Ashley Campbell

"Go away, I have work to do."

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Full Name:
Ashley Camilla Campbell

Ash, Campbell, Cam, Camilla

I'm pretty tall at 5'8, but I'm far from intimidating. I'm always hunched over, looking at my laptop, or textbook, or notebook, or study sheet. I have decently long black hair and eyes that my mom says are a "piercing green." I have glasses but admittedly, I don't wear them much. I'm pretty bland, I guess.

I'm pretty stressed, to be honest. Everything is looming up too quickly-college, leaving school, getting a job, a house, a car. I'm not really social, because all I do is sit in my room. I'm shy and quiet, and when I start something I'm determined to finish it.

I'm really good at focusing at the task at hand
I'm pretty intelligent, in my opinion
I'm good with computers, hardware and mechanics

I don't really know how to make friends
I'm too shy to speak up for myself
I can't do anything athletic

Brief History:
When I was little, I was really carefree. I used to chase butterflies and blow at dandelion fuzz while making a wish. I was always so open and loving. After all, I was young and had nothing to hide, no secrets to keep, other than my imaginary friend, of course. God, I would play all day, pretending that it was by my side. I also used to do a lot of sports. I was a really athletic kid, and I was really good and soccer and basketball. Then school changed and suddenly I had hours of homework. I felt nthe need to be the best, the top of the class. I stopped playing and began to study, write self-tests, and anything else that would improve my grades. I dropped my sports a while later, and since then school has kind of consumed my life.

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