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Full Name: Jamin nimajin

Nicknames: Berry, sheriff Nim

Description: Before Jamin was a caterpillar that rode on the back of a stuffed bird. The bird had enough life in it that it could walk and fly whenever Jamin was on its back. Jamin was a green caterpillar with large red eyes and some yellow rings going down his back. He had a total of 10 legs and 1 pair that could act as arms. Jamin is about a foot long at this point.
Now Jamin is a dragonfly of mostly the same colors (large red eyes and shiny green scales) only he has lost his yellow spots. About 3 feet long. Jamin's 2 sets of translucent wings are weathered and torn so they can't support him for long flights. To fix that he has system that he attaches to his wings that give him the ability to fly strongly and swiftly. The device resembles and functions like the wings of a biplane. At the tip of his tail he has three fins that act as the tail fins. He wears a pouch weaved from bush vines around his neck that houses his many inventions. This includes his biplane wings, a pair of goggles to see through the fog easily, and a book that has recordings of weather patterns, berry effects and etcetera.

Personality: Jamin is Confident, Loyal, Outgoing but Kind hearted as well. Jamin doesn’t often show many emotions outside of happiness, apprehension and impatience. Jamin is very confident in his abilities and knowledge of what he is familiar with.

Survivalist: He has become very skilled at figuring out what could be dangerous and avoiding it.
Wind maker: Jamin can create small winds that he usually uses to quickly change direction in flight.

Impatient: He doesn't want to wait for anything and will usually choose the quickest route.
Small: as much as he hates it, his small size makes him have to work harder to do things others find simple.

Brief History: Jamin didn't think very much of Alex's dissapearance at first. After about a week, Jamin went out and searched for alex and noticed many of the changes to Caelum as they first happened. Resident's came to Jamin expecting answers that Jamin didn't have. Some residents became more violent as their homes and livlihoods were destroyed by changing landscapes, or their loved became sick, dead, insane from the changing effects of the berries. Jamin had no idea how to deal with the changing events and so retired to a coccoon for deep thought.
The Jamin that came out was a harder tougher dragonfly with a renewed confidence. Jamin had made it his goal to preserve Caelum until Alex comes back. He preserves the remnants of Alex in Caelum, studies the Cloud marsh to determine new and better methods, and makes inventions to ease life for some of the remaining residents. Over time Jamin has become like a sheriff and innovator to the scattered residents.

Realm: Jamin's realm is called Caelum et mare and used to be far more beautiful than it is now. Caelum used to be a seemingly endless expanse of sky and cloud. The clouds of Caelum are soft but solid and make up many different structures throughout Caelum. Sunset in Caelum used to be very beautiful because of the way the sun changed the colors of cloud. Also around Caelum are long strips of flatland that float on the surface of the clouds. Occasionally on these flatlands there are patches of greenery that aren't quite the same as greenery of earth. Water is uncommon in Caelum but all plants remain light, wispy and fruit bearing. The fruits of Caelum are similar to strawberries in shape and for some flavor, but come in a myriad of flavors and colors.

Nowadays Caelum is known by most residents as the Cloud Marsh although Jamin still refers to it as Caelum. The clouds have all turned dark gray like a rain cloud or brown and polluted. The cloud structure is far less consistent with some areas being swampy and others being impossible to walk on. The flatlands are no longer flat and have been covered by the berry bushes. Many new kinds of berries have evolved and every color now has a different side effect. The bushes have grown to much larger sizes and make up forest sized clusters on almost every flatland. The flatlands have different heights depending on the time of day. The sky ways are almost unusable except for experienced fliers. Weather in the Cloud marsh usually consists of large amounts of wind that scatter the change the cloud structure. More commonly is a dense fog that obscures most of the Landscape.

Other: [/center] Jamin has helped the remaining sane residents of the Cloud Marsh by building devices and inventions that ease the hard life they live. Jamin is unsure how he feels about Alex returning. It is a mix of loyalty, happiness, an anger.

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