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Alex White

Hmm...Otherworld, you say? Yea, not ringing a bell.

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a character in “Imaginary: Into the Otherworld”, originally authored by IEatChildren, as played by RolePlayGateway



Full Name: Alexander James White

Nicknames: When he was younger he went by AJ but grew out of it once he got to high school. He now goes by Alex.

Description: When Alex was younger, he looked a lot different. He was on the chubbier side, and always seemed to be wearing clothes that were one size too small. His curly, platinum blonde locks just barely touched his shoulders, and hung in front of his light blue eyes. He had a milky complexion despite him being outside all the time, and his cheeks were always a rosy pink. Afraid of Alex getting overweight, his parents shrunk his diet and forced him to exercise regular. By the time he got to high school, he slimmed down to an 'average' weight for a boy his age and height, 5'8. He currently remains the same size. Finding his curly locks annoying, Alex chopped them all off and refuses to ever grow his hair out again. As he grew older, everything about his appearance seemed to get darker. His hair changed to a dirty blonde shade, his eyes, a murky blue, and his skin, a sun kissed tan.

Personality: The only thing that stayed the same with Alex were his big dreams. He would always be thinking of the future and how great it was going to be, and he still does. Becoming a pilot is his current dream despite everyone telling him to do something with his movie making. Determination is a big thing with Alex. He goes in with what he wants in mind and he doesn't stop until he gets it. Lots of people see him as headstrong, but Alex hasn't yet realized his stubbornness. He tends to crack corny, and even unfunny jokes but don't worry, he's used to being the only one to laugh at them.


- Strawberries || His favorite food. He used to eat them off the strawberry bush outside his house until about the time the Six split ways, when it slowly started to die away.

- Film making || He's not to bad at it either.

- Ben || His older brother, and role model. Although the older boy bullies him endlessly, Alex can't help but look up to his older, much more muscular and handsome brother. It also helps that Ben is a well known pilot with loads of money.

Airplanes || Alex has a fascination with planes. He knows just about every type ever built, and their advantages. He loves going to airplane runways to watch them come and go.

Trying new things || His has big dreams that change often so it's not unusual to see him doing new things.


Helicopters || Although he loves planes, he is completely afraid of helicopters.

Scents || He doesn't like strong, bitter, or smelly odors. Air fresheners, and scented candles are also included in this.

Being told to do things || This traces back to when his parents made him change his lifestyle.


- He is good at making films, and editing for movies and photos.

-Multi-tasking seems to be a strong point for Alex.

-Doing any type of math, including super complicated problems are easy for him. A lot of times he can do them in his head.


- He has a build up of stress that could at any moment, break him.

- Alex has horrible memory. If you asked him, he probably couldn't tell you what he had for breakfast that morning. Knowing this weakness, he keeps a pad of sticky notes with him at all times so if he needs to remember something he can either write it down or look at them to see what he has to do.

Brief History:

Alex has always grown up in the same neighborhood since he was born which may seem nice, but Alex hates the idea he hasn't been anywhere outside of it. Not even to travel. Alex loved hanging out with his older brother, Benjamin, and looked up to him. One day while he was outside playing with his older brother, Ben shoved Alex's face into the ground and forced him to eat dirt. After that, Ben left crying Alex to hangout with some friends. Whilst Alex was crying, a couple kids came up to him and asked if he wanted to join them. Wiping his tears away, he said yes.

To this day, Alex strongly believes it was the best decision he had ever made. Every time they hung out all Alex felt was happiness. He would spend every second he could with them and their imaginary world, Otherworld. But all good things come to an end, right?

When Helena got into her accident, Alex didn't really show that he cared. He had bottled it up inside, and pretended like he didn't care, even though he did. He watched as one of his friends parted from the group, and contemplated if he should too. Alex wasn't the first to leave, but he was quick to go. Even though he had left, he would constantly talk about Otherworld to his family, and the new friends he had made which made his parents worried. They thought he was too old to have any imaginary friends so they sent him to a therapist. Along with therapy, they also signed him up for several sports to keep his mind busy. Although he didn't like sports, he did find something he did like, Filming.

One year after Helena's accident, Alex got his first video camera, and he absolutely fell in love with it. He started with making little scenes, then he moved on to short movies, and is currently trying to come up with an idea for an actual movie. More than not, he carries his first video camera around with him even though he has new, better cameras and equipment.

Alex was never one to remember things very well but Otherworld, he remembers perfectly. Whether he likes it or not, he can't seem to forget Otherworld and the imaginaries. Even though he remembers, he pretends he has forgotten. As for the other kids from the Six, he has completely cut them off. He sees them but doesn't care to talk to them.

So begins...

Alex White's Story


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There are some people who come to school early because that's just when they get dropped off. There are others who arrive early in an attempt to avoid their home lives, which is, indeed, very sad. There are even others who come to school before the first bell in an attempt to catch up with friends. There are only a few, however, that come to school early in order to double check homework answers and/or for meetings of the intellectual club kind. The small group sitting at one the tables helpfully located just outside the school doors were doing just that. Just a glance at them, even ignoring the fact that they had homework and calculators out, laptops and planners spread haphazardly around the surface, and most people could tell that they were of the braniac variety, or, less kindly put, were complete nerds.

Only one person really stood out, binder shut and laptop stowed away as he leaned on the table, drowsy brown eyes glancing idly around the school grounds. His brown hair was a tousled mess like he'd simply ignored it when he'd rolled out of bed that morning, and stubble was, not unattractively, starting to show. He wore a navy sweater with black slacks and nice black shoes that didn't tend to fit the description of what high school boys wore. He didn't need to check his homework- why would he? He knew it was right. Call him cocky, call him smug, or, as he would prefer, call him Avery.

Whoever had uttered one of the single most idiotic phrases "High school is the best years of your life" had obviously never gone to high school. At least that was the opinion of Avery Maes, resident high schooler and overall grump, who'd long since realized that as long as he was in the public school system, life was never going to be particularly nice. It came with being labelled as a nerd, and a defiant nerd at that, not the sort of person you could goad into doing your homework for you. It didn't quite help that the memory of his less than manly past still loomed large over his life, raising its ugly head whenever someone was particularly displeased with him. So, yes, he did fall into the category of unpopular and, honestly, he was just fine with that because he didn't much care about the people surrounding him in the daily drudge and longed for the day he could leave them and their associated memories behind. Some memories more than other.

Speak of the devil… He grimaced and stopped his perusing stare the moment a certain dreamy-eyed girl made an appearance, wandering towards the school with a disturbingly blank expression on her face. Oh, yes. He'd really like to forget her. It wasn't just her, of course, because all of the people he played with in his childhood fell in his "do not like" list in big, block letters and underlined several times for emphasis. Helena the school's resident weirdo, just so happened to be the only visible source of his dislike right now.

"Isn't that that one girl?" One of the boys at the table asked. Apparently Avery hadn't been the only one to notice.

"Oh, right, that crazy one. The one who drags that creepy doll thing around. I saw her holding it in class once," Another noted.

"Didn't you hang out with her or something, Avery….?"

"Yes." His words were sharp and with clear malice. "But that was a long time ago, so drop it." And they did because once Avery Maes said to drop it, you dropped it unless you wanted to find yourself verbally ripped apart. He wasn't like that with a lot of things, but anything that involved Helena Neverwinter, Taja Okoro, Jonathan Morgan, or Alex White was taboo for the testy student council president.


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Walking up in a place like this is really no joy for a teenager. The house is in a nice neighborhood, the family has the money, and the kid have the freedom they want. So what is there to hate about this lifestyle? Being neglected. Taja Okoro has had the life of a very well off family. However, her attitudes and values are completely different than those of the rest of her family. Her father is a CEO who barely spends time at home, while her mother is one of her father's executives, so she's gone all the time too. Her older sister is off married doing her own thing. Then leaves her twin brothers, and surprisingly enough, Taja and her brothers are only eleven months apart making them Irish triplets. Taja is different from her brothers by a lot. She works even though she has the money to buy almost anything, she likes plants and won't let any plant die under her care, she is highly intelligent and is number two in her class, and has group of great friends for all the right reasons. So why is she so unhappy? Seemingly, Taja just wants to be accepted by her family. She tries too hard to get their attention to the point where she has given up and simply hopes. Hopes that one day her parents will take time out of their lives to recognize all the accomplishments she has acquired.

This is something Taja thinks about constantly, and every morning she hopes to see her parent down stairs to greet her with breakfast, instead of the nice South Korean maid her parents have hired to take care of Taja and her brothers. The maid and her two kids, her son ninth grade that is in the same grade as her brothers, and her daughter Brooklyn whose in Taja's grade, and her best friend since 8th grade. They are practically family, and every time Taja's family goes on vacation, they come along too. Because of them, Taja learned Korean and Chinese fluently. Nothing against them, but it would really be nice if her parents where there once. Taja got dressed in a frilly dress, with matching high heels. Put on her usual make up, and grabbed her backpack. She met with Brooklyn outside where she waited for her to get inside. "Hey Brooklyn, sorry I was running a little late, thanks for the ride today." Taja said as she closed the door. She must have dozed off because she felt a small tug on her arm and realized she was at school already. Getting out, Taja noticed how far ahead Brooklyn was. She probably had some meeting to get to and wanted to get there early.

Murky and cloudy, Taja walked through the parking lot heading for the school. Seeing how full the entrance was getting, Taja took a shortcut she liked taking whenever the front entrance was jammed. Taking a left around the corner, she started for an opening to the side of the building leading down into the boiler room. The door was never locked, and it was definitely the fastest way to her locker. Going in, she saw one of the janitors and waved at him. What a great guy. Moments later, she reached the door leading to the east hallway where her locker was located in. Ready for her class, she noticed a couple of familiar faces that sparked an emotion she doesn't like feeling. Nostalgia. Helena walked past her, and moments later she saw Avery. The Jon. Today was not starting off well. She rarely sees them that consecutively, so seeing them all come out like that was shocking. It took Taja back to a place she tries to suppress. Shaking her head, reassuring herself that she was fine, she headed for Stats to forget.