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Face Capture : Ab-Soul

[color=#000000][size=100][b]Full Name: Rakim

[color=#000000][size=100][b]Nicknames: Gretzky, nine-nine, choppy.

Used to be a happy kid, running around, loved everything that was in front of him. Now quite depressed, angry, tempermental, he sells white out of his buddys moms house.

Personality: Rakim lives in a harder part of town now, lives a street life. The kindof place where outsiders don't come around, and if they do, they get killed, robbed, or both.

[color=#000000][size=100][b]Skills: Good fighter, Can read people fairly easily, fast runner, and exceptionally smart with history.

[color=#000000][size=100][b]Weaknesses: Lets his temper get to him quickly, not a very skilled talker, and he's a manic.

[color=#000000][size=100][b]Brief History: Steven Johnson Syndrome when he was 14, almost killed him. kicked out of his moms house not long after because of the way he looked, went to his friends house, who lived in the slums. Stayed there for a little, his buddy started Rakim off selling pot, taught him how to shoot, and gave him a 9. He guided him over the coming years, and now, four years later, him and his buddy are running the block.

So begins...

Rakim's Story


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#, as written by devin
Rakim awoke in the living room at 6:13am. Another nightmare. Same one, had been for about a week now. It reminded him of when he was a Kid. Things were different then, his imagination was able to take him away, let him and his friends do whatever they wanted to do. Nowadays, he lived in the hood, and the only escape he could think of was death. And school, school's not bad.

John, his bestfriend, was awake sitting in the chair next to the door. "I'll watch the trap for now, go get a fuckin shower choppy, get your black ass to that school, and dont take my fuckin white ford, take your caddy".
Rakim went, grabbed a quick shower, loaded his backpack with what he'd need for the day. Some white, his 9, and a nice blunt for the drive into town, and another for the day at some point. He quickly tossed on a white beater, black jeans, and his favorite hat, it simply said "Choppy" in red and black lettering. He grabbed the keys to his black 86 cadillac coupe-deville, hopped in, and started her up. He loved his caddy. He had everything on it, pearlescent black paint, lowering kit, gold plated rims, gold plated handles, oak dash, and all the bells and whistles. As he was driving to the school, he realized this was his first day out into town in almost a month. He thought about why, and realised he didnt get 125 grand for going into town every day.

He was on the street beside the school when he saw her, and her friend. River. He remembered they used to be friends when they were kids, he had a crush on her then, and still does now. Of course, to everyone in town, Rakim was someone you didnt speak to unless told to do so. When Rakim got out of his caddy, he noticed some people throwing around something with River. Looked like they were picking on her. He decided to deal with it at a later time.

Rakim lit his blunt, was taking a nice cruise when he noticed one of the boys that puhsed with River that morning, he looked like he was heading to the school. Rakim followed. All the way back to the school. He opened the door, headed to the bathroom. Rakim followed, with his gun in his pants. The boy turned around and saw Rakim mid swing with his glock. *Crack* he busted the boys face open, knocked him on the ground. Rakim leaned into his ear and whispered "If I EVER see you fucking with that girl again, i'll ride on your block and kill your fucking family, got it?"

"yes y...yes...e...yes" The kid said through blood and sobs.

"Oh, and anyone asks, this never hapenned, you slipped and hit your face on a urinal."


then, just for accuracy of the story, he slammed the kids face on a urinal.

He did things like this often, usually just to keep bullying down in the school and around town, but this was different, this was for someone. Someone he hadn't talked to in 8 or so years.

As much as it was nice not having to deal with people and their bullshit, it made it hard to approach girls. Thankfully, most of his boys werent around today, so he would quite possibly be able to sneak up to Helena and talk to her.
right around the time Rakim was thinking of some McD's, the opporotunity arose.

He started walking towards her, waived her to come here. She seemed quite nervous, but Rakim was used to people being nervous around him.

"Hey uh, who was that girl you were walking with this morning?"


"Uhh, well, i dont know, she was like, pretty cute I guess"


"Can you like, maybe, tell her to come talk to me someday or something?"

She then walked off very quickly.

"Fuck." he said to himself.

He saw the boy again after he got lunch, face stitched, two black eyes, and a very busted nose. the kid turned, looked at Rakim, Rakim winked, threw him a Jr chicken, and then he was on his way. Rakim was just heading to the Liquor store to meet his buddy Lamar, when he saw Helena, walking with River and some Jessi guy. He heard that Jessi was good people, and he trusted his sources. He caught Helena's eyes, and she motioned for him to walkover.


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#, as written by devin


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"I resent you implying that being like me is like the worst punishment you can dish out, and somehow assholes rank so far over me in this. I've never actually done anything." Helena responded defensively, her attention drawn back. She stuffed the toy down into the bag, not wanting to leave it pen to be grabbed.

"And just because I don't flip out it's okay for every student and half the staff here to pick on me?"
Yeah, you do get good at handling it when you've been doing it for ten years, she thought to herself, feeling bitter. It was fine to stand up for River, but it was all funny when someone shoved Helena in the swimming pool or tried to pull her skirt up or spat in her drink.

It was because, in her eyes, people seemed to feel she deserved it. That it was justified in some way.

She had to laugh at Jessi's comment. Not only because of the irony of it that he thought he was somehow doing her a favour, and the idea that she needed to grow up. She'd spent her night trying to fight off a hydra that had almost torn her arm out of its socket. She had seen creatures torn apart and sewn together as grotesque things by some depraved imaginary. She had faced the New Ruler and survived...just about. She wasn;t the one that had not grown up.

"This is going to happen, no matter what you say or do. I'm just giving you a chance to be ready for it. If you ignore me you;re still going to end up there one day, only I won't be around to help you. Your best bet is to listen to me and learn how to stop that happening before the Sentinel or Cadriel or Monarch gets to me and there's noone standing between you and the creatures....but I guess that's all on you people. It's just that I probably won't live to see the latter."


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#, as written by devin
Rakim stood in the middle of the front entrance of the school for a moment, unsure of whether to walk over or stand there until one of the boys called him. Fuck it, what did he have to loose.

He walked over while trying desperately to put his gun in his bag without them noticing. he ended up just turning around for a moment, stuffed it in his bag, then walked over to her.

He walked for a minute with the three of them, wondering what to say. He nervously put his hand on her back, and spoke.

"Saw what happened this morning, those kids are idiots, I heard one of them fell face first into a urinal earlier."

She laughed, somewhat nervously, but it was a nervousness that he wasn't used to, one that seemed less, threatening.

"Yeah, you remember this? We must've been about 10 years old, we were playing in the woods and I fell off a tree, cut my face right up. The next day, this girl, she was makin fun of me, called me an ugly ni**er. Then you punched her in the face and Jessi chased her all the way home. So, i guess what I'm trying to say is, it happens to everyone. If you want, i'll make sure nobody ever does anything to you again. Just let me drive you home. I can give your other two friends a ride too, but it looks like their going to go do their own thing."

She couldn't help but laugh at the old memory of them.

Rakim thought back for a minute, he was a funny kid. one that did all kinds of stupid things. He had been in a different world lately, one that he wasn't allowed to be human in. He liked spending time with his old friends, even if they weren't popular or cool. It made him feel human, like he wasn't in the hood anymore. And then he realized it. There's two escapes from the hood, Death, and these three people. He vowed to himself, that even if River wasn't interested, he was going to watch her back. And make sure to take time out of his day to hangout with them. He might still be a hood kid, but he didn't have to be 24/7.


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~Zenofora Jesper Terellia~

|| Otherworld ||

As Zen turned around to walk away from where the figures had been, she caught in the corner of her eye the same red glow she had seen only a moment before, but this time, the glow grew brighter and brighter until it almost matched the colour of her red eyes. Zenofora stood, and watched the shadow figure as it glowed, wonder what it could be or even who it was. Zeno stretched out her hand again to try and touch the figure but suddenly it bolted, and began running. So she followed it, now more curious than before - at first she thought it was just something she imagined, or a trick played on her by her realm, but nothing that wasn't atleast a bit human could run so fast.

She chased the glowing red figure across her lang until it came to a stop and leaned itself against a rock, seemingly catching it's breath. Then she saw another shadow, it was a tall figure, almost taller than herself, which made her step back to be able to examine it fully. As she watched, Zen could see motions of mouth, talking and laughing and she swore for a moment she could hear it too, but only for a moment, then it was gone. The tugging her her chest began to lessen as the glow of the smaller shadow began to become less and less red. Zeno stood back and watched the two figures, all the while her mouth slightly open agape, she didn't quite know what to think of the shadows, but she defiently wanted to find out more.

Zen figured that, if she wanted questions, she might aswell ask, it was worth a shot, was it not?
"Hello?" Zenofora began in her demonesque voice, "Wha- who are you? Why are you here in the otherworld? Are you even real?.." she asked as curiousity again grew inside her, and she reached out a firm hand to touch the red figure on the arm, attempting to see if it actually felt human, or if it was just thin air.


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#, as written by devin
River had looked at Rakim, and then, started freaking out about the voices. She had tucked herself into his chest, so he held her. He was about to say that the voices weren't real, but he had heard it himself. "It's alright" he said, but something was, different. He looked down into Rivers eyes, She looked up at his, and then it happened.

They weren't anywhere near his caddy. Some other place, it reminded him of their imaginary place as kids, except rundown, old, and unkept. "Uhh, River, I think it's real"

A figure was not too far from them, it looked like a woman, with pointed ears, and long red hair. Rakim wasn't sure of what to do, this was all so, unimaginable. They were back to the place they used to go as kids, what did they call it? The otherworld, Rakim thought to himself. His mind began to wander, wondering what happened to the place, what had went on here after they continued with their lives.

The woman went to speak, but Rakim spoke first.

"Is this......actually real. Like am I here right now?"

Then, just as soon as they were there, they were gone again.

He walked with River back to the car, squeezed her hand, completely unsure of what to say.

He decided to play it off. "You want to grab supper or something? My buddy John makes a damn good chickenburger"

"Sure" She responded. She seemed embarassed about what just happened, but Rakim couldn't argue, he was just as mind boggled as she was.

He dialed. No answer. Dialed again. No answer. He picked up the third time, and Rakim lost it on him

"You dumb montherfucker I thought you were dead, pick up your fucking phone" John was used to this kind of reaction, and responded casually

"Lemme guess, your calling me to roll a joint and make some chickenburgers. Who's comin over?"

Rakim begain to whisper "A girl from school, shes cute, so try and keep the dogs away eh?"

"Sure, but hurry up man I'm out and we got white girls lining up at the door for that new shit you got, apparently it's pretty great."

Rakim laughed, then hungup.

He looked at River, and asked the question.

"You smoke?"


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|| Zenofora Jesper Terellia ||

Zen sighed, having no response from the figures she'd become discouraged. Then, as she turned to walk away, angrily stomping out a flower beneath her foot she heard a voice, "Uhh, River, I think it's real" Zeno snapped back, turning instantly on her heels to face the now full-bodied figures.

Her mouth hung agape for a while as she tripped on her words, trying to say something, "Wh- buu-" she'd struggle, eyeing the two. She saw a tall, dark-skinned boy, who looked confused, he stared at her, she stared back. Then her eyes found the smaller figure, a girl, pressed close to the boy's chest. A outline glew red around the girl, and Zen's eyes widened. She finally knew what she was going to say, and opened her mouth to speak, "Riv-" but she was cut off, the boy spoke again,
"Is this......actually real. Like am I here right now?" then, before she could open her mouth again to answer, they were gone, fading into a blur.

Stumbling back, Zenofora blinked, then blinked again. She couldn't believe what she had just experienced. THAT was her, that girl, the glowing red figure. It was her! Zen grinned exctidely and did a little dance one the spot,
"Finally!" she called out loud, it was her! Finally, she was back. Zen just KNEW she couldn't forget about her, she just knew it. Now, there was only one problem, how was she going to get her back to the Otherworld?


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#, as written by devin
"Um...I...uh wouldn't mind...trying?" was Rivers' response.

"Okay, take it easy on this stuff, small tokes, shits potent."

Rakim proceeded to take his last blunt out, started the caddy, and light it. His mind was wandering, thoughts of wherever they were 8 minutes ago, River, his childhood, and John's delicious chicken-burgers. Rakim took his third toke, then passed it to River.

"Remember, small tokes, this is potent."

She took a rather large toke, inhaled, and then let the most spectacularly hilarious coughing fit that Rakim had seen in years. He tried not to, but he couldn't help himself, he had to laugh.

"Don't worry, my first time was worse" It really was, too. He had directly inhaled half of the joint, and threw up all over John, after a much more spectacular fit of coughing that had brought him to the ground. He was 15.

He looked in her eyes as they pulled into his driveway, winked, and hopped out of the car. John was standing on the front porch, barbecuing his oh so infamous chicken-burgers.

"They almost done?" Rakim questioned, as River followed him up the porch steps, stumbling somewhat.

"Haha, yeah man, 'nother five minutes, and I got one rolled on the table inside.

Rakim laughed, looked at River, and asked how she was feeling. She looked like this was her first time. He couldn't say too much to her though, as he was starting to feel it too. Family guy was the only thing running through Rakim's mind, besides, of course River, but he couldn't do anything about that. So he told her to come watch Family guy with him, as he sprawled himself out on the couch, and let some obscenities fly at John for not cooking fast enough.