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Shailene Lang

They say good guys finish last...they never said anything about good girls.

0 · 212 views · located in The Brew

a character in “I'm watching, and I know everything.”, as played by Blondie104



Name: Shailene Lang

Nickname: Shae

Age: 16

Birthday: November 6

Gender: Female

Grade: Junior

Sexual Preference: Straight

Face Claim: Kristin Kreuk

Appearance: Shailene is a petite girl of 5'3 frame with a slim, graceful body and seemingly long legs when she's wearing skirts. She has soft, creamy olive skin, kissably-soft full lips, almond-shaped hazel eyes that have a hint of an Asian appearance in them and lean more towards green with dark lashes, thinly arched eyebrows, high cheeks that dimple when she smiles, and a small nose that wrinkles when she's serious or laughs. Long, silky smooth dark brown hair falls down just below her breasts. Shailene usually wears her hair straight and either puts a braid in for decoration, pins some of the hair back, pins all of the hair back into a bun, or (rarely) wears her hair in a ponytail. On some occasions, she will curl her hair.

Shailene has a generally conservative style that remains stylish. She doesn't show too much of her body, though some cleavage might be shown and some skinny jeans will be worn. She doesn't do a lot and sticks with mainly basics. However, she does have style and on occasion, she will trade in her jeans for a good old dress or skirt that she's hidden in the closet. She has a love for sweaters and knows how to dress for her body shape. She likes headbands and barrettes. She uses few jewelry and when she does, they are hardly anything to get all excited about. She's a natural beauty and she plays that up alot. She doesn't really wear makeup and if she does, it's for functions.

Social Status: popular (courtesy of Brianna Whitman), ex-cheerleadr

Occupation: Barista at The Brew (works with Char)

--Horseback riding
--Photography (her passion)

--First period: AP English
--Second Period: Forensic Science
--Third Period: European History
--Fourth Period: Lunch
--Fifth Period: Latin
--Sixth Period: Study Hall
--Seventh Period: Photography and Computer Graphics



--Fruit (Strawberries especially)
--Taking pictures of others
--Belting out songs although she can't sing

--People taking pictures of her
--Math (even though she's good at it)

--Ability to take pics without being caught
--Ability to get out of trouble
--Speaks French and Chinese
--Can interact well with kids

--A bit naive
--Not very good with hand-to-hand combat
--Sometimes, too trusting
--Doesn't believe she is beautiful even though Brianna Whitman reminded her that

--Was one of the last people to see Bri before she died...they had an argument
--Made out with a senior when she was a freshman...while he was with someone who happens to be her mentor still
--Used to cut herself

(A sampling of what Lana would wear)


Despite her background, Shailene is a sweetheart who is only trying to get through high school and move on with her life away from her hometown. She's generally the girl-next-door character - pleasant, compassionate, and eager to help others. She has a motherly instinct when it comes to people who are close to her and has a huge soft spot for children. However, she can be easily led on at times, believing whatever people tell her. She trusts people more than she should and that's gotten her in trouble a few times, though she's talked her way out of it plenty of times with a dimpled smile as her backup. She's even forgiving to people who have hurt her, but she never forgets what you did. She has a habit of doubting how gorgeous she is and this is one of those times Brianna was a good friend; the girl always boosted Shailene's confidence. But Brianna also suppressed Shailene, which is why she can be quiet at times. Brianna had demanded complete loyalty and reminded all of her friends that she was one that got them out of their shells. She was their reason for even being where they were and Shailene knew that better than anyone else, so at times, she felt suppressed and like Brianna's little lackey.

However, Shailene does have a dark side to her. If you drive Shailene to the point of pissing her off, she will get you back. She's a photographer, so watch your back. She might just snap a picture of you doing your worst and will gladly post it up with her connections to the school newspaper. She was really close to Brianna and learned some very manipulative again, watch your back. This good girl's got claws and she will use them at the drop of a hat.

Also, Shailene wants a boyfriend before she graduates. She's studious, yes. Does she think boys get in the way of academics? Yes. But she's still a girl and she wants someone to love and will love her back just as intensely. She's still a virgin and quite innocent to relationships...other than that one incident that she hates talking about (the boy she wasn't supposed to kiss) and she isn't aware of it, but she's sexually aggressive when she is with a guy, taking the lead when making out with him or something along those lines.

Favorite Artists: ZZ Ward, Ron Pope, Christina Grimmie, Jojo, and Avril Lavigne
Favorite Songs: Find Me (Acoustic) by Christina Grimmie and We Are Young by Fun



This right here is Shailene's baby...her parents' final birthday gift to her that she just got. DO NOT TOUCH WITHOUT PERMISSION. You will die a slow, painful death. She's small, yes. We have all established that. Hurt her camera...





Back in the day, Shailene was the apple of her parents' eyes and was an only child - their miracle baby. Her father introduced her to photography and horseback riding, both of which she fell in love with at an early age. She had a happy childhood and knew Brianna Whitman slightly because they lived down the street from each other. They didn't talk much at the time.

When Shailene turned eleven, she had a cheerleading competition with the middle school team and begged her parents to let her go. Originally, they had told her no and Shailene gave them a silent treatment for an entire week. Soon enough, they conceded with the condition that immediately after she perfomed, they had to go. They were going down to Texas to visit her grandmother because the elderly woman was sick and Shailene's rude aunt was being ridiculously mean. Happily, Shailene complied with that one request. She performed her stunts and routines perfectly, making her parents proud. The team was second place, which was alright because the only reason they weren't first was because a girl messed up one small part.

On their way to the airport, an SUV slammed into their car, sending their car toppling over the bridge into the lake below. The car sunk into the icy cold waters deeply. Shailene had been knocked unconcious the minute the car hit them and awoke in complete horror to see the car almost filled with water. Her mother hit her head pretty hard on the glass in the impact and Shailene could see the blood pouring from the wound. The car kept sinking as she and her father struggled to get out of their seatbelts. Once under water, Shailene yanked and pulled at her seatbelt while her father slowly lost his breath. Miraculously, the other driver's passenger dived into the lake and tried to rescue her father, but her father signaled for him to get Shailene. Even under water, Shailene screamed and protested the sacrifice, but she was ignored. Ever since, she's hated cheerleading and that is when she began cutting herself.

Middle school was when she began talking with Brianna. The other girl was a natural-born leader and Shailene followed her simply because she had nothing else. She didn't hang with the cheerleaders anymore; cheering felt wrong. Brianna was the first to notice that she was cutting herself and chastised Shailene for it for months until the girl stopped. Shailene's mean aunt, Candace, came as the legal guardian. But once Shailene turned thirteen and knew how to basically handle everything, the woman went back to her own home. The only time she came was when it was time for bills to be paid and for a parent-teacher conference. Not a lot of people noticed that because she drove by the house regularly, but no one paid attention to the fact that she never stayed. The woman hates Shailene simply because Shailene was apparently the "pretty one" and her own daughter wasn't as loved by their grandmother as much as Shailene was.

Once high school started, Brianna made Shailene popular and Shailene was pretty much an "it" girl. She was gorgeous and flawless with a sweet smile. But she still blamed herself for her parents' death. She tried cheering again and that lasted for a month. One of the cheerleaders, a senior, became Shailene's mentor and remained her mentor even after she quit the team. At a random party that Brianna demanded that all of her friends go with her to, Shailene got wasted on accident and made out with her mentor's boyfriend. They would've went farther had Shailene not vomitted on the bed they were on. After her hangover was done, Shailene immediately regretted what she did and the guy attempted to console her by saying that he knew what he was doing. It only aggravated her to the max because she truly loved her mentor and had the right mind to tell the older girl the truth, but he made it very clear that if Shailene snitched, she'd lose her friend and reputation.

Even Brianna told her to keep her mouth shut...though the Queen Bee was a part of the reason why said boy didn't graduate and was expelled from school.

When Brianna died, it hit Shailene hard and she had to fight with herself not to cut herself anymore. It was one of the things that Brianna always wanted to stop her from doing and she didn't want to tarnish any memories of Brianna being an actual good friend. So, she resorted to burying herself in working as a waitress at the cafe. On the inside, Shailene could even admit to herself that while Brianna's death saddened her, it relieved her to a certain extent. No longer was she someone's pet and no longer did she have to do or wear whatever Brianna wanted her to do or wear.

So begins...

Shailene Lang's Story