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Two Worlds is a part of Imaginary: The Otherworld.

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Helena Norrevinter [14] "Someone told me I was delusional. I nearly fell off my unicorn."
River Morris [13] "I made them up, they aren't real." WIP
Rakim [8] No, it's fine. they aren't real."
Zenofora Jesper Terellia [5] "You all hate me, don't you.."
Xander Hallow [3] We fight for truth, justice, and love. Stand in our way, and we'll tear you down.
Ashley Campbell [0] "Go away, I have work to do."

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Pretty much army crawling through the woods, Xander was about to make his last turn towards his cave when all of a sudden he felt a shift in energies. He felt a sharp pain stab through his shoulder and he let out a snarl as he his hand flew to his shoulder to cover whatever had damaged him. He then felt a sharp pang on the back of his head and he knocked out onto the ground. His eyes searched for blood on his body, but there was none; he felt slow, as if his thoughts were swimming through molasses. A flash of Lena pushed through his mind, instinctively, he shifted into his Wolf as he staggered upright into a sitting position. A rush of adrenaline hit him as he focused closer to Lena's energies... Something was with her... Something was FOLLOWING her.... and that something wasn't good.

Using the adrenaline rush he felt, he began sprinting towards her as fast as his legs could carry him. His long legs helped him travel with ease over the thick-rooted ground. The only thing that could be worse were the Centaurs coming back.

Xander let out a howl, trying to locate her exact position, knowing she would try to make some contact with him.

I'm comin', Lena. Xander thought to himself as he picked up speed, as he began to pick up a faint scent of her. Nose to the ground, he continued his search.


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#, as written by devin
"Um...I...uh wouldn't mind...trying?" was Rivers' response.

"Okay, take it easy on this stuff, small tokes, shits potent."

Rakim proceeded to take his last blunt out, started the caddy, and light it. His mind was wandering, thoughts of wherever they were 8 minutes ago, River, his childhood, and John's delicious chicken-burgers. Rakim took his third toke, then passed it to River.

"Remember, small tokes, this is potent."

She took a rather large toke, inhaled, and then let the most spectacularly hilarious coughing fit that Rakim had seen in years. He tried not to, but he couldn't help himself, he had to laugh.

"Don't worry, my first time was worse" It really was, too. He had directly inhaled half of the joint, and threw up all over John, after a much more spectacular fit of coughing that had brought him to the ground. He was 15.

He looked in her eyes as they pulled into his driveway, winked, and hopped out of the car. John was standing on the front porch, barbecuing his oh so infamous chicken-burgers.

"They almost done?" Rakim questioned, as River followed him up the porch steps, stumbling somewhat.

"Haha, yeah man, 'nother five minutes, and I got one rolled on the table inside.

Rakim laughed, looked at River, and asked how she was feeling. She looked like this was her first time. He couldn't say too much to her though, as he was starting to feel it too. Family guy was the only thing running through Rakim's mind, besides, of course River, but he couldn't do anything about that. So he told her to come watch Family guy with him, as he sprawled himself out on the couch, and let some obscenities fly at John for not cooking fast enough.