Xander Hallow

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Alexander Hallow

Nicknames: Xander

Xander is half boy, half wolf, his creator decided that he would have the spirit of the wolf, yet the physical shape of a man.

Before the Change:
  • Resourceful: Xander was extremely crafty, he loved to build things and create. He was great at creating shelters in the forest for him to sleep in, and he loved to make his own clothing and his own homeopathic remedies by using the herbs of the forest to create potions, poisons, and pastes for protecting cuts.
  • Appreciative: Xander was very spiritually in tune and believed all his power derives from mother nature. He appreciated everything from the earth and gave back as much as he took from the land.
  • Faithful : Xander was extremely loyal, much like a wolf to his pack. When he said something he meant it, and when he believed something, he believed it.
  • A deep thinker


After the Change:
Since Helena was more in tune with Otherworld, Xander did not change much. The only thing that altered was his sense of right and wrong, he became more territorial and protective, and a bit more ruthless, but Helena always is there to talk him back down from his animalistic rampages.

  • Spiritual projection and Spiritual Replication: Using his aura and energies, Xander can create many spiritual replications of himself to throw off his opponent during combat.
  • Shapeshifting: the ability to shift into a large, five foot, seven inches, silver wolf. He can do this on command.
  • Enhanced Reflexes and Speed: The ability to move at a fast rate, and have quick reaction times.

  • Although incredibly strong and fast, Xander is still mortal, he can still become bruised, beaten, scarred and killed even.
  • Like werewolves, Xander can be killed, and wounded by silver. If it is a small amount, his skin will become irritated, red and blotchy; after only a few minutes of touching silver his skin will begin to bubble and pop. If he has too much silver, he can be killed.
  • Xander is all physical strength with little thought behind his game plan, if he is against a more perceptive opponent, he could be counter-attacked quickly.
  • Since Xander has the Wolf, he becomes lonely quite quickly because wolves are family-oriented animals. He is often alone, and fighting his own battles.

Brief History:
The past ten years, Xander has been nothing but dedicated to Lena's side. He has fought with her battle after battle, tried to help her make plans, and help the Otherworld creatures come back to their roots. Lena's goals, are his, and he has consistently stood by her through thick and thin, every bad decision, and every good decision. He doesn't doubt Lena because he's never had to.

The forest realm once named "Sanctuary", now he has changed it to "Malum Silvarum" which means "Evil Forest" in Latin.

So begins...

Xander Hallow's Story


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Xander Hallow

Sleep was never easy for the Wolf, he always found himself restlessly tossing and turning during the night, and waking to the sunrise. The negative energies through the forest made him on edge. The evenings brought danger, and the days brought sadness. The trees had been speaking in hushed rustles, worry shaking the dead leaves right off their frail branches.

Sitting up in his cave, he removed the blanket from around his body and crawled out of the cave, his eyes fixated on the land in front of him. The division of the land was becoming more and more noticeable as the minutes ticked by in Xander's head. What used to be lush, green forestry, was now a dull brown; everything was limp, dried up.

Xander took a deep breath as the sun rose over the forest, painting the trees with golden light, and revealing all imperfections. A grimace trickled down Xander's face, as his eyes darted this way, then that. His mind wanders to Lena, wondering when she would come back... For time did not move the same in Otherworld as it did in Lena's; Hours in Lena's world could be translated into weeks in Otherworld, so Lena's visits, to Xander, were always very spontaneous and very much welcomed.

Standing, the boy grabs his spear and begins journeying down to the river to wash off. The walk to the river used to be his favorite part of every day, but as the years went on, and the negativity began to override Otherworld, it soon became his least favorite walk. As Xander approached the river, he began his daily routine, which consisted of a nice long soak in the river, and sharpening up his spear.


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Location: Malum Silvarum"


The sun forever rose higher into the sky, the giant energy source pulsating, pushing and pulling through the atmosphere. As Xander washed behind his ears and scrubbed away the dirt, his ears perked up slowly to a rustle in the bushes. Setting his spear down against a tree, he got down, chest to the ground and ears pointed.

Rustle rustle... The bushes only a few feet ahead flickered this way and that.

It was time for breakfast...

A sharp grin overrides Xander's face as his eyes flickered to a pure white, his spine bending, curling forward, as he shifted into his wolf form. His paws glided across the grass as he slipped towards the bushes...


As Xander was pulled closer towards the sounds, he paused for a moment, his eyes trailing ahead, and a scent hitting his nose.


Xander's eyes widened as two centaurs, armed in plated silver rushed out of the bushes, bow and arrows at the ready.

"Surrender now, and we won't hurt you," The first one spoke, his hoof denting into the ground with rage, "Run, and we have every reason to shoot you where you're standing, mutt." His iris eyes bore into Xander's soul and a snarl ripped from Xander's throat, no way was he giving in now. Lena wouldn't, why should he?

Spinning on his heel, Xander darted back towards the stream, arrows flying past his head as he zipped through the trees. As he neared the river, he curled his back legs and launched himself over to the other side of the river bank and quickly staked out underneath some bushes for a moment.

Closing his eyes, he began to see a light filling his closed eyelids, his energies around him pulsating, his body becoming a vessel, allowing the land's energies to pass through him at a high frequency. His silver body began to vibrate immensely and suddenly his energies split into five different power sources, all forming into silver wolves, replicating his exact structure.

"MOVE!" He howled to the spirits, as he heard the Centaur's hooves pounding against the ground and the replicas split off into every direction, as Xander continued to hide in the bushes, concentrating his energies.

Hearing the Centaur's hooves track off in another direction, Xander waited...

He wasn't sure for how long, but he continued to concentrate as their scents faded out.

Shifting back into a human, Xander stays crouched to the ground, slipping into the river and passing over to the other side once more, grabbing his spear.

He continued to crawl back towards his cave, so he could hide out for a bit.

I wish Lena were here... Xander sighs quietly as he continued to slowly make his way back, trying to be quiet as he could.


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Pretty much army crawling through the woods, Xander was about to make his last turn towards his cave when all of a sudden he felt a shift in energies. He felt a sharp pain stab through his shoulder and he let out a snarl as he his hand flew to his shoulder to cover whatever had damaged him. He then felt a sharp pang on the back of his head and he knocked out onto the ground. His eyes searched for blood on his body, but there was none; he felt slow, as if his thoughts were swimming through molasses. A flash of Lena pushed through his mind, instinctively, he shifted into his Wolf as he staggered upright into a sitting position. A rush of adrenaline hit him as he focused closer to Lena's energies... Something was with her... Something was FOLLOWING her.... and that something wasn't good.

Using the adrenaline rush he felt, he began sprinting towards her as fast as his legs could carry him. His long legs helped him travel with ease over the thick-rooted ground. The only thing that could be worse were the Centaurs coming back.

Xander let out a howl, trying to locate her exact position, knowing she would try to make some contact with him.

I'm comin', Lena. Xander thought to himself as he picked up speed, as he began to pick up a faint scent of her. Nose to the ground, he continued his search.