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Helena Neverwinter

"Someone told me I was delusional. I nearly fell off my unicorn."

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a character in “Imaginary: Into the Otherworld”, as played by VitaminHeart



Full Name: Helena Alys Neverwinter

Nicknames: Lena, Ginger, Gingie, Red, Helcat, Weird Girl

Description: Helena is a young woman who does not appear very dangerous at a glimpse. The opposite in fact. While her family often ended up quite tall and statuesque, Helena turned out an unintimidating 5'3. Her build is slim, with light curves on the hips and chest rather than any defined muscle and her face is heart-shaped and girlish, with a set of wide, blue-grey eyes.She has a mop of untidy, red hair, which falls for her lower back. She has very pale skin that is quite prone to burning.

Unorthodox would be the polite way to describe Hel....weird would be the less polite way. She appears a bit peculiar. Many say that Helena seems to live in a world of her own, and in a way that could be said to be true. Helena does not view the world like others do, and her reactions are often seen as inappropriate by those around her.

Her behaviour is often thought of as weird, though does seem to follow some sort of logic…in Helena’s mind at any rate…it just tends not to be a level of logic that anyone else has ever encountered before. While it might not initially be clear, she is painfully shy and awkward around people, mainly due to an acute awareness of how people view her. This tendency to assume others think the worst of her often makes her seem rather aloof. Getting past the initial strangeness of the young woman, she is a pleasant, highly intelligent individual. She appreciates the friendship of others, even if it’s not always openly visible, and is very dedicated to those that she is close to.

She tends to let her mind wander frequently, and doesn’t often commit to things, her actions and her appearance often making people assume that she is rather weak-minded, or even suffering from mental illness. This is not true. Her outward delicacy hides a fire or great proportions. She pursues things with a dogged determination that can be both impressive and unnerving.

Unlike her mother, Helena is not too easily moved into fighting. She tends to put up with a great deal before losing her temper. That being said, when pushed too far, Hel’s temper is completely explosive, and usually results in something getting broken….hopefully something inanimate.

Reading - Helena can usually be found with a book if she's got nothing else on. Her favourite novels are the Gormenghast Trilogy,
Old Curio - She used to collect old, obscure items and fill her room with them. She still takes a great deal of joy in such things.
Chocolate - Something Helena still has a soft spot for.
Cartoons - She always used to love cartoons. Even as an adult such things remind her of a simpler time before life got hard and complex.

Wearing shoes - She wears them when it is required of her, but mostly likes to be in bare feet.
Crowds - Being around people in large numbers makes Helena feel agitated, and she avoids it if she can.
Selfish Individuals - She dislikes those who disregard all else for their own desires.
Being insulted over her behaviour. - Being called 'weird' tends to strike a nerve pretty badly.
Attention - Helena doesn't like being in the limelight much at all.


- Helena is an impressive artist and can recreate things from memory very vividly.

-She is comparatively strong for her size and build.

-Helena still has a connection to Otherworld and her Imaginary, Space Coyote. This allows her to both use abilities, and navigate the landscape easily.

- Due to some injuries received at an early age, Helena has some long-term damage that can hamper her performance. She has restricted movement in her left shoulder, and has several metal pins and plates in her bones in various places. Those that know Helena can take advantage of these weak spots to incapacitate the girl quite easily.

- Helena's link to Otherworld is still strong, and while that gives her many advantages, not in the least having her Imaginary still on her side, it also means she is effected by its corruption, and its degeneration is threatening to begin effecting her actions also. It is possible that she could become influenced by the monsters.

Brief History:

Lena had always been a pretty...peculiar child. Even from an early age she'd always been invested in pretending, and it was at the age of only three that her cousin gave her one of her old toys, a very creepy looking coyote doll missing an eye. While her parents had found the thing a little too horror movie, the girl became incredibly attached.

The toy was to become her friend, Space Coyote, who acted as her guardian. She was one of the first in the group to start coming up with Otherworld, and was probably one of the most absorbed in it. As time passed and some of the others tried their best to turn to other things she kept trying to pull them back....and then something happened. Helena suffered an accident and was seriously hurt. She was gone from the neighbourhood for months, and when she returned, she seemed still fixated on Otherworld to a point that people began to find her strange and aggravating.

By the tie she reached seventeen, Helena is rather a social pariah. She doesn;t appear to have any friends, and spends nearly all her time alone..well...not exactly alone. She still carries the toy wherever she goes. Dismissed as a freak by most students, Helena rarely has contact with her former friends. She plans to change that.

So begins...

Helena Neverwinter's Story


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Helena planted her feet, the divided toes of her boots sliding across the marshy ground as she held the blade up as a guard across her chest.

Something slithered around in the fog, just out of sight, undulating slate coloured coils coated in a layer of slime. It attempted to shift behind her, and with a sudden lunged shot forwards, two pairs of eyes and snapping jaws making for one of her legs.

The blade sliced downwards impacting at the top of its neck, slicing through scales and bone, causing it to shriek and convulse, wriggling around the blade in a disgusting arc that threw bits into her face and made her cringe. Only as the thrashing ceased and the water began to tint an unnatural hue did she place a foot on top of it and tear her sword free.

Clearing the blade off with a cloth she returned it to the covering on her back, and continued to walk. After continuing for some way, her senses wired up for any sort of sound or motion in the mists, she hit a patch of moss. Her foot slipped and she collapsed forward into a pool of deep water. Helena splashed, coughed, reaching out to try and find a handhold but she was being pulled downward, something catching her foot.

Dammit dammit dammit.

Someone was calling. A noise in the distance. Getting closer-

"Helena! It's eight thirty, get a move on!"

The young woman pulled her head up from the pillow, falling onto her back and giving a truncated groan, her bright red hair spread round her like the tentacles of some beached see creature. She remained there for a moment, trying to acclimatize to the bed over the dark marsh-ground, before looking over at the small, stuffed toy next to her, a very old stuffed coyote plush.
-"Today is the day." she told it.
-"Today we're going to get them, right? It cannot carry on."

Her room was untidy at best. Books strewn across the floor and on a borken shelf at one wall. Stuffed animals all over the place, and heaps of drawings, maps, notes and assorted material relating to...her work.

Pulling herself to her feet, Helena Neverwinter stumbled out into the bathroom, showering off the imaginary mud and snake-slime from her body, before returning to dry her hair off and get some clothes. An aubergine skirt, indigo leggings, sheepskin boots, and an over-sized sweater of an indisputable level of ugliness were pulled on, and a messenger bag was fished out of a pile of stuff, allowing a small hollow for her toy to sit in with its head out.

Ready to face the day. As much as she faced real world days..

Twenty minutes later, thanks to a ride from her mother, She made her way through the front gate, with bad, toy, and a blank expression. She spent a lot of time at school staring into space. Mostly, planning. Trying to set out the moves for the next night. Wondering where she might get dropped. At least she had woken up before drowning in the marsh. But she knew eventually she was not going to be able to rely on that. They wanted to trap them there... and it was going to be Helena who got that before any of them. So...

"We have to get them back." the young woman mused as she walked.
"Reunite the group. They can turn things back."


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#, as written by rextrex
Winnie paced, muttering. "Humans... why can't I just forget about them!? Why can't imaginaries have lives without help from some untrustworthy traitors? It's not fair!" She leans against a tree and slides to the ground, putting a hand to her forehead. Instead of legs, her torso drops off at the bottom of the hips and it lightly flutters. "Wait! Helena!" She gets up and walks to a cave, swooping inside. A large blue crystal juts out of the wall. It glows softly. Wyn stares at it, mesmerized. "Okay." She lifts a hand to it.

Winnie's voice would appear in Helena's head. "Helena. I'm lonely. Why did they leave? What did I do wrong? Atzy must have been doing it better than me, because he has you. I messed up. Big-time." She sighs. "I wish they could come back. Will you visit my realm tomorrow night? I'll bring you back."


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There are some people who come to school early because that's just when they get dropped off. There are others who arrive early in an attempt to avoid their home lives, which is, indeed, very sad. There are even others who come to school before the first bell in an attempt to catch up with friends. There are only a few, however, that come to school early in order to double check homework answers and/or for meetings of the intellectual club kind. The small group sitting at one the tables helpfully located just outside the school doors were doing just that. Just a glance at them, even ignoring the fact that they had homework and calculators out, laptops and planners spread haphazardly around the surface, and most people could tell that they were of the braniac variety, or, less kindly put, were complete nerds.

Only one person really stood out, binder shut and laptop stowed away as he leaned on the table, drowsy brown eyes glancing idly around the school grounds. His brown hair was a tousled mess like he'd simply ignored it when he'd rolled out of bed that morning, and stubble was, not unattractively, starting to show. He wore a navy sweater with black slacks and nice black shoes that didn't tend to fit the description of what high school boys wore. He didn't need to check his homework- why would he? He knew it was right. Call him cocky, call him smug, or, as he would prefer, call him Avery.

Whoever had uttered one of the single most idiotic phrases "High school is the best years of your life" had obviously never gone to high school. At least that was the opinion of Avery Maes, resident high schooler and overall grump, who'd long since realized that as long as he was in the public school system, life was never going to be particularly nice. It came with being labelled as a nerd, and a defiant nerd at that, not the sort of person you could goad into doing your homework for you. It didn't quite help that the memory of his less than manly past still loomed large over his life, raising its ugly head whenever someone was particularly displeased with him. So, yes, he did fall into the category of unpopular and, honestly, he was just fine with that because he didn't much care about the people surrounding him in the daily drudge and longed for the day he could leave them and their associated memories behind. Some memories more than other.

Speak of the devil… He grimaced and stopped his perusing stare the moment a certain dreamy-eyed girl made an appearance, wandering towards the school with a disturbingly blank expression on her face. Oh, yes. He'd really like to forget her. It wasn't just her, of course, because all of the people he played with in his childhood fell in his "do not like" list in big, block letters and underlined several times for emphasis. Helena the school's resident weirdo, just so happened to be the only visible source of his dislike right now.

"Isn't that that one girl?" One of the boys at the table asked. Apparently Avery hadn't been the only one to notice.

"Oh, right, that crazy one. The one who drags that creepy doll thing around. I saw her holding it in class once," Another noted.

"Didn't you hang out with her or something, Avery….?"

"Yes." His words were sharp and with clear malice. "But that was a long time ago, so drop it." And they did because once Avery Maes said to drop it, you dropped it unless you wanted to find yourself verbally ripped apart. He wasn't like that with a lot of things, but anything that involved Helena Neverwinter, Taja Okoro, Jonathan Morgan, or Alex White was taboo for the testy student council president.


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Helena paused in mid-step. Like a sort of warping static in her brain. It erupted up out of nowhere before forming into words. A voice she recognized.

-"Look uh, I can;t talk now." she stated.
-"I'll be there after school, we can talk it out properly then, okay?"

She didn't... trust Wyn. Whilst the entity was, perhaps, less hostile that some of the other imaginaries, none of them other than her own could really be trusted. What they wanted more than anything was to get their creators back, and anything else sort of came in second. She was wary that this may be another of their nasty little plans.

She looked round, catching sight of someone, one of her five targets, and smiled.
That was easy enough.
"Avery!" she called, lifting a hand hand waving, causing the loose fitting sleeve of the sweater to slip down.
She jogged over, the motion shaking the toy around, making its ears bounce, as she approached the young man and his friends. She stood before them, and spoke with complete sincerity on the matter.

"Avery...hey...I need to talk to you. Like, right now. They say that you need to come back to otherworld. I should be mad you know..for all the stuff you've said about me over the years, but I'm not anymore...not if you come back."


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#, as written by rextrex
Winnie sighed. She saw Avery out of the corner of her eye. "Oi! Not that one!" She slapped her palm to her forehead. "That boy won't listen. He just tries to act all grown up, and forget about us! They all forget that they left us behind, and live their petty little lives. Ugh." She looked at him. "Tried to be mature before the rest of them. Never works." Wyn sat down. "I just want them to remember us. Why is it so hard?"

She jumps up. "I wish they would trust me! I really don't want to hurt anyone." Winnie places her hand on the crystal. "Avery, Helena. I'm being absolutely serious. You need to come back here, and straighten things out. I'm probably, and you know, pretty much the least evil imaginary. And Avery, if you were going to, shut up about auditory hallucinations. You cynic. Now, please get everyone and bring them back, so we can help the more... twisted imaginaries. I probably might help if you get Taja to come."


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Waking with a quiet breath, the tired teen took a moment before opening his eyes to the blinding light streaming through his open windows. The curtains fluttered like wings as a soft breeze blew in, its crisp scent of morning enticing him into the waking world. He groaned and pushed himself up onto his elbows, eyes still squinting into the searing sunlight. Swallowing to wet his dry throat he looked to his alarm clock, then looked away. It was long after he usually got up, but for a moment he started to convince himself that he would still have time to get a shower and head into school if he got a quick nap. Before he could even think of moving, a shrill voice called from outside his bedroom.
"JoJo! Time for school!" He recognised the voice as his mother, the hell-bitch herself, but didn't begin to show any signs of getting out of bed until an equally irritating voice, though for very different reasons, echoed her mockingly.
"Yeah, JoJo! Time for school!"

Jonathan closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He inhaled again, imagining all of the annoying things his slightly older brother had done - and would do later in the day - flowing to his centre, then exhaled, sending thoughts with it. Forcing a less grumpy look onto his face, he pushed himself up into a sitting position and swung his legs over the edge, wincing slightly as bare skin touched icy floor below. He pushed himself up slightly, making sure that he had the balance and stability require to remain upright, then continued to full standing. Swaying for a second, he started forwards to the door. The teen grasped the handle and opened the door to a surprisingly warm hallway. His feet met comfortable carpet. Jonathan spread his toes and let the soft fabric go between them, then continued on his way to the bathroom.

The door opened with a quiet squeak, to which he rolled his eyes - his dad had been saying for months he would fix it - and stepped off the warm carpet onto icy floor again. The cold bit into him releasing its chilly poisons through his body sending a shiver up his spine. Shaking it off he locked the door, stripped and turned on the shower. Warm water cascaded down, hitting the shower floor with a loud tapping. He stepped in while it was still only warm then let the water slowly turn to his preferred temperature. Jonathan washed quickly then stood with one hand against the wall, his arm out straight keeping him upright, facing the direction in which the water was coming. His eyes closed, the water caressing his skin lulling him into a deep sleep.

Seemingly only seconds later Jonathan jumped awake and nearly fell because of a thumping. It took a moment for his groggy mind to figure out just where the banging was coming from, then he understood from the muffled voice calling through the dark wooden door.
"Jonny," his father started, to which Jonathan cringed. He hated that nickname, and they knew it. "You've been in there for a half hour. Hurry up and get ready, I'll drop you and your brother off." It was a second before he found his voice to answer, and then only with a simple "alright". The retreating footsteps was a relief, and he sighed, then hurried out to get ready and get something to take with him for breakfast.

All through the car ride there he had to put up with his brother's antics. Despite the boy being a couple of years older than Jonathan, it was the latter of the two who had matured most - though not by choice. They finally pulled up just outside the school. Jonathan grabbed his bag, a plain black messenger bag, and hurried out of the car giving his dad a mumbled thanks. He inhale deeply as the fresh morning air gently blew over him. While Jonathan wasn't much of a morning person, some were just too good to be in a bad mood. With a faint smile he started for the school building while it was still early.

Jonathan looked around the school grounds as he walked. Just by their clothes he could identify certain groups in the school. The rest were from a certain look to them, or the way they acted. He glanced down at his own clothes. He had worn his usual black and white raglan long sleeved top, dark blue zipper hoodie which he almost always left unzipped, dark blue jeans and his tan work boots. He had often been told by his friends that he had absolutely no fashion sense, and he didn't argue. This was his usual style of clothes, though if it were colder he would have worn his dark trench coat, which falls down to the knees. Using his style of clothing he tried to figure out where people would place him and groaned as he realised, the waving hand of his friend in the distance only helping him understand.

He reached his friend, Rachel, who as always almost jumped on him as she gave him a hug. The two had dated once, but had broken up over two years ago, but Jonathan always suspected she wasn't entirely over it despite being the one who ended it. He gave a half smile, having to force most of it onto his face. He greeted the rest of the group of mostly popular kids with the same half-assed smile, then chatted with them for a little while. Before long however, something else came up to ruin his good morning.
"Hey," Kevin said with his huge, ugly grin, "It's the school loony!" Jonathan's body went rigid and held perfectly still, a stone statue in the middle of the school grounds.
"Why does that crazy bitch even bother coming back here?" Rachel asked with some venom in her voice. Jonathan spun his head around and looked at her with a mixture of shock and disgust. It was the first time he had ever heard Rachel saying something about Helena, one of his old friends. He knew that she would whisper whatever behind his back, but had never once until that day said it in front of him. Rachel looked back at him, almost feeling bad for it, but then looked away to the "loony" as if it meant nothing.
"Yeah, it's not like anyone wants her here," Jess said after, continuing the verbal bashing with Mark nodding his agreement beside her.

Helena suddenly stopped and looked like she had spoke to herself, then headed straight for another one of the people Jonathan had once known, Avery. His eyebrows pulled close together in both confusion and worry. Helena hadn't spoken to any of them in years, none of them had spoke to any of the others for that matter. So, why now was she going to Avery? Memories of his past began to surface, but he pushed them back into the dark corner they had come from. He had long since rejected anything that had happened in the past, considering it all just their imaginations, nothing more. But he still worried.

"Oh look," Rachel started again, yanking Jonathan from his thoughts. "There she goes trying to recruit another into her crazy world." As they all broke into giggling Jonathan frowned in annoyance, and finally spoke up.
"Alright guys, that's enough," he said above the incessant noise they were making. "Just leave her alone." Four pairs of fire filled eyes fell on him. His confidence faltered for a second, but then he made himself stand at his full height, towering over the lot of them. Two of the weaker willed teens, Jess and Mark, gave up and looked back to Helena, but Rachel and Kevin remained.
"Careful Morgan," Kevin warned, "she might come after you next. We wouldn't want to you going along with her now would we?" Jonathan closed his hand into a fist and opened it several times while he continued to hold his ground. Kevin finally gave an amused snort before turning back to Helena in the distance. Just before she looked away, Rachel gave a look of disappointment to him, then ignored him completely.

Shaking his head with a loud sigh, he turned on his heels and left them all behind. It seemed to be something he was very good at, abandoning his friends. The teen stopped at one of the trees on the grounds, dropped his bag and sat down leaning his back against the bark. He pulled a sketch book from his bag and a candy bar. He flipped through the pages slowly. This was the only reminder left his past exploits with his old friends. Dozens of drawings filled the pad, which wasn't even half way filled. Drawings of beautiful angels and a world different to Jonathan's own. When he was younger, there had been dozens of these books, all filled with pictures of his imaginary friend. But when his parents were trying to convince him to give up the fantasy, give up his Memory, they burned them all, several right in front of him. All except one. He closed it over quickly and closed his eyes.
'It wasn't real. Now let it go.' After a minute he put the book back in his bag and bit into the candy bar, waiting for the bell to ring so he could have something else to focus on.


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There were no words to describe the look of pure horror that crossed Avery's face the moment Helena began to wave. However, if really do insist, his friends would later attempt to give the look justice by saying it was like he'd just seen death himself. Why was she coming this way? Was she actually going to try to talk to him? It had been years and years since they'd last so much as made eye contact, so what did she want now? He could hear his friends laughing and whispering conspiratorially to one another, far too amused by their usually fearless leader's complete lack of composure. He couldn't help it, not really, because, for one, he'd long since made a vow to himself to ignore all that remained of the Six and they all had seemed quite fine with that. And, of course, there was the fact that he wasn't fond of Helena in the least, so he didn't really need more rumors starting up about either of them. High schoolers, regardless of the facts, were merciless like that.

"Avery...hey...I need to talk to you. Like, right now." Her normally blank expression had morphed into one of sincerity as she spoke, her stuffed toy's ears giving one last bounce as she settled to a stop in front of the table.

"That's nice and all, but I'm going to-" His protest was cut off quickly by the clatter of his friends scooping up their belongings, laughing to themselves all the while. He stared at them, horror returning to his face once more because were they really going to abandon him? The answer was apparently yes as, in less than a minute they'd made their exit, snickering and offering him good luck as they left the student council president alone with the last person in the world he wanted to see. He sighed, frustration thick in that simple exhalation, and sat back down, lips pressed into a thin line. "Fine. Talk."

"They say that you need to come back to otherworld. I should be mad you know..for all the stuff you've said about me over the years, but I'm not anymore...not if you come back."

Avery gaped at her for a moment, completely at a loss for words. Not only had she just flung their childhood delusion at him without so much as a how-do-you-do, but now she was actually trying to play the victim here. Like this had been all his fault, like she was doing him a favor by offering to let him back in on her insane little play world. It was hers now, of course it was. The others had abandoned it and she had taken it from him, turning it from a fun game into a driving block in their once-upon-a-time friendship.

He didn't, of course, hear any words from anything imaginary or otherwise. Try as Winnie might, Avery could only hear a faint murmur int he back of his mind, an sliver of connection due to his lasting adoration of the Mad Cat painting propped up into his room. And faint niggles of words at the back of your mind is far less disconcerting than someone trying to make you see like the bad guy. He wasn't the bad guy here, he wasn't.

"Do you really think," He began, finally finding his voice with barely suppressed rage, "That I care what you think about me? I've never said a word about you because I don't talk about you because I. Don't. Care. I really don't. I don't even know what you're talking about right now, so go take your delusions and- and I don't even know what else and grow up." Not his most eloquent argument, but rage tended to keep people from making the soundest arguments.


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Walking up in a place like this is really no joy for a teenager. The house is in a nice neighborhood, the family has the money, and the kid have the freedom they want. So what is there to hate about this lifestyle? Being neglected. Taja Okoro has had the life of a very well off family. However, her attitudes and values are completely different than those of the rest of her family. Her father is a CEO who barely spends time at home, while her mother is one of her father's executives, so she's gone all the time too. Her older sister is off married doing her own thing. Then leaves her twin brothers, and surprisingly enough, Taja and her brothers are only eleven months apart making them Irish triplets. Taja is different from her brothers by a lot. She works even though she has the money to buy almost anything, she likes plants and won't let any plant die under her care, she is highly intelligent and is number two in her class, and has group of great friends for all the right reasons. So why is she so unhappy? Seemingly, Taja just wants to be accepted by her family. She tries too hard to get their attention to the point where she has given up and simply hopes. Hopes that one day her parents will take time out of their lives to recognize all the accomplishments she has acquired.

This is something Taja thinks about constantly, and every morning she hopes to see her parent down stairs to greet her with breakfast, instead of the nice South Korean maid her parents have hired to take care of Taja and her brothers. The maid and her two kids, her son ninth grade that is in the same grade as her brothers, and her daughter Brooklyn whose in Taja's grade, and her best friend since 8th grade. They are practically family, and every time Taja's family goes on vacation, they come along too. Because of them, Taja learned Korean and Chinese fluently. Nothing against them, but it would really be nice if her parents where there once. Taja got dressed in a frilly dress, with matching high heels. Put on her usual make up, and grabbed her backpack. She met with Brooklyn outside where she waited for her to get inside. "Hey Brooklyn, sorry I was running a little late, thanks for the ride today." Taja said as she closed the door. She must have dozed off because she felt a small tug on her arm and realized she was at school already. Getting out, Taja noticed how far ahead Brooklyn was. She probably had some meeting to get to and wanted to get there early.

Murky and cloudy, Taja walked through the parking lot heading for the school. Seeing how full the entrance was getting, Taja took a shortcut she liked taking whenever the front entrance was jammed. Taking a left around the corner, she started for an opening to the side of the building leading down into the boiler room. The door was never locked, and it was definitely the fastest way to her locker. Going in, she saw one of the janitors and waved at him. What a great guy. Moments later, she reached the door leading to the east hallway where her locker was located in. Ready for her class, she noticed a couple of familiar faces that sparked an emotion she doesn't like feeling. Nostalgia. Helena walked past her, and moments later she saw Avery. The Jon. Today was not starting off well. She rarely sees them that consecutively, so seeing them all come out like that was shocking. It took Taja back to a place she tries to suppress. Shaking her head, reassuring herself that she was fine, she headed for Stats to forget.