"Why do you do this?" "Because I like it!!" "Killing is not a sp-Shut it!!!! I have no use for you..or the others...I just want her back..."

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a character in “Imaginary: Into the Otherworld”, originally authored by ShadowHawk, as played by RolePlayGateway


  Full Name: Ferela

        Nicknames:  Ela

        Description: Ferela was once a deer like creature with calming brown eyes, but after her abandonment she became a evil twisted creature one of nightmares her calming eyes now a sickly yellow her teeth sharp and sickly green fur has grown long all over her now rotten body.


        Personality: Ela is very possessive she has turned sly and sneaky as well her soul yurns to have her human back and keep her forever to be hers for the rest of time.

        Powers: Ela can strike fear into most any living thing with her eyes and can change her size up to 10 feet tall and down to 4feet tall

        Weaknesses: Ela can't stand water as it burns her sickly body, and she is afraid of all reptilian creatures.

        Brief History: Ela was a happy Imaginary she fought at the side of her human and the others and was happy always the optimist, but when she started to be forgotten she grew dark and possessive as was reflected in her realm and her appearance she tried for a few years to make her human see that she was real but was met with resistance and heartbreak causing her to go quite mad.

        Realm:  In Ferela's realm it is mostly muck and tar with a huge dead tree at the center where Ela lives the only way there is a small stone path covered in moss and dead things that have been partially eaten be Ela and her realms inhabitants.

        Other: [/center] Ela has gone almost completely insane because of this she often finds killing a game and is often off in her head talking with her conflicting selves. (The good in her trying to get out and help Otherworld.)

So begins...

Ferela's Story