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Basil the Beast

A shapeshifting boy turned shapeshifting monster.

0 · 382 views · located in Two Worlds

a character in “Imaginary: Dreamers of the Otherworld”, as played by Animality Opera




King of Beasts, The Beast



Basil was created as a human-looking boy, albeit a playful, shapeshifting one. As a human, he appeared around 13, with slightly tanned skin, dark brown hair to his shoulders, dark eyes, and a great, contagious smile. He was quite good-looking. As a shapehsifter, however, he could change into any animal at any time - or any part of an animal, for that matter. He could have cat eyes one minute and frog eyes the next - feathers, fur, or scales, wings, claws, a tail, canine ears or eagle talons, whatever he or his creator, the Beauty, wanted, and whatever proved most useful or most amusing.

Now, however, Basil has grown up. With the Beauty's abandonment and the corruption of the Otherworld, Basil has developed into the Beast, a nightmarish figure. In his most humanoid form, he stands at 5'7", which is not an intimidating height, but his appearance more than makes up for that. He's dressed in ragged and dirtied clothes in varying shades of brown, looking like he could have stepped right out of a sepia photograph. His clothes are heavily decorated with bones, stitches, scraps of fabric, feathers, and various other trinkets. All the places that would ordinarily expose bits of skin, like his face, hands, and fingers, are covered in wrapped cloth akin to a mummy. Fox tails that sprout from the back of his head seem to make for hair - whether they're really his hair or merely more gruesome accessories is up for debate - and dark horns curve up from the top of his head, lending him a striking silhouette.


He is still capable of shapeshifting, but his most common and formidable beastly form is no natural animal at all. A four-legged, lion-sized monster with a skull for a face, yellow, predatory eyes, and metal teeth and claws. The Beast seems composed of equal parts fabric and bone, wrapped in gauze and wiry strips of cloth, with bone-like ribs and spine protruding. Black quills are scattered over his frame, the longest of which erupt between shoulders and raise and fall expressively in times of anger or fear. The Beast produces all variety of animalistic sounds - growls, snarls, barks, hisses, chirps, and shrieks.


The clever, teasing, and playful personality Basil once had is all but obliterated now, replaced with feral ferocity and instinct. Whether he can even still speak is questionable, though he still harnesses intelligence and can be quite calculating. His only motivators seem to be food, destruction, and the protection of his kingdom in the Otherworld, where he exercises zero tolerance and just as much mercy for intruders of any kind.

Likewise, were his creator to return to the Otherworld, it can be estimated Basil would protect her with the same unrelenting violence… and probably never allow her to leave. But if any other trace of the person he was created to be remains, it will be no easy task drawing it back out.


The Beast is capable of fluid and powerful shapeshifting, changing into any animal or any combination of animals in seconds. He can also silently command the fauna of his kingdom.

More fantastical beasts, like a dragon, phoenix, or something prehistoric, Basil seems unable to achieve now, though he was once capable with help from his creator.

Outside his realm, Basil's shapeshifting takes more concentration to achieve, rendering him more vulnerable while he changes between forms. He also seems to tire more easily outside his realm. As is the case with many animals, Basil has sensitive ears and nose; very high-pitched sounds or noxious odors can scare him off.

Brief History:

Echoing his creator's fondness for wildlife, Basil had a similar love of nature and a great skill for communing with animals, even the various monsters of the Otherworld. He came to be very knowledgable about Otherworld fauna through his creator's befriending so much of it.

With the Beauty's increasingly ruthless ambition and icy temperament, however, Basil found himself growing more violent and easily frustrated without her. This evolved through the years into a terrible temper, and he became vehemently overprotective of his realm and the creatures in it, until none were allowed in or out. With the Beauty's great care over her appearance, the Beast ripped his own apart out of spite, donning everything that could further dirty his form and developing a monstrous alternate shape to frighten outsiders from venturing into his kingdom.


Basil's kingdom in the Otherworld is wild and ruthless. Though once bursting with colorful plants and all kinds of friendly wildlife, the woods there is now a dark, savage place of dog-eat-dog survival. It seems any creature encountered is well-equipped for killing, no matter their size or habitat, as the Beast's realm hosts a diverse array of environments, from jungle to swamp to grassy plain. Where there were once trails, the realm has become overgrown, making it all too easy to get lost.

At the center, a beautiful clearing of flowers and a pond existed, but now that area has frozen over into a patch of lifeless, icy tundra.



So begins...

Basil the Beast's Story


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On the highest floor of the clock tower, Kimchi sat steadily breathing by the barred door.
"tic tic tic tic tic tic." Kimchi repeated until a familiar tome struck through the tower. She tried to keep from smiling as she counted them off. One by one, different parts of the tower resonated in the same warming tones. Kimchi drank in each one until the final one stopped vibrating.

"Nine tomes! Nine o' clock! On this Monday." Kimchi fluttered over to the framed calendar page hanged carefully next to her makeshift nest. Surrounded by a carefully drawn circle was today's date; the day that her and Helena decided to finally gather back the other kids. According to plan, Helena had started approximately thirty minutes ago. Meanwhile Kimchi would out and prepare the imaginaries for the reunion. Kimchi froze as she realized her excitement was wasting precious seconds.

"Maintenance check. No time for malfunctions today." Kimchi hurried through her normal morning routine of polishing and oiling, but spent the saved seconds inspecting every gear in the clock tower. Twice. Kimchi counted the tics on the base gear, and stopped it 3 times before being satisfied that it was on tempo. Before flying away, Kimchi closed her eyes once more just to be sure. tic tic tic tic tic tic "Perfect." Kimchi smiled flying up to her closet.

Kimchi landed with a thud and quickly scurried to the pile of supplies she had prepared the previous night. As she walked she checked the clock on her wing. On schedule, as usual. Kimchi looked over the pile at her feet. Laid out on a plaid blanket, was a oil can, a metronome, a scrap book and a scrawled out land schedule. Kimchi ear twitched. Surely she planned to pack more than that. Kimchi compiled a quick list of supplies before scouring around the orderly room to find them. She had planned extensively for this ever since the first time Helena suggested getting the gang back together. She had planned right down to which imaginary she would visit first. She threw a scarf around herself. She would visit basil last for safety reasons and while she would love to visit Caddie next. Kim paused a moment before throwing some custom fitted snow-tires over her back. Caddie could be...unpredicatable especially If E got involved. And there was no way she could plan for visiting Rain. Rain had a way of dismantling even her most carefully laid plans. Some part of her longed to see each of them, but still Kimchi shivered at the thought how she would eventually have to face them. No she would visit Jack first. Experience would tell that he was the most reasonable of her friends. If anything he would be helpful in helping her persuade the others. Or protecting her from them.

"No no no." Kimchi darted toward her bag to distract herself from the dark thought. She bundled up the blanket and shortly admired her bindle. Her friends were corrupted admittedly, but not dangerous. On her way out of the room she passed her sword. A long, double edged minute hand with a donut handle. Jet black, pristine, and (despite her meticulous cleaning) telling of the last time she used it. Today was a day to be prepared , she reason shoving the blade carefully into the bindle. She flew up to the top of the tower and undid the top hatch.

She could see almost every realm from up here. This is really happening. she thought her happiness and enthusiasm returning.
"Don't worry everyone! The kids are coming," She took off and began flying toward Cyratana's castle. "And I am too!" She yelled back over her shoulder.


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Despite his ability to fly or slither, running continued to be the fastest way through the forest for him. It certainly might not be for anyone else - anyone who didn't know the realm as well or wasn't accustomed to the vegetation. The Beast knew every tree and vine, every patch of sinking sand, mud, or slippery moss.

He knew when there was an intruder in his realm, too. Word spread quickly when it wasn't literal word at all, but the cries of birds that called across the canopy, the avian equivalent of gossip. There was someone in the swamp. Someone from the World, someone who had been here before, but it was not Rina… and, thus, was not welcome here.

By the time the Beast reached the swamp, however, whoever it had been was gone. The smell of blood had begun to permeate the odors of water and mud, though, so he followed it to the scene. The intruder had slain something. Basil bent his head by the body, sniffing despite that his skull-like visage had no visible, or at least no fleshy, nose. He was in his most monstrous shape - the nightmarish creature built from fury and obsession.

The scent was difficult to make out of the water. Blood was one thing, but most all other scents were easily lost in the swamp between its water and its stench of decay. Still, the birds had told him it was someone from the World. Just not Rina. A low hiss crept from the Beast's toothy maw before breaking into a short, canine snarl of frustration. Another hiss, before he shut his mouth to sniff at the serpentine body again. Amphibian was not the most tasty of meats, but the race here had roused his hunger. He snatched up the sleek carcass of the creature in his jaws, settling on the soft, wet earth to start on his meal right there.