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Space Coyote

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a character in “Imaginary”, as played by dreammuffin




Space was a happy creature, sprung from Helena's wonderful imagination. He was playful and kind, contrary to his majestic stature. When all the kids left, Otherworld was devastated. He was lucky that Helena stuck around. As she grew older and matured, so did he. He grew in size, his claws grew thick and sharp, and his snout narrowed slightly, and held razor sharp teeth. Although he now looked intimidating, his eyes still held warm kindness in them.

Space is a rather aloof creature, and tends to keep to himself when he can. Even when Helena was around, he mostly only ever interacted with her. It's not that he doesn't like interacting with others, he just doesn't want to be judged.

Ever since his birth, he's been a very intelligent creature. He has a way of solving problems very quickly. His words ring with wisdom beyond his years.

Space has a very playful personality, and is a very gentle creature, contrary to his size. Though he can sometimes be a bit on the peculiar side, its only because of his curious mind. He will lick a rock if just to answer the question of, "I wonder what a rock tastes like." Most people and imaginaries find it odd, but he just goes about his way. None the less, he is also very affectionate, and shows it in the little things he does.

Space is also filled with determination. No matter what it is, when he sets his mind to it, he'll do anything to make sure it gets done. He's also very protective or the few people he cares about, though with the changes in otherworld, that number seems to be dwindling. The one person he's most protective of is Helena.

One thing he doesn't like about himself is his anger. If you push him far enough, his rage explodes and he lashes out impulsively. He fears that one day he might accidentally hurt Helena.

โ˜… Telepathy - It is the way he communicates, by entering others' minds and speaking. Other than that he can physically growl, howl, etc.
โ˜… Shape-shifting - He can shift from a small toy to his true form.
โ˜… Gravity Manipulation - He can control gravity, such as increasing or decreasing it, and attracting objects to one another.
โ˜… Enhanced Senses, Strength, & Speed - He has senses stronger than the average creature, especially hearing. When in his true form, he has lots of strength and speed as well.

โ˜… His enhanced senses make him very sensitive to loud noises, and very bright things.
โ˜… He's completely helpless when in his toy form.
โ˜… While manipulating gravity is his strongest power, the bigger the object or force he is exerting, the more energy it takes.

Brief History:
Space Coyote came into existence as a whisper from a dream. One moment he wasn't there, and the next, he was. Helena and him had lots of adventures and fun times when she came to Otherworld. The other children and imaginaries that joined them made it all the more fun. Those were the days. Helena started toting him around as a toy in the waking world.

When Helena woke up and left Otherworld during the day, he would be lonely, but he started building his domain. He condensed and set things in motion with his control over gravity, and soon, his domain was created.

Then, just like that, all tr children but Helena stopped coming. As Otherworld turned into a dark, twisted place, Space quickly started losing his friends. One by one they started to be poisoned by darkness, driven by their abandonment. Soon, Space was the one creature who didn't turn, and he was constantly targeting for that. So, he retreated into his realm, and seldom left.

Somewhat like this

There's a big castle that sits next to a large lake. The sky is covered with orbiting planets, come really close, and other farther away. Stars light up the domain with their brilliant shine. Nebulas and galaxy-like shapes dot the skies as well. The sky is like a mosaic of outer space. All the planets and stars are small scale, of course. Some planets' orbit comes close enough for you to touch them from the ground.
The lake is crystal clear, and perfectly reflects the sky. It's almost as if it was mirror. Contrary to space, the sky is different shades of blue and purple, and changes depending on Space's mood.

Space's favorite thing to do is jump around the planets in the sky, and lounge around on them. Their just big enough for him to stretch himself out on. It's a marvelous place to think. Other than that, he spends his time creating more stars and planets or in his castle.


So begins...

Space Coyote's Story


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Helena hadn't been there for the performance itself. If anything it provided an easy way to sneak off without much chance of being caught. She slipped over into one of the unused classrooms in one of the old buildings, sitting Space Coyote on her knees.

-"Right, this is the plan. We need to buy some time if they're not listening, and I think I can probably hit one of the furnaces in the Minster. That will put back production of any more of the sentinels for a while. DOwnside is E will most likely come after both of us. It's kind of a risk we have to take. They can't strike til they're all ready, right? Right. You need to cover for me, try and get the angel's attention. I can deal with the sentinels if I have to but she...she's a different story. She's a LOT faster than me. Keep her talking. Counting on you here Space."-

She was stood up on a cliff right on the verge of the Mechanical Minster border. The smoke in the air burned her throat and left her face feeling warm as it rose from the lines of stacks. On the horizon was the cathedral, dark and towering. Then, before her was one of the blast furnaces, bathed in a red, demonic glow. The workers, mechanical figures with bird-like heads, guided the molten metal from the base of the furnace into molds,

Large girders and pipes ran overhead, an indirect, but suitable enough route. Her sword was dug into the dry ground beside her, and Helena tore it out, hopping onto one of the pipes and dashing along, hopping across and up toward the roof of the furnace. She had a few things in her pack that would break it...but when it broke...she needed to be prepared to run. ONce the birds began to cry, then it would draw someone over to her, the broken angel of the cathedral... and if she didn't have a good head start on that...she did not want to imagine what would happen to her back there.


The wing of the owl hung from the frame by some copper wire and hooks. The Angel crouched before it, staring at it and looking between that and the twisted amalgamation hung from the ceiling. It didn't look right. How very frustrating. E hopped down from her perch and walked across the stone flags, watched nervously by the Gargoyles. These creatures, flawed results of her own attempts to craft working wings, were hideous-looking chimeras of flesh and machinery, once Otherworld residents before taken away by Cadriel's mechanical men. Now they stood bound to the Angel's will, and as such were also permanently subject to her unpredictable whims.

"It's wrong. Again." she muttered irritably.
"And my horsey's not come back from the woods. I bet it's that little red girl again. She always spoils my fun. "
E sighed dramatically.
"I tire of this. How about..." she smiled, a sharp, jackal-like grin as she approached one of the wretched creatures, that stood straight and saluted clumsily with a cloven deer foot sewn where its hand might have been.

"You go and harass my creator. Upset him. That should cheer me up quite nicely."