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Astor The Bird

"I don't usually caw; but when I do, its to attract mates."

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a character in “Imaginary”, as played by dead thing


♛Astor the Bird♛
Above is his Human Disguise.

Ash, Tora, Torao, Macol.

Astor was borne from a burning desire to fly. As humans, the children couldn't fly so they imagined up a being that carry all six of them and fly places. He started out as a much smaller bird-like man, with large talons that he would pick up the children with. His wings were also much smaller, and he was much more colourful. However due to the corruption all of his colours washed away. The dirty water polluted his fur, and caused them to change to monochrome colours. He considers himself ugly and usually disguises himself from the other Imagines.

Astor was once carefree and fun-loving. He flew the skies freely, like he owned it, and loved everything. He was pretty childish back then as well. However since the corruption, he has become dark and cold. Astor's feelings have dimmed down to the point that he appears very emotionless. He is slightly rude to others, and not very caring for how it affects them.

★Flight;; One of the few old creatures that can fly.
★Perception Distortion;; Can make himself look like anything.
★Empathy;; to an extent he can tell how someone is feeling, due to the small beads on his waist.
★Enhanced Hearing;; His large ears allow him to hear things others cannot.

☆Dreamers Nullify Abilities;; As it says, his Empathy and Distortion doesn't work on the Dreamers.




So begins...

Astor The Bird's Story


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Character Portrait: Astor The Bird
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The sounds of the Otherworld didn't pierce his mind. He didn't hear the yells and screams, nor the sounds of help calling in the distance... not even the polluted economy as it slowly broke on the cusp of the pit. No. The sounds in his head, the... feeling he once felt; they were too much. His own past haunted him, it was a puppeteer merely pulling at the strings of his life. Controlling him and making him writhe, and grind his teeth together. Sometimes the memories, would be too much to bear and his body would give out and he'd fall over and gasp for air to fill the lungs that so desperately needed it. But not now.

He sat perched on a long thin tree branch, that outstretched over an endless pit that could only be interpreted as leading to the very hellish depths of the Otherworld. Astor's eyes focused, once the memories subsided, seeing a few other Imaginaries pasted across the lining of the horizon. Well, if that's what you'd call it. It wasn't really a horizon because the sun hardly came out on this side of the land. But he liked it here more.

Then the memories came. They started again. In a flash, like a heat stroke, his body hunched over and he gasped. It was painful this time, more so them before. And it hurt. Images of the 6 children he once knew appeared in his mind, one after another. Now it all made sense.

He could feel them now. The reason why his memories had been more painful lately then ever before. The reason why his disguise was slowly fading, allowing people to see his form. And the reason why the creatures he lived with had been more and more anxious lately. Even someone like Astor could tell.

They were coming home. And they would been here, soon.