Female | "Really? You can't tell?"

5'7" | "Just about right!"

123lbs | "I may like that number, but you best not be telling anyone!"

Birth Date:
31 October | "Halloween.. So I could legitimately wear my birthday suit that day, ha!"

Sophomore | "So... For more..."

Sexual Preference:
Bisexual | "Best of both worlds!"

Social Status:
Popular | "Everyone just likes me!"

Undisclosed |"That's a secret."


  • Being in bed
  • Fruits
  • Chocolate
  • Books
  • Muscular guys with abs!!!! :D
  • Doing nothing

  • Unhealthy food
  • Being useless
  • Wimps and cowards
  • Being ignored

  • Sleeping
  • Reading
  • Jogging

  • AP English
  • Chinese
  • AP Biology
  • World History
  • Geometry
  • PE
  • Theater
  • Journalism
  • Business Management

  • Actress - Sasha is quite the actress, capable of playing out different roles with ease and believability. This also means she could lie rather well. *hints* *hints* ;P
  • Observant - With her acting skills comes the ability to note which body language corresponds with which emotions, and because of this knowledge, she tends to be more observant to pick up on such body language cues.

  • Body Image Issues - being an Asian means she was somewhat different in body structure. These differences, especially in a society which emphasizes beauty that is somewhat contrary to what she is, cause her to harbor some feelings of inferiority whenever she looks into a mirror.
  • Vulnerabilities - her extroversion is a facade that she puts up so she can fit in with her friends. Having to constantly pretend to be someone she isn't is mentally and emotionally draining at times. (Which also explains her mood swings; explained below)

    • Was once forced to work as a prostitute due to her parents' debts
    • Parents are mostly absent, and are abusive when they're around


Sasha sports her natural black hair that reaches slightly below her shoulders. Typically, she brushes her fringe to the side so that her face and vision are not obscured. Like her hair, her irises are also black making it difficult, or almost impossible to see her pupils. Per her style, she rarely ever ties her hair, preferring to leave it unrestrained unless she is participating in sports.

When there is no reason to dress up, she usually wears a simple t-shirt paired with skin-tight jeans. The picture shows one possible example; alternatives to that are simply more of such shirts with different designs and colors, paired with the same type of jeans.

Although Sasha accepts that dressing up well is an important part in preparing for school, she does not believe in having to do so all the time. She prefers Pink Italian comfort above all. If it were possible, she would have simply wore a tank top and shorts to school - her common attire outside of school (even in winter; yes, seriously). However, rules were rules, and she dares not be overly zealous in breaking those rules just to satisfy her own preferences.

Though, friends closer to her speak of another way she goes about breaking those rules... One that some would think is either hot, or simply ridiculous. But really, who can stop her?

When she does have to dress up, she goes for simplicity. By simplicity, it means something that she doesn't have to crack her head to match. Something as easy to match like... Using only the darker and duller colors... Almost always some kind of jacket over a tank top or shirt... And skin-tight jeans once again. Well, if anything, you ought to know by now she didn't get to be popular by virtue of her fashion sense.

Unless the occasion is grand enough, she would not think to experiment with other choices of clothing. Well, that rarely happens, and believe me, chances are she may just opt to go with her idea of simplicity again.


"You're sure you want to fight me?"

Sasha is a tough nut to crack. Nothing seems to faze this girl; there is no challenge too daunting, no obstacle too insurmountable. You rouse her competitive spirit, you're in for a good game. And that is how she has survived as she grew older; finding a challenge in her everyday life, so that each and every event was a challenge that she strove to 'win'. To lose was utter humiliation, one that she fears greatly - even to this date.

That is perhaps the only visible facet of her personality.

On the surface, Sasha seems like an extroverted teenage girl who is friendly to virtually everybody she meets. She smiles, she laughs, she jokes; but those are mere pretenses that she puts up in order to secure her social status which she feels is her biggest safeguard against loneliness. Inside, she is actually introverted. It is not her immediate desire to speak to everyone she encounters, nor is it her natural behavior to smile, to laugh, or to joke.

Why smile at that stranger who barely even knows you?

Why laugh at that retarded joke?

Why make these retarded jokes?

Those questions linger in her mind, but have been pushed back because of the challenge she made to herself. To not reveal this true side of her. "It's unclean."



On a day where everybody dresses up as fearsome creatures of myth and legend, Sasha was born to a couple heavy in debts. The two were stockbrokers who were 'just down on their luck'. They 'still have the sense'. They 'can recoup their losses'. Well, these 'beliefs' would continue for the next ten years. From time to time, they would manage to earn a decent sum, and after splurging on luxury items, they would dabble again in the stock markets only to lose massively. And then they would be in debt once again, hopelessly trying to sell their luxury items to repay their creditors.

But somehow, that was a cycle they managed to maintain, without dire consequences... Yet. Things would turn for the worst when Sasha was 10. This time, her parents no longer seemed to be capable of somehow making a profit from the market to recoup their losses. However, the repetitive cycle from the past 10 years had impressed upon them the belief that they would make a profit sooner or later. So they continue to dabble, despite the clearly disadvantageous economic climate. Naturally, their losses stacked, and by the time they decided to stop, their house was taken.

For some time, the family had to live in cheap motels with no air-conditioning. To make ends meet, the parents had to work in jobs that required hard labor - something they were hardly used to. They decided they would persevere, at least for a year. That they did, and when they finally managed to save a sum (on top of paying their creditors), they dabbled again in the stock market. But luck no longer favored them, and their acumen for stock trading was long gone. They just don't realize it.

Their debts continue to build up. Sasha, fortunately, was a bright student. With her consistently good results, was able to get a scholarship to help pay for her school fees. So she continued her education this way, while her parents continued their vicious cycle, never learning from their mistakes. Never coming to the realization that what they were planning to do would end in utter failure. Years go by, and Sasha was 15 and, like her mother when she was younger, was good-looking. That gave her parents ideas, and soon the motel they lived in had an added 'service'.

Sasha was an unwilling participant, protesting vehemently initially until her father turned violent on her and abused her so violently she had to do it. She tried to turn to her friends and teachers for help, and it was pointless. The teachers she approached wanted no trouble so they merely referred her elsewhere; her friends made jokes of it, and began to tease her for it. Her cry for help brought her more trouble than she had expected.

Her father continues being abusive, not because Sasha refused to provide the 'service', but simply because abusing her helped release the stress that he felt from his circumstances. But finally, Sasha could take this no longer. She studied furiously, made sure her academics continued in its pristine state so that she secured a scholarship yet again. With it, she took the chance to choose a school in a state far from where she lived. Far from her backstabbing friends. Far from her useless teachers.

Perhaps, there, she could start a new life. Well, in school at least, where she played the role of someone she aspired to be. Outside of school... Well, she needed the money... "And what can I say? Old habits die hard."

So begins...

Sasha Annabel Kim's Story